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We luved our week with Lujan learning the Golden Lotus in Germany!

We have been very diligent with our practice so far and it’s already showing some result. Gotta learn to appreciate the small steps again :)

I do have some questions for Lujan:

1. Does he do the online tuition with couples? (we both attended his workshop)

2. Is it ok to do the practice when feeling strong emotions, such as anger or sadness? (meaning that the feelings are not caused by or are a result of the practice but are already there even before starting the practice)

3. In my last two practices (both taking place at night), I have felt a presence, like dark entities, watching me from behind my back, and I initially thought that it is related to me feeling strong emotions these days (such as anger for example), hence attracting low energies.

However, last night, I actually felt like they are two black dragons, one on my left and one on my right side, and that they are my protectors. Any views on this?

I have my own ‘guides’ or protectors I work with, which are always nature or animal spirits – I do not use any other guides, but have never had dragons as part of my work before.

Thanks again for your support and for taking the time to read through.

Sending you rainbow hugs and sunshine kisses,

Yes online tuition is available for couples. However, I am currently booked out until March 2015. Please register on the following page if you are interested in this and would like to reserve a position:


Shamanic Tuition Registration


Maintain internal vigilance. Be aware that if you have persistent emotions they must be worked through by talking about them and to them through communication with the one you may be inflamed toward so as to resolve it.

Keep practicing. Be aware of your sacred communion that we spoke about at the workshop. Everything is dissolved within this.

If these strong emotions are not caused by another then you must examine your own harbored feelings that perpetually reside within you. Once again I will ask you to communicate with those around you. Be transparent and unfold appropriately in comparison to the world that reflects back to you in accordance to what is.

Read my book, “Whisperings of the Dragon”. Be careful not to seek validation. Quietly abide within your truth for the only guiding light in your life is your heart’s purpose and the union it seeks with the omnipresence that surrounds you.

Here you can not even rely on that but only abide within. Any external factors must be viewed with caution. They may inflame self-righteousness and this in turn supports anger in its myriad manifestations.

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  1. Above Lujan wrote: “Any external factors must be viewed with caution. They may inflame self-righteousness and this in turn supports anger in its myriad manifestations.”
    Thanks for your questions Dora. This answer clarified, in perspective, something that I now realize was taught in Whisperings of the dragon and I can see this mechanism operating in myself. This awareness will make it easier to catch myself.

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