The Emergence of Personal Power


A few weeks before my trip to Belzig I had a terrifying experience with an entity. I went to sleep one evening feeling fresh and comfortable. I had gone to bed slightly earlier than normal and was sleeping peacefully on my back with my arms by my side. I was not dreaming, I remember awaking clearly. As I woke with in this clearness I opened my eyes and was immediately terrified. There was an entity hovering inches from my face above me as I lay in my bed. I screamed louder than I had ever screamed before, four times consecutively.

My throat instantly red raw from the power and fear in my projection, I immediately turned my bedside light on, jumped out of bed and turned the main room light on. I stood by my bedroom door with my head in my hands in disbelief in what had just happened. What I saw I couldn’t describe, the memory has been taken from me. As far as I can recall this happened around the stroke of midnight. I must admit I then slept with the light on that evening, and the following evenings I went to sleep in fear of what had happened.

While attending the workshop Lujan showed me how to use sandalwood oil for protection. This I feel has helped. However last week I was awoken again during the night. This time as my eyes opened I became aware of the dark shadow of an entity lurking around my heart. It was entering my body as I awoke. I was paralyzed and couldn’t move, I gasped in a deep breath as I realized what was happening and then a hiss like that of a jaguar or snake arose from my exhale in an attempt to fend off the entity. I’m not sure if it worked or not or if the entity made its way into my heart.

This hissing isn’t new to me, as I have experienced this during my Ayahuasca ceremonies while purging. It felt then like I was taking on the energy and strength of a jaguar or snake and was also clenching my feet and hands like they were powerful paws, as if the spirit of the jaguar is within me and guiding me to my inner strength.

During my home practice while sealing the energy of the Golden Lotus Series, I have also experienced more energy that replicates that of which I experienced during my ceremonies. At times while lying down, my body is spasms and tenses up uncontrollably and I arch my spine upwards. An energy ripples through my arms and legs and flows out of my feet and hands. As this happens I hiss with my mouth wide open and tongue stuck out. I have also experienced the body spasms and an overwhelming energy while sitting peacefully and reading certain parts of ‘The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception’.

There are strong energies in my home, all around. I feel they are mostly positive and there have been moments where I have experienced pure ecstasy and elation. Last week this experience was shared with two close friends of mine who were visiting me. It started with a presence entering my lounge as we sat talking. The energy built up continuously and as we walked in my hallway a profound feeling arouse in all of us. The energies circulate around me at night as I lay in my bed and when I sit peacefully in my lounge of an evening.

As I practice the Golden Lotus Series I am noticing black and grey patterns swirling around me, and a shadow like energy flowing from my hands. This has been most significant when practicing first thing in the morning rather than the evening. I wonder if the time of day has any significance or if its just coincidence…

I have also had a flash image of a triangular symbol. I can’t remember the exact detail but it was black on a brown background and seemed similar to the hieroglyphs that I have read about at the start of ‘The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception’. It has no relevance to me and I haven’t a clue what it means.

Any tips, advice and guidance that you can give to me based on my experiences as described would be most welcomed.

With my deepest gratitude and love.


John the best advice I can give you is to practice diligently your Golden Lotus series. Measure your life carefully, without thought. Act with abandon and passion. Be honorable within and be of service to those around you.

Anything that comes in a visionary state can only be interpreted via the beholder, unless it is communal. Wait patiently for your wisdom to arise as you live.

There are many challenges in the world at the moment. And these will become obvious as we all strengthen our resolve to evolve beyond the limited frameworks of our societal parameters.

Read “Whisperings of the Dragon” and put into practice all that is within this book. This handbook is the internal compass of Lo Ban Pai.

The energy that you may see coming from your hands that resembles smoky filaments is not too dissimilar to another practitioner’s experience that was in Belzig with you. It is a protective energy that is emanating from source. It will protect you when need be if your visitations at night are too strong. It will come to your aid when your practice becomes fully familiar within your body consciousness.

Until then, resolve to be strong. Attempt not to be emotionally invested, yet acknowledge the feelings that you have experienced.

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  1. Thank you for your time and detail in replying here – wise words that I will be sure to act upon. I’m feeling the set is becoming natural to me now and I’m noticing the smokey filaments around me during my normal daily life. I welcome any additional strength and look forward to seeing how I develop over the coming months. I have ordered Whisperings Of The Dragon and look forward to studying it in detail on it arrival.
    With Gratitude & Love,

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