Black Magicians and Spiritual Ceremony


When I worked with you last, you mentioned to me something about the crescent moon being a time when dark force and black magicians are working and at their most active….

I’m also wondering, in general, is there a time each evening when this occurs as well? Perhaps a time when any ceremony or spiritual work should be refrained from?

Thanks : )
Charles Weaver – Seattle


Hi Charles,

Just relax. If you are capable of knowing when not to practice your body will tell you. Conversely if your body can’t tell you then how can I really advise you?

The warrior’s path will reveal in comparison to who you are in that present moment. Your own personal sovereign stance defines your destiny and purpose as a human being.

The full moon is safe. Beyond that you must trust your intuitive sense to move forward unfettered from the binding effect of doubt to release you from dependency toward me. You must proceed with confidence toward your destiny.

Lots of love

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  1. Death and destiny dancing in embrace.

  2. This is a good question & a really beautiful reply. Ive found this countless times, 1 simple sentence from Lujan explains so much mystery about so many niggling questions which seem to bite at my awareness. So clear, concise and universal. Thank you :)

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