Universal Insights and the Internal Dialogue


Dear Lujan,

I want to let you know that these days, the electromagnetic sensations brought about by the daily practice of Dragon’s Tears has increased but remain gentle like the ebb and flow of ocean waves especially around my hands and face. This form of Spiral Energetics is truly a gem and a joy to perform.

There are some flashes of insights that come but sometimes doubt creeps in when I try to determine if these are coming from my internal dialogue or from the universal source of truth.

For one whose internal dialogue still creeps in despite experiencing moments of profound silence, how will I know if the thoughts that come are universal insights or just the return of the internal dialogue? What is the difference between the two?

With the warmest regards,

Thinking erupts from the mind and pertains to common knowledge or reason that can be propelled via validation or one’s self-importance.

Thoughts never pertain to universal insight. They are the secondary factor.

When one has an insight they immediately know what they know. When realization occurs it comes upon a person as wisdom.

Then this is immediately spoken from the heart as words that erupt from that universal transmission arising.

Take note of what is written in Whisperings of the Dragon. All your answers are in this book and are more completely explained in terms of the ramification of thought in comparison to seeing.


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1 Comment
  1. Dear Lujan,
    Thank you for the clarification and redirecting me back to your book Whisperings of the Dragon. It pays to read it more than once as insights from reading it come to me in nuggets. Now I realize why you used the word “whisperings”. Insights from it come as gentle as a whisper. A truly magical book.
    With the warmest regards,

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