Angels Among Us


Hi Lujan,

I remember you writing in one of your blogs that one gets what one needs and not what one wants and that eternity always beckons us. I would like to share with you my recent experience while traveling in Costa Rica.

We were driving towards our next destination in the rain right after twilight. Driving in a foreign country, we have rented a local GPS to help navigate unfamiliar roads. However, in this instance, we missed a couple of exits and the GPS rerouted us in an unpaved set of roads leading into what looked like a sink hole or a muddy ditch. We can’t tell which one because we only have our headlights lighting the way in the dark. No street lights on this narrow road allowing only one car to pass either way.

This was the first instance both of us feared for our lives. What if the road is not really a road but an edge of an abyss? What if we get trapped in the mud and the car is stuck? We were in the middle of nowhere. Our first instinct was to drive in reverse back to the paved road. Suddenly, a white pick up truck was heading our way. And stopped where we were. We decided to ask for direction. I stayed in the rented SUV as my companion walked to the truck behind us.

While my companion was talking to the driver of the truck, the passenger of the truck came out and walked around our SUV. As the person came around the front of the car, the headlights revealed that it was a little girl. She was about 8 or 9 years old. What was strange about her was when she went around our SUV, looked at me with a piercing look and without a word went back to the truck. I thought to myself, “How odd! Why did she go around the car and did not say hello?”

Just then, the driver of the truck walked to where I was and proceeded to give me directions. With my broken Spanish, I relayed to him that we were afraid to go forward to what looked like a muddy ditch. I requested for him to lead the way and we would follow. He agreed. We were right. It was a muddy ditch, but his truck was able to drive through. This gave us confidence to traverse this unpaved road. As we headed back to the more familiar part of the highway, we waved our thanks. We were about to drive away, when the driver of the truck honked to catch our attention. We stopped. He gave us his calling card and reassured us that we would find our way.

I read the name of his business card. His middle name was Angel. I told my companion that we had just encountered an angel. I then proceeded to ask him what he thought about the strange little girl with “Angel”. He looked at me puzzled with the question,” Was he with a child? I did not notice the little girl.”

Strangers can be angels among us. I believe this to be so. We reached the hotel safely that night knowing we have been touched by the Spirit.

Pura vida and with love,


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