The Weather and Spiritual Cleansing


Lujan, could you please help me gain some insight on why the changes in the weather affect my body so profoundly?

A front moving in with lots of wind is the worst, and any energy change involving humidity, especially low, hanging clouds usually makes me sick. My body feels like it is being shocked by a low level electric current, my neck and upper back swell causing dizziness and nausea.

Sometimes it is like a full body migraine, and is accompanied by extreme body restlessness. Often I get a headache as well, and feel extremely “depressed” or “suppressed” until the front passes.

Thunderstorms exhilarate me. And I can scuba dive to any depth without any problem, so I don’t understand why the atmospheric pressure affects me so perversely.

These weather affects are often debilitating…and frustrating! I need help understanding what is happening with this, and if possible, how to transform this into a tool for positive spiritual growth…any ideas?

Thank you, and love and light to you…


Dear Gretchen,

If you are having such extreme reactions to the weather this is normal if your sensitivity to your environment is high. We emit fields of energy that commune on the level of frequency that can be detected by the body alone, without any intervention from the mind. In other words it is an automatic process.

As you progress on your path these feelings will even become stronger. So what I would suggest you do is detox your body by eating fruit and taking the appropriate herbs so that your experience can be one of exaltation in terms of knowing what will occur next with the weather and not a feeling of repression. The toxins in your body may be interfering with this process.

If you don’t know how to proceed here write to Mizpah and she will direct you appropriately.

Lots of fruit. Lots of love and understanding. Lots of hugs and kisses. No judgments, just knowing.


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  1. Thank you for bringing up this subject. Very heavy clouds always affect me, too. Makes me wish I could take the top off the pot and enjoy the explosion.

    I don’t remember having this problem when young. Any weather at all was just fine.

    I’ve been detoxing with fruit and herbs and have found these sensitivities increasing; sometimes exhilarated, sometimes on the verge of tears. As I get stronger, I’m hoping these swings balance.

  2. Thank you Lujan for answering–especially the hugs and kisses! Maybe if we all send each other hugs and kisses, with the generic directive that the recipient may use them to heal whatever their personalized need for them is, we will be able to create a circle of love that will raise all of our healing at least one more level! I’m up for the experiment—anyone else want to join me?

    If any of you lovely people has any contributions to this topic, please jump in and tell me about your experiences with the changing weather, how you handle it, etc.. I welcome any and all information the universe wishes to share with me through any source I can get it.
    The love furnaces of my heart are stoked every time I come on this site!

  3. I’m so sorry that I posted inappropriately. I’m new at this type of thing–thanks for letting me know! We have a thunderstorm rolling thru this morning. Last night, I started with extreme restless legs and “butt”. But then I slept really well and woke up feeling good as we are in the middle of the storm. Why do thunderstorms make me feel good, but wind storms and fronts with low, hanging clouds (but no “violence”) make me feel awful? And is it possible to actually turn this sensitivity into a spiritual tool, something useful toward my personal power or any other goal? If so, how does one do that?

  4. I have felt this for a long time affected by weather especially thunderstorms. I have been told that the weather travels along waves similar to those in the ocean. Would this be similar to the cycles in human, season and oceanic tides. I have also heard you can talk to the clouds you just have to resonate with them match frequency.

  5. That’s very interesting, Dave. Especially about resonating with the clouds. Maybe that will help. I will listen to my heart about that. After the thunderstorm this morning, the weather degraded into those low hanging clouds, rain and falling temps. I’ve had a shoulder, neck and headache and repressed feeling since. My day totally went down hill. I have a really hard time being “accepting” and “one” with it, without giving into the frustration. It’s like I’m all bottled up, from the inside going out (like a torture device), and when the weather finally moves on the top finally blows off (Sugrue pegged it exactly) and it’s a starburst of release back out into the universe. Until then, it’s painful and totally suppressing. I don’t want to feel like I am a victim of this. I’m calling for help accepting and learning to turn the “ability” into an asset (even if it’s just a change in a point of view) somehow….

  6. Lujan, what can you teach us about exactly what causes the weather patterns in this physical construct? Is the force behind the creations of weather connected to human mental/emotional energy and/or the energy of the shadow?

    • Firstly I would like to speak to the manifestation of shadow that you have elucidated. Don’t focus on this. Focus on the positive.

      Shadow can be interpreted from any perspective and from these interpretations unstable fixations manifest.

      Once you realize you live among human beings and deal with humanity as such, then your cup will be full with the manifestation of this reality, within all of the constructed truths within illusions that come to your consciousness. Please read my last book “Whisperings of the Dragon”.

      As far as the weather is concerned geoengineering has been fully in play since the mid-eighties, even though this is not publicly known in terms of human beings being generally aware of what is going on on our planet.

      As far as our weather, it functions independently of us yet we are intimately connected to it.

  7. I’m interested in how the quite varied four seasons in England can have an affect on people physically and mentally. We traditionally like to moan about the weather… does this mean I now have a valid excuse in being miserable?!!!
    On a serious note, does anyone know of any detailed independent studies of this type of work with regards to the change in weather and how this affects health and well being? I can see there being many other variables that may affect this. I’d also be interested in how our bodies detoxify / adapt to order to support our well being and what we can do to support ourselves during particular changes, for example sudden drops in temperature, rising humidity, durations in which we are exposed to natural light etc.

  8. I have “Whisperings” sitting on my desk waiting for me to finish “Awakening” (I already read “Stalking”). I am an avid pupil, but don’t want to rush through too fast to get the full effect in the most healthy way possible. Just participating with these blogs for this short time has given me profound feelings and epiphanies. John, you nailed it. This is my final excuse for justifying feeling miserable. I hate it. It is the one area where I again become a hostage of the mind construct loop. And then I panic because there seems to be no way to stop it. It is often to the level of debilitation. All of you, especially Lujan, I want you to know that I know there is no magic wand here. Just being able to tap into your wealth of brain trust and healthy energy will be what I have been searching for to help me find acceptance and oneness with this situation, whatever that brings. I will keep you posted in the long term on the changes I now know will come. You have such an exciting and important thing going here! I appreciate and thank you for it!

  9. Lujan, I am getting a feeling that maybe there is a better question for me to ask here. What can you teach us about cause and effect? Is there any such connection? If I am sitting here in pain, with a concept of past events that led up to it, is that just a form of assigning blame, and therefore a mind-construct loop? If there is only the present, then how can the concept of cause be anything other than a function of the constructed “memories” of the past which have been made up and attached to the present moment, for whatever reason? Is there really any connection between so-called cause and so-called effect? Maybe, for me, this is just a lesson to be learned about how to become FULLY present….? (Is this a topic I should ask in its own post?)

  10. I am physically sensitive to weather pattern changes that result in headaches. When it’s a big shift, like some of the ones we are experiencing where I live now, It morphs into migraines. Coupled with hormone fluctuations at that time of the month, the results are severe migraine and nausea/vomiting. When I know the weather is making a big shift, I try to be proactive in heading off the migraines with by amping up healthy choices: diet, stretching, 8 gates, massage, hot baths, relaxing activities etc… When desperate, I pop a migraine pill. I haven’t found any long-term solutions but recently lost 20 pounds and am at my most healthy weight and haven’t had a migraine in several months.
    p.s. I also went off of birthcontrol pills about a year and 1/2 ago and had a significant increase in migraines for about 4 months following the “detox” from the hormone levels dropping and regulating in my body. Now that hormone levels are normal now.. the headaches like I said earlier have diminished.

  11. Thank you, Toltec. I can’t convey to you how much it helps just knowing I am not alone in this! Excuse me while I go read Whisperings of the Dragon….. :)

    • Sheesh, talk about technology faux pas… I accidently posted under husband’s forum name when I moved my post from the regular forum to the blog here. Sorry about that.

      • I made a similar mistake Julie. The reply details boxes are auto filled from past blog replies I have noticed. :-) X

    • Toltec and Gretchen – your url links weren’t working. Just leave that area blank when you post a response.

      Gretchen, when you first wrote to me asking a question you mentioned in that email that you wanted to post here that you are suffering from fibromyalgia. It is often the case when someone has a chronic illness that extremes of weather will affect their wellness.

      This so-called disease can be fixed very easily just by eating fruit and vegetables. It may take 3 months for results to occur and you will have to maintain that diet until your lymphatic system clears the toxins and for this to occur you need your kidneys to be filtering properly. Most people’s kidneys these days are not filtering. Copious urination doesn’t mean the kidneys are working properly.

      If you wish to take this any further get in contact with Mizpah and she can get some herbs for you to get you started on your detox path. She is rebuilding her website at the moment and eventually all the information that is needed to be communicated to the general populous will be implemented on the Raw Food Solution.

      • Lots for me to read through and discover on the Raw Food Solution website. Thanks for sharing!

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