Development of Physical Senses in Dreaming


I have a question on dreaming.

I know the sense of sight and sound is operating in any ordinary dream. Lately, I experienced smelling vividly someones breath in my dream. How is this possible?

Then last night I saw someone in my dream. She gave me a  look of disgust because she smelled something from my breath.

Can the sense of smell develop in dreaming?


It is quite common to experience what you have experienced as a reflection of what is occurring in your daily world. Your body is simply saying to you that you need to cleanse.

Focus on the feelings that arrive within your body from the dreams you have so that they become more like visions and deliver substance to your waking world in terms of how to proceed with those feelings or emotions. They are a clear indication of what you need to concentrate on.

Unfortunately on many dreaming paths, especially the Toltec tradition, advocating the concentration of one’s daily awareness to manifest within dreams as a functional reality is a dangerous and treacherous path to undertake. I have written about this in Shadows in the Twilight.

How are your Dragon’s Tears going?

Lots of love


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  1. I have often experienced smell in my dreams. Not as often as the particular sensations of feel or vision, but often enough not to surprise me when it happens. In the long run, it makes sense that if we experience other senses in dreams, we will eventually experience smell. It seems to me that experiencing smell in my dream has usually, if not always, come during a particularly uncomfortable or traumatic dream. Does anyone have any theory on why it seems to be the last sense to manifest in dreaming?

  2. Thank you Lujan for the advice and Gretchen for sharing your experience.. I have no desire on taking the Toltec path to dreaming. Not in my nature to do so. I believe the sense of smell in dreaming is a consequence of my daily practice of Dragon’s Tears. You’re right in saying that my body just needed cleansing. It has lead me to detoxify my system following some of Mizpah’s raw food solution and Dr. Morse’s health recommendations.

    As for the latest experience with Dragon’s Tears, I Would like to share one unexpected event and I have questions for Lujan, hope you don’t mind answering them.One time while Executing the movements, I felt that there was more than one me performing the movements. i experienced shifting to another me doing the same movements somewhere else. It left a feeling of longing for that other “me”. Was this the double? Can Dragon’s Tears make one perceive ones double?

    • Hi Kuwanyauma,

      I suspect your experience is of an alternate timeline. The reason I say this is because you were witness to yourself leaving the framework of knowing that you had a similar experience with me when we were doing Dragon’s Tears in Thailand. We visited an alternate timeline together.

      To be really succinct about the answer about the double – no, this is not your double.

      Usually what occurs when your other develops is that other people see you in two places at once. I’ve written about this in Shadows in the Twilight.

      As your teacher my advice would be – don’t care about the double. Act with integrity and with absolute accordance with that which engages you on a daily basis.

      There is much more to our lives than the double. It is only one gateway to our future as human beings. I have gone beyond this gateway to mysteries that really cannot be spoken about, only experienced.

      When you are there you will know it. When someone is not there they wish they were. And the trick is not to wish for anything.

      Lots of love

  3. Shadows in the Twilight would be an excellent read for anyone who has ‘taken to’ the Toltec path on the Castaneda side specifically, and also for the ‘new-tech’ people getting enthralled by the prospects and promisses of astral projection.

  4. Thank you for the much needed guidance. Since I started learning, one mystery opens up one after another. To refer me back to several of your books makes me understand the concepts presented in them with more depth. And to be among kindred spirits! I feel blest.

    With much love,

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