Shamanic Movement with Living Beings


Dear Lujan,

Thank you for your latest post in the website.

You asked how I’m doing with Dragon’s Tears lately. I answered your question in the blog and inquired about perceiving the Double. I forgot to also write to you about my experience with my cat.

Playing with my cat one day, I had the impish idea to move my hands around him without touching his fur performing the gateway portion of Dragon’s Tears. All of a sudden, the electromagnetic sensation in my hands run like lightning around my arms and settled between my shoulder blades. My cat was sitting facing me mesmerized with my moves.

Just then, I felt I was “touching” my cat’s energetic bubble. My cat sensed this and disliked being touched this way and ran. I have not done Dragon’s Tears with another living presence except with you. So this came as a surprise. I wonder, what would the experience be with other living beings such as trees?

With the warmest regards,

I found your cat story hilarious and quite amusing to visualize.

If you do it with trees be patient. It takes them a long time to yield an effect and when they do it is so nurturing and full.

They have an exquisite attention. They are much like your cat. They don’t like to be interfered with. They relax when we relax in terms of forgetting our purpose to integrate.

It is only then we remember and when this occurs they reach out with loving tendrils to affect the heart center of the warrior with their embrace.

A soft wind gathers me within profound silence as I gaze upon their leaves.

Lots of love


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  1. Love the picture!

  2. Deja-vu!

  3. Giggles galore! :-) X

  4. This is very funny. I’ve experienced something similar with my own cat when doing Reiki. When I’m sitting in Reiki-mindset meditation or am practicing Reiki on myself my cat will often come sit as close to me as he can and purr like a little motor boat. As though he feels the energy and is lapping it up while adding to it. But when I try to give Reiki to him he gets a bit offended and walks off.

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