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Dear Lujan!

Since I ve got a mail from Parallel Perception website, I decided to write. I don t expect anything, just to feel I’ve done something.

Sorry about my English, I am from small Europe country and I haven’t wrote in that language since school.

My question is: can you help me. I am sure you can if that is the right thing to be done. The problem is: I don t know anything at all. I feel somehow lost. 21 years ago I had to solve a problem. I needed a miracle. I decided to do one and I was successful, almost perfect. It takes me 20 years. I had a lot of obstacles and one help: The books of Castaneda.

Now: what is wrong with me? I can’t cure myself. I am in pain. In a way I love pain; it tells me what I have to solve.

I know I will know the point on the end. But I could use some help. Perhaps just a word from someone from the same world. I feel alone, I am ok with that. But on the other side I know that by being alone in the whole universe I just don t have a chance.

Thank you for reading.

Polona Novak from Slovenia

The only thing I can say to your letter to me is, apply yourself to every circumstance that arises in your life – which are your moment-to- moment applications – with integrity.

Allow all your decisions to be heartfelt and free of any agenda, guarded only by the purpose of acting without regret. For this you must look for your patterns.

Everything that you have read thus far, in terms of assimilating information intellectually, must be put aside. When you realize that you cannot interfere with what is then you will learn to be very careful about what you plan to do and this is where you will find those hidden patterns within yourself. This is where you may be trapped in a repetitious loop.

Every new moment of everyone’s life requires fresh eyes and if they are not fresh, clear and clean then the overruling agenda of that second-hand attention will interfere with the clarity of the moment that is continually escaping you.

To be wise is to bring the clarity of innocence into the heart space of wisdom. For this you must be without thought or pre-structured compartmentalized ideologies to find your purest reservoir that is infinitely boundless and is ultimately connected to the heart of everybody that you meet.

Through the synchronous resonance of each heartbeat aligning with each other, collective wisdom is found thus personal peace is arrived upon.

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  1. What a wonderful and honest question and answer.

    Polona Novak, I dont know you or what you feel, but on a level I felt much like the same as you do in different periods of my life. From my perspective I advice you to look at your health. The state of the body can affect your feelings of connectivity and expansion. My life has transformed completely with the help and study of what Lujan has teached me. His training regimen is transforming my health, body conciousness and heart awareneness. Through his contact and written words he has helped me connect with my heart so I can find that in others around me. Together with the excercises it makes a extremely potent way of finding balance, health, humbleness and real truth.
    Be humble and kind and you will find your way. You are very lucky to have found this place
    Good luck

  2. Thank you. In a way you are a Prayer for me through your words. That is how I feel. I mean just a prayer, not like a prayer person. I can not explain what that means, not even in my lenguage.
    Once, I were somehow lost, I went into an empty barn. Horses were outside. I sat down on the flor, just wanted to rest. I am not comfortable with horses (yet). After a few minutes all of them came into the barn and lied down around me. It is not usual behavior for horses, I have been told. Than we just were. There I realized what I want to be. A Prayer. A word came by itself, I reacted with: WHAT??! But my heart became worm. I felt it knows. Horses came just for that. I decided not to ask anything.
    Today the word came again when I remembered you. Thank you.
    I hope it makes any sense.


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