Universal Light Fibers: The Hunab Ku

universal-light-fibers-hunab-kuPlease elaborate on the effect of the Hunab ku on our planet Lujan, and does it annihilate or reverse human interference?

Thank you for your kindness.


This is an extension of a previous discussion about the Hunab Ku: Galactic Butterfly.

Everything in the universe – whether it be inanimate or organic – is produced via the intention of the perceiver perceiving itself. If we look carefully at the origin of ourselves and the intention that flows from us all individually, you can see that there is a familiar pattern occurring with everybody. These familiar peculiarities that pertain to each individual contain all possibilities.

At the moment humanity is within a strange ebb of self-destruction. As everybody notices there is a certain behavioral pattern that emanates from a prepubescent human being. Our problem as a humanity lies in the fact that we have been stunted within a self-reflective loop – an emotional discord – that has to do with not growing beyond self-centeredness.

This is an enormous subject that I do not wish to delve into completely. I will leave it to the reader to assume the meanings behind my words in terms of our current dilemma that is befalling us all in relation to what we consume willingly and what we unwittingly put in our bodies that causes us to be not capable of seeing our future horizons.

And you may ask, what has this got to do with the Hunab Ku and the effect it has on our consciousness as human beings?

Everything that occurs within our manifest universe is a product of our intentions. and the far-reaching effect is not only within growth but in our relationship to our capacity not to go beyond the general structure of our current dilemma. In other words, our advancements in technology are a grave hindrance to our development at the moment.

Whatever is not in accordance with nature creates discord within our world and within our very biosphere.

Still I know you would ask, what has this got to do with the Hunab Ku and this black hole that is in the center of our galaxy?

As we travel, light becomes available to us as we chase our sun. This light has encoded information within it. It is not whether the hunab ku can disrupt human awareness. It is can human awareness disrupt the flow of light to be absorbed on our journey?

We have north and south poles within our biosphere. We are a living organic toroidal field that absorbs and emits light. A very subtle and soft light – nevertheless it is light.

As we traverse this manifest reality our biosphere absorbs and assimilates this light as information that has emanated from its source – a black hole that has been identified by the Mayans as the Hunab Ku.

We are the caretakers of this planet. By virtue of this the information that floods the north and south pole of our planet, as it travels in its intergalactic cycle, is then absorbed via the toroidal field of the earth and becomes holographic in terms of the water manifesting the next stage of our evolution as conscious beings.

We work in symbiotic unison with our planet in this way. That is why we are caretakers.

There have been explorations into enormous caverns recently that reveal the crystalline structure of water than manifests in the shape of ferns. In these caverns the information is obviously an historical storehouse. That is why no matter what catastrophe occurs in terms of wiping the life off our planet it always reassembles itself via this holographic imaging process.

This is the primary symbiotic response of the planet in correspondence to its location in terms of the light fibers that create the holographic unit of information, which bears relevance to the life forms that appear on Earth, in terms of its current projectory and position.

This is how we are connected to the central hub of our universe. We are holographic by nature. We are energetically infused via our destiny that is the time span that we spend within our lifetime, whether it be destructive or collectively enhancing.

We need to assimilate the frequencies so that we absorb, in cooperation with our planet, to assume our responsibility as Earthlings on a journey that will never be repeated in the same way ever again.

This is precious. Are we living within the parameters of that realization?

The question begs to be asked. What can we do to enhance our evolution or to undermine it in correspondence to what is meant to happen?

This is a trick question because what is happening is meant to. But can we collectively see the alternative?

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  1. Is this a reference to the dream that existed beyond time ?

  2. “What can we do to enhance our evolution or to undermine it in correspondence to what is meant to happen?”

    It seems that the only thing we can do is to become absolutely present. Absolutely silent within. It needs to be a continual spiritual practice. This is our evolution–becoming aware and raising our consciousness above the level of mind where we are trapped. Then you can see the snake eating its tail… a continual awareness of what is coming up within and complete surrender of it so it can be transformed, constantly, in a never-ending cycle.

  3. I notice a golden thread through many of your answers, and tgis post again addresses it directly;
    As fields of light, humans are enhanced or hampered by virtue of what we feed or contaminate ourselves with. While this applies equally to all human levels or functions, perhaps it is the physical level that is most underestimated in terms of food and chemical products applied to the body and used in our environment?

  4. Hi, Lujan.

    I remember Castaneda once presented the theory of Evolution to Don Juan. His response was to burst out laughing. I’m reminded of that reading your response to Maria. It sounds like you’re saying our actual evolution unfolds through the holographic imaging process correlating to the current projectory and position of ourselves and the Earth in relation to Hunab Ku. Seen in this sense, evolution is entirely more complex and critical than the Darwin version. Given the awareness attached to the encoded light fibers that facilitate our progress through this praxis, it would seem that pathways out of our current dilemma should emerge. In fact they’re no doubt already available. This makes me think of the dream Sarah asked about.

    Perhaps you could provide some further clarity to correct my impression.

    Thanks, Jerry Lee

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