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Hi Lujan,

I have a question, which I did not find in the blog :

I have been to the “Golden Lotus” workshop in Belzig in August. One of the experiences I made there during the movements were the strong energetic perceptions, especially in the hands and fingers. Usually I am not very sensitive concerning these things, so this was a very special and precious sensation for me. I took this newly acquired skill home with me, but after a couple of weeks I determined that these strong sensations slowly faded away week by week !

Learning the movements in Belzig I was sometimes pretty helpless and most of the time really in trouble doing the movements in a roughly correct way. But there was a strong energetic matrix built by you and the group, which balanced out all my deficiencies.

Here at home after 3 1/2 months of daily practice I have the feeling of doing the Golden Lotus in a fluent way and at a level, which is worlds apart from Belzig. Although I do not have the magic sensations in my hands and fingers, which I experienced with you and the group.

Is this a typical experience ? Can I enhance my sensitivity if I go on cultivating the movements concerning a deeper stance, a different tempo etc. ? What is your advice ?

image_00021 - Kopie

Until last month I did the movements in the nature behind our house, which is a powerful and peaceful environment, as you can see on the photo. Now I do it indoors in a room with a good spiritual energy, looking out in that nature. Is the surrounding area
crucial ?


Don’t be too concerned. You are now rebuilding your prenatal essence. Learning this series when you are around 55, your personal energetics, which are the physiological responses to the movements, become electromagnetically obtained via your cells and bones.

As you progress, your magnetism will increase.

Keep your stances the same as they were when we were in Belzig. If you stand too high you are out of your stance.

You can test this: Get someone to push you from the front when you are in your horse stance. If you have a stance that is too high you will topple very easily. If your stance is one or two inches deeper – knee never going over the big toe – you will find that your body will have more stability when it is lightly pushed.

When my students train with me the magnetic field that I emanate is very strong. Thus giving the experience to their hands so as to create the goal that they are looking for in terms of magnetism. So as your body becomes stronger, so will your magnetism.

This is the first stage to your communion – the contact with the unknown factor –  which in turn quiets the internal socialized self into a genuine sage-like perception that comes upon itself by virtue of not looking.

In the near future I will be putting up a small e-book of herbs for men and women to take so as to strengthen the vital primal essence deep within the reservoirs of one’s physical body. When you take these your youth and strength will return, in combination with practicing the Golden Lotus that you have learned. Keep an eye on the blog and it won’t be long.

To answer your question about looking out of your room into the environment: If you can open your windows up completely and have the direct light coming in it is very good for you. But if you are in a room looking through glass absorbing the light this way it is detrimental. It will deplete your vitamin D reserves. When the light filters through glass it blocks the UVB rays, which then in turn has a depleting effect on the vitamin D within the human body.

Direct contact with sunlight outdoors is very important for physical health, especially when one is traveling towards the later years in life.

Your backyard looks very beautiful. I would advise you to make a circle of fig trees so you can stand in the center of them and practice. This will create a lush, protective feeling. Plant them close together so there are no gaps, except for where you enter. Have the gap facing away from your house towards the trees and when you practice face that direction as well.

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  1. Thank you for the question, Jochen. Thank you, Lujan, for the answer. I’m excited about the list of herbs to come. I just love those little, green magicians.

    Regarding the fig trees, is there anything special to know or be careful about when planting a circle of young fig trees?

    • Hey Sugrue,

      Dig a hole at least 3/4 bigger than the potted plant. Fill it with fresh mulch and woodchips – never with grass clippings because it will burn the roots.

      Place them so they are all touching. This way they will create a natural barrier. You can prune them from the inside so it is cylindrical and leave them natural on the outside. It will soon grow above your height.

      Soon they will close at the top and encase you completely when they grow to around 16 or 17 feet.

      Leave enough room inside for more than double your arm length. If done this way then there will be less pruning to do and it will look beautiful inside and not overly pruned.

  2. I’m very interested in creating a Lo Ban Pai space for my practice but I don’t have any outside space with my flat. Are you able to recommend and ways of creating a similar space indoors Lujan?
    Many Thanks

    • Make your room comfortable in terms of minimalism. Nothing cluttered. Pull your blinds so the room is comfortably dark. Put on three non-toxic candles right in front of you and my playlist and there you have your room.

      If you have a balcony put a bamboo screen up so you can’t be seen. Make sure the environment is very clean and tidy. Energy loves being in empty spaces.

  3. thank you for answering my question concerning the (missing) magnetism around the hands and fingers. I am not too concerned about that. I had just realized that and wondered at the reason. I practice the Golden Lotus for its beauty and my health, everything else is kind of luxury. Nice to have but not really necessary.
    Interestingly, the next day after addressing my question to you, doing the “advancing dragon”, I felt the tingling on my hands again for the first time after many weeks. I supposed it was an immediate message by you. My wife Ute said, it was the straight message of the universe, since I manifested my thought by writing to you.

    In a rich year of 2014 getting to know Loban Pai was the most precious thing that happened to me. I am looking forward for the next step and meeting you in Tenerife.



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