Following a Path that Can’t be Found

Hello Lujan,

While in prison, I was introduced to Carlos Castaneda books and immediately I realized I had found what I was looking for – a definitive journey with purpose.

Within 3 months, I found my hands in my dream and was decisively convinced of the possibility and existence of a parallel and separate cognition system. Dreaming has never been the same since, however, developing on the path of stalking myself and dreaming to become aware of my assemblage point seems as though stalled and stagnant.

I am respectfully requesting your advice, guidance, and counsel on how to deliberately proceed in become aware of and cleaning my link to the Eagle.

Please Help!

When I listened to your question there was a certain resignation that came over my being towards your words. Unfortunately Carlos did not provide complete answers. His writings caused people to go into loops of repetition – reflective edifices that define only the ego.

You are chasing ghosts if you go into your dreams. You are seeking an illusion if you look for an assemblage point. And by following principles of stalking the spellbinding effect of all the things that you have deemed worthy of your attention will eventually consume you within your own self-reflection.

Even though there was great wisdom to be obtained from Juan Matus, there are many techniques that are circular and are only descriptions, giving the illusion of traveling towards one’s definitive conclusion, which is one’s ultimate destination and this is a humble recognition that nothing can really be gained through wanting to achieve anything.

Yet, not looking provides the platform to be found. In other words to be one hundred percent within one’s integrity, or path that has heart, without any diversionary tactics surrounding this.

You will find what you are seeking – the unexpected. Here you will not find an eagle, nor an assemblage point. There will be no prescriptions for behavior, nor methods to enter within your dreams. It is the unspoken that speaks to a warrior’s heart.

I know you will find this rather perplexing and it is only when we find ourselves in a position of not knowing anything that we arrive upon something.

I would advise you to read Shadows in the Twilight and Whisperings of the Dragon so you can completely understand why I speak to you in this way.

Seek kindness and gratitude within your applications to the world. Within yourself then you will find what needs to be measured that has any worth towards your path. Here you will discover reduction measures a man in comparison to what he thought he knew.

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  1. lujan matus wrote: “Here you will discover reduction measures a man in comparison to what he thought he knew.”

    “The Golden Key’

  2. Thanks Tree Guy, to bring out ‘The Golden Key’!
    I have realized now, that I have to let go all what I thought I knew.
    It is a kind of detachment, which I also have to accomplish. I accept fully what is to be need and won’t cling to anything! Sometimes it spends time to recognize that things have changed.
    Many thanks also to Kofie for your request.

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