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I was practicing meditating and I started too see colors. I began interfering with them.

I was looking over Whisperings of the Dragon and I read that when you see the swirling colors you should go back to your skin. Did I do something bad?


There is nothing good or bad within your experience. It is how you perceive it that is the most important thing.

Influencing the field of color that comes upon you when your eyes are closed, is a consequence of being aware of it. Nevertheless in the Eight Gates meditation it is witnessed unbiasedly via your attention so as not to have an adverse effect apart from withdrawing quickly to enter your first gate once again, which is your skin.

This is part of the teachings of Being, Knowing and Not-Doing. Being is an all-pervasive field that comes upon a warrior of its own accord. That is what we are really waiting for – all of us. Knowing is acknowledgement of the subtle factor being witnessed. Not-Doing is withdrawing at the point of the recognition, or the knowing.

This is the crucial distinction between knowing and not-doing. It is like your awareness only weighs sixteen ounces and only one fifth of one ounce recognizes the field to be observed.

This within itself lays the fertile ground for Being, to notice that it is being observed in a way that fosters its recognition towards a warrior’s non-interference.

So in your words, saying socially, “did I do something bad?”, is a heavy statement. It obviously weighs ten pounds in comparison to one ounce.

There is no good and there is no bad. There is only perception, which is the truth and this cannot be measured with a white or black hat. It can only be seen for what it really is.

Then the appropriate steps can be taken by withdrawing one’s input to allow the indefinable unknowable essence to come upon us as waves of realization that are endowed with insight. These holographic units of information weigh less than a furtive glance, yet bear the full weight of our individual and collective comprehension of our future.

To consider this, while not considering anything, is the key.

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  1. I just understood something new about withdrawing when seeing something as a part of non-interference. I have seen you do this, Lujan, in my dreams on a few occasions but not understood it fully until I read this. If i realise you are in a dream of mine, as soon as I see you, you withdraw to disappear, and have a very gentle non-interfering energy signature. I understand now that when we see or witness something, to withdraw and not stay fixated upon it as an effort to absorb and remember all the information possible. I recall doing this many times, in case i miss or forget something, yet missing something that has been seen is a false idea because I know that what ever needs to be known will be recalled by the body at the appropriate moment. thankyou, love.

  2. In general over a long period of time yes i have become more of a witness, however i notice that when i do get drawn in there is also something stressful going on in my life that is drawing me in & those dreams reveal my accessibility or where i am not in my own peace. It is good to be guided by this parallel. I have also recently moved house and it is a much more peaceful and compatible place for me. It is also the first time that i have not discovered any unresolved energies lurking in a house from the first night’s sleep. Usually when i move somewhere new, even if it feels good during the day, my first dreams show me what is unresolved in the building. It is wonderful to find this harmony too, and somehow being here has amplified my ability to see where i am getting drawn into things in my waking. lots of love to you :-)

  3. At nights I try to reverse my eyes and ears and go to bed.I see little dots of light, sometime black and sometime white most the times. when I see the dark light or any light while trying to reverse my sense should I fell the skin?
    Is the dark dots light?
    They don’t stay as the colors did but they sort of flash.
    Sometimes I think this the predatory, it is the same size of the dot, it’s the size of a pixel. And it just floats. When I get an emotion it’ll move sharply.
    What I’m trying too improve is bringing light too the skin so it’ll be spoken by another.

  4. That is a beautiful picture at the top of this link showing the energetic centers and the colors which are always describe by many cultures.

    When I first began to learn to see energy, I’ve always saw a white transparency from persons and color combination from plants. For instance, a yellow flower and green leaves were glowing blue. On the color wheel, green combined with yellow creates blue. Teaching others to gaze to see energy, they always saw color. One of the first reading recommended to me by my former mentor, was The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda. It makes references to the ancient ones being of Amber in color, then Chartreuse and modern man White. Knowing, I see white, I wondered if this is the white that is seen when looking a pictures of Krishna, Buddha, Crist, etc. A representation of “modern man”. There has been rare occasions, when I saw color emanating and would comment. The person always knew what they were showing me. They allowed me to “see” that beyond white, giving me permission. PatH

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