How to Stay Young and Energetic – No Matter What Your Age


Could you explain how you stay looking so young and strong.

After my last visit with you I’ve been perplexed to see other people at your age or even close to your age looking very much weaker; posture, voice, thinning hair and lots of wrinkles in the face. It’s been a shocking difference to see this.

I know that your movements facilitate youth and strength, but it’s still an interesting subject for me as I want to further bring youth and strength into my life.


As you know, we just spent one week together. I taught you the last portion of the Three Treasures. Your comments to me were that the rapid coiling – and the complexity of the figure eight and cone-shapes made with the hands aerially – go very deep in the body.

This is how I stay young.

I am continually performing the Dragon Gate movements that mimic the spiraling vortexes that are ever-presently available; not only within my hand gestures. The magic of Lo Ban Pai is that it translates energetically as vibratory signatures that have sound that go deep within each cell.

Nevertheless – without getting too complex about the system that I am practicing and teaching – one of the two major things that keep me young are Windlock and Awakening the Energy Body. This keeps my body hard like steel and flexible like a cat.

I train six days a week: up to four to five hours a day. I never deviate from this unless traveling gets in the way. My discipline makes me young.

I always go to bed before 9.30 pm. And upon waking always get up to train. Whenever I can I have an afternoon nap for no more than 45 minutes. While doing this I hug my wife and share the feelings of comfort and quietude between our beating hearts.

I always eat healthy food – except for when I am naughty – and this doesn’t happen very often. My primary diet is usually 80-90 percent fruit and the rest is salad and vegetables.

I refuse under all circumstances to be social with anybody. I will tell the truth when it is appropriate – which is most of the time – because the only contact I have with people is my students. I don’t celebrate birthdays or Christmas. I don’t acknowledge any of these yearly cycles. I am extremely reclusive and find encountering people in general outside of teaching my students disturbing – so I stay away. This keeps me young because I don’t waste my energy in situations that can drain one’s personal essence.

I always listen to the playlist I’ve got on my website, which includes calming and beautiful music that relays this message to my biosphere. All my students have experienced this. It has such an altering effect.

I mostly avoid being in contact with people my age because they are too old – and if my students happen to be my age or older I love them dearly and communicate in a fashion that allows them to be natural and open around me. I do this with my younger students as well obviously. This is one of the reasons why I don’t age like other people.

I don’t think, nor do I ever talk to myself inside my head. But I will openly talk to somebody else from my heart. This keeps me young.

I laugh a lot and cry when it is necessary. That is what keeps me young.

I am who I am meant to be. If I can’t be who I am meant to be then I quietly watch my circumstances and this is in essence being truly myself, even if other people can’t see me being this way.

There are many things that I can tell you that will reveal the reasons why I don’t have wrinkles on my face and I look young.

I don’t use chemicals for washing my clothes and I avoid all chemical exposure within my home, wherever I am.

But the real reason why I am so young, is because I honor and love my wife so much and because she makes me beautiful plates of fruit and I absorb these wonderful feelings from her intentions towards me.

This is why I am young. I appreciate every moment that I have lived and in appreciation I connect to that which cannot be felt or seen or heard. This keeps me young.

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  1. Well this was a very informative and funny answer. Ive really experienced how to be social in a way that’s not natural collapses my essence, my heart falls and my lose my energy, discipline, inspiration and willpower, so I feel I really understand. Traveling home and to my country after spending a week with you have been a shock. The energy is very very different and I understand how this changes the body.

    If I don’t tell my truths or silent observe and take part in the wrong stuff I lose myself and I feel how this changes the body.

    Today Ive felt how my lower center was fighting desperately to be in the truth and not something else. My body is sometimes pumping and my voice and eyes becomes very sharp and I work on looking at the something else for what it is. I feel sometimes frightening things in places or around people and I try to experience it instead of running away because its to frightening or scary and this brings me back to my real self. Its frightening, but its necessary and I remember having it this way as a kid

    I love the last part of your answer. Thank you for answering everything

  2. I feel appreciation and love for life when reading this. I appreciate you sharing. It feels very beutiful.

  3. Hi Lujan,
    This is one of the simpliest, straight forward and beautifully touching answers I have read so far. That makes you so very humanly divine :) .
    Even if I do your as well as other shamanic practices, I share your main secret to staying youthful and child like in the heart, loving life, every moment of it, and loving people that cross my path, each one of them. And most of all my family :) . People often ask me what I do for living and I say: feeding those I love with my impeccable love and intentions. I am soooo glad that you can feel that from your wife, she is so very blessed (and you are too hihi).
    Thinking of you often and hoping to see you in Tenerife,
    Love xoxd.

  4. You are both very welcome.

    How is your Golden Lotus going in terms of your energy production now Dora?

    • Aaaamaaaazing!! Really :) I am soooo regular in my practice, I can hardly believe it… I am an endlessly restless spirit and have often struggled to maintain certain routine in my practices, but not with the Golden Lotus, not even once! I am happy to do it any time of day or night, whenever I grab a moment. It works fine with my other spiritual or physical exercise, as well as on its own. I find it brings me inner peace, which for me is a rare gift. I had some bothersome dreams and night visitations the first couple of months but that’s slowly going away. I feel happy and balanced overall. There’s something about you Lujan Matus, thank you for being you and for offering your gifts so selflessly :)

      • I’m very happy for you. The Golden Lotus is accompanying you through your life.

        Lots of love

  5. :)

  6. Lujan,

    You say “I don’t acknowledge any of these yearly cycles,” speaking of the holidays and birthdays. I wonder, do you honor the earthly cycles of Solstice and Equinox? And if so, in what way?

    • Hey Elizabeth,

      How is your Golden Lotus going? Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

      By practicing every day my body acknowledges subtle changes in my immediate environment and whatever makes itself available appears within my toroidal field and I become aware of it.

      Within my body I am constantly shifting and feeling. I apply these feelings to my encounters, whether it be with or without people. Even though I don’t follow the calendar, I follow the only barometer that I have – my internal compass.

      I am always becoming aware of something but I don’t go out of my way to try to classify it and become caught in yearly or seasonal rituals.

      If somebody or something directly communicates with me I will commune, just as we are communing now through this medium.

      Lots of love to you.

    • Here is something of interest for you. If I had a student who had weak lungs I would direct them to take herbs for this organ in autumn so they wouldn’t get damaged by the seasonal change.

      If someone had weak kidneys I would say be careful of the cold and don’t have bare feet on cold floors in winter.

      Through my lifetime I’ve seen many people devote themselves to ritual and overlook the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of their body and not have the awareness in terms of clarity to naturally gravitate to what is appropriate regarding keeping their body tonified when necessary and in a state of reduction – which is fasting or cleansing – to benefit their biosphere.

      I have a lovely English student with me at the moment. He has heat on his liver and coming to a different climate affects this organ quite dramatically. He is already gravitating towards more fruit and vegetables in his lifestyle but he was still not aware that it was his liver that was causing discord.

      So as far as rituals go, and becoming attuned to our Earth, it is a very delicate subject.

  7. I’m drawn to ritual as it seems to feed a yearning for transcendence. Yet I realize ritual can quickly become stiff and meaningless. Your last sentence strikes me deeply with both its simplicity and complexity. It is a very humbling sentiment and puts the responsibility directly on the shoulder of the seeker. You seem to be saying, stay grounded; look within yourself; find and follow your own internal compass.
    Thank you, Lujan. I am very much looking forward to our time together.
    Much love.

  8. A lot of water
    flows every moment,
    I stay together with you

  9. Wow – I feel grateful for this post. It answers a lot of questions, I didn’t know I had, in terms of lifestyle & living :) Thank you <3

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