Planetary Shift Toward Our Destiny

Dear Lujan,

I love reading your blogs especially your latest ones about the galactic butterfly and the Hunab Ku. It reminded me of the migratory flight of monarch butterflies from North America to the Oyamel forest of Mexico. These gentle magnificent beings of our planet has sparked global awareness from humans in all walks of life (including school children) to protect their habitat in Mexico and their migratory passage in North America.

From your own words, I quote:

“We have north and south poles within our biosphere. We are a living organic toroidal field that absorbs and emits light. A very subtle and soft light – nevertheless it is light.
As we traverse this manifest reality our biosphere absorbs and assimilates this light as information that has emanated from its source – a black hole that has been identified by the Mayans as the Hunab Ku.

We are the caretakers of this planet. By virtue of this the information that floods the north and south pole of our planet, as it travels in its intergalactic cycle, is then absorbed via the toroidal field of the earth and becomes holographic in terms of the water manifesting the next stage of our evolution as conscious beings.

We work in symbiotic unison with our planet in this way. That is why we are caretakers.”

( and from your reflections on the Golden Lotus workshop):

“Our true center is composed of light. We emanate from ourselves such beauty and power, such subtlety.

…One day I will put a thousand together and we will all shift and the caretakers of the planet will be once again reassembled. All personal identity will dissolve and the caretaker’s duties will recommence once again.”

Within these quotes, I saw these thousand light beings bringing a planetary wide shift – a migration of sort, to help renew the face of the earth.

We are facing the New Year 2015 with such a possibility. What an exciting feeling to be alive in these times.


Thank you for composing this letter. It is true -a thousand would be good – but my goal is a hundred thousand individuals. This would surely change world consciousness.

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  1. I don’t hint there are parallel between the body and the world at large, there must be more hints, like meridian systems and lay lines on the planet earth, there are similarities and something to explore about human physiology

  2. What a beautiful message for the reflection many people make at the turn of the numbered year. Thank you, Lujan and Kuwanyauma.

  3. Thank you, I love this lovely message :)

  4. You are all welcome. It is high time that we encourage each other to gravitate towards the light for It is calling us home.

    Thank you, Lujan for planting the seeds of inspiration in our hearts. I believe that a hundred thousand individuals that you aim for may not be an impossible number given the far reaching effects of the Internet and the groundwork that you have already done.
    To ring in the year 2015, I would like to say a prayer that rings true in my heart: ” Come …Spirit fill the hearts of thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth thy Spirit and it shall be created and help us renew the face of the earth”.

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