Ibogaine and other Hallucinogens in the Shamanic Journey

shamanic-journey-hallucinogens-ibogaineNagual Lujan,

I have read all of your books and practice the different techniques in them. I had been reading the Castaneda books since the 70’s and attended several Tensegrity workshops, felt so let down at the death of Carlos Castaneda and the disappearance of the chacmools and Florinda Donner and Taisha Abelar.

Reading your books has been such a gift, and they have had such a profound impact on me.

I had a question: do you have any knowledge of Ibogaine?

A good friend of mine recently shared an experience he had with it and I am more than intrigued. I would definitely like your take on Ibogaine treatments. No, I am not an addict, but it sounds like it gives you what you need to move forward, I look forward to your reply.

Thank You,
Christian Brinkerhoff

Firstly, I would like to categorically state that hallucinogens do not have the propulsive power necessary to break us from the binding grip of the attention that is besetting planetary consciousness at the moment.

Every individual that I have encountered that has taken hallucinogens to relieve themselves of maladies concerning the hold that societal loops have upon us all experienced insights that primarily swelled from their need for recognition in terms of journeying beyond their own personal human imprisonment. In other words, their inability to escape the general fixation perpetuating itself around the world.

The plant medicine that you are speaking of can be very dangerous. It causes one’s motor functions to be impaired to such a degree that a person cannot walk without assistance. It can also cause cardiac arrhythmia that is a very serious heart condition that once triggered may never be resolved. It’s primary use is to assist drug addicts in their withdrawal process, by relieving symptoms.

Anything aligned with sorcery, witchcraft and voodoo is extremely unwholesome. Of course, this is my opinion because it is what I have experienced. No matter what my students have said they have done, it is what they can’t do in achieving permanent change which really is the issue.

When one progresses beyond a certain threshold it is clearly understood that there is nothing beyond the consciousness that becomes aware of itself within its own totality. Searching for this is the hardest journey that one can embark upon. There are no props. No crutches to lean upon to verify something that cannot be seen by another.

That is why the practice of Lo Ban Pai gently moves towards the unknowable and leaves the practitioner squarely within the reality that surrounds them. By virtue of this they embrace their destiny through kindness and devotion with eyes wide open. The doors cannot be forced ajar by hallucinogens. Through dedicated practice – not knowing whether one will achieve – is the only way to proceed.

Even though I have given an opinion, believe you me, I am not opinionated. This subject is huge and many people are trapped by virtue of the fact that they need to progress and this I acknowledge. But everything that we have done as a humanity has led us to this point. That is the issue.

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  1. “No matter what my students have said they have done, it is what they can’t do in achieving permanent change which really is the issue.” That’s it, right there : ). The journey always begins right now. Thank you, Lujan.

    Dunno why it’s so hard for us to be brutally honest, to own when we go around in circles pretending like it’s some race to perfection. The more emotional investment there is on any idea, the easier it is to find the excuse for holding onto it, and the more energy that is wasted in the investment.

    Christian, I would recommend you invest in working with Lujan directly if you can, even on skype. Lo Ban Pai is so profound, so beautiful,and whatever you gain is simply from you for you. It becomes your own warrior’s dance.

    Much love,

    • Love 2 U 2 Luma

    • thank you for your kind advice Luma, this really feels like the kind of community I would love to be a part of.
      thank you,

  2. Really apprecite the comments on mind altering subs. There has been an increase in people contacting in regards to traveling into worlds they were not prepared for and with that brought being back into this world that are harming them. Even though it is an expereince that they are choosing to have and learn from. There is no cure for doing the work, for building a practice of power for one self, there is no way around it and in the end you will know that you shorted yourself not having done the work, the daily practice at least as we travel more worlds, more realities we have to have the power and strength to do so. The practice gives us a immunity, like a vaccine to not be taken in, down or lied to in realities we are not accustom to traveling. Attention and the awareness that comes are essential, not have to, but essential in knowing what is not known and how to navigate what is not known even though it is the first time. I would love to here more blogging by lujan i truly appreciate you, your work………..

    • You’re welcome. If you wish me to further elucidate on the subjects that interest you please enter your question on the contact page.

  3. Nagual Lujan,
    I am so grateful for your response and your “opinion”, trust me, I value your input a great deal. Reading your books has really woken me up from a long slumber, I must say, the technique you spoke of in “whisperings of the dragon” for turning off the inner dialogue has transformed me, so beautifully simple, I still battle the voice, but now have the tools to hit the off switch, this in itself has been the cure to a handicapped spirit. With the dialogue running our life their is really no freedom to be anything other than what we were raised to be. Somehow I knew you would give me the answer that I needed, Thank you so much, I try to start each day with the intention of being of service, I really have no words to express my gratitude and respect for what you are doing. I will try my best to honor your teachings.
    thank you again for your response,

  4. Dear Lujan,

    What you say here, deeply touches my heart. I live in California where there is a big cult and veneration for hallucinogens, many of my friends take various plants to heal. A healing that does not seem to be achieved and continuously sought again and again. Instinctively, I knew that they do not address the real problem. The solution should be a matter of choice, a choice to practice whatever helps the heart receive clarity and free the individual from the slumber we are all born under. Thank you again. Your clarity is heartwarming.

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