Gratitude and Appreciation: The Gateway to Personal Power/Lo Ban Pai

gratitude-personal-powerHi Lujan,

I’ve been browsing your books for the past 2 years (always something new), even though I’ve read Carlos Castaneda at age 15 , it was kind of first introduction to world different than my own at that time … however you are very different from Carlos, there are some similarities between, but your way of explaining is different, your inner knowledge, even you feel different, its better … at least to me.

And I could feel your energy in Canada when I was reading … ;)) It may sounds strange, but you brought warm feelings inside, it’s hard to explain, but it’s rare in my case, so just want to show some gratitude to your BEING and sincere appreciation. Strange world we live in, too much of everything including knowledge and too much information.

I don’t know what else to say at this moment … ;) I am surprised with myself even writing you this … guess I just follow my heart

So Thank YOU,

I appreciate your message to me. It is possible to feel the presence of somebody, even though you may be thousands of miles apart.

We are naturally like this. It is just that at the moment our perception has been diverted away from our true purpose as human beings.

In the future I will write more about this.


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1 Comment
  1. Hi everyone.

    It’s amazing that you write this Ara. Thank you. Your sincerity and gratitude helped inspire my own gratitude.

    I want to say thank you Lujan.

    I spoke w you during an online tutorial like 7 years ago.

    I was stoned every time I spoke w you. I felt very stuck. I don’t remember much of the conversation but I remember your humor and sincerity. Talking w you gave me hope.

    I have thought of you on and off for a while. My life is wonderful now. I have more clarity and love for myself and others.

    One time I dreamt w you as i showed you my own homemade martial movements as you observed neutrally.

    I guess I want to say thank you!

    It’s been inspiring to me to know that someone like you was alive. I feel like I’ve had a grandfather that I’ve never met in the distance.

    Much love.


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