Transdimensional Recapitulation as a Vehicle for Past Life Exploration


Tonight is Golden Lotus full moon night and different from the Bahamas we have a real winter here in Germany with a temperature of – 5 Celsius down to – 10 Celsius in the next hours.

With my bulky winter clothing I look impressive like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, but for fluent circular movements this is not the proper outfit. With adequate clothing in terms of pants and shirt the damage might be larger than the benefit.

Can I do the set with a diligent performance indoors behind a window ?

The moon moves the oceans and its energy might permeate walls and windows. And the personal intention is crucial for the things we do in life. Is this proposition a practicable compromise ?

Or is it better to forgo a perfect execution due to the winter clothing, but get the moon energy directly outside ?

Or could I do set 1 and 2 outside, 3 and 4 indoors ?


Hi Jochen,

I am glad you have written to me. You definitely can do it outside with bulky clothes on. An act of perfection requires imperfection in terms of not being able to perform because of the bulky clothing.

It is applying yourself to your circumstances in accordance with the moment that arises.

But if you don’t want to go outside in the cold, here is a moon-gazing technique I would like you to do:

Stare directly into the full moon unwaveringly for two or three minutes. Then take your eyes above it a few degrees so the bottom half of your eyes absorbs its light for the same amount of time.

Then quickly dart your eyes beneath the moon.

While your eyes are above you allow the essence of light to descend to the depths in terms of your genetic memories. As it dives deeply within you, it also touches upon the transdimensional aspects of your linear process as a human being in terms of timelines where you were born before.

This is the deepest aspect of ourselves that can be recovered and it is immense. The depths of the experiences that can be pulled to the surface to be witnessed within visionary states will be your dreams that you travel upon while looking towards yourself as another being from a distance that holds very fresh, within the beat of your heart, the memories that you went through.

You will be able to absolutely discern when this occurs, even if it takes years of practice for this to happen.

These dreams signify an awakening from something withheld. For it is not the joys and laughter that are retained, it is always the anchor that is examined, for it holds you within the depths of where you were, as a point of reference to be recovered. As you dive within the deep reservoirs of this genetic or transdimensional aspect of yourself, all non-essential reflections will be mixed with the mood of what is impending that brings light to  the essential intrinsic facts that draw upon the essence of the memory to remind us all, when this occurs, of our humanity.

The complex aspects that get caught within – either one’s own input or the input of another upon one’s path – refresh us within the fragility of that life that was forgotten; that existence that is to be remembered within the ascension that the moon draws upon, while it descends to the depths of our genetic transdimensional aspects.

In biblical terms this type of recapitulation was referenced as  the end of times when all souls will rise from their resting place to receive judgment. But it is not judgment that is seized upon. It is the all-encompassing memory of everyone you ever were, rising to the surface to be witnessed, so as to renew your faith. For tragedy never dissolves. The feeling of our fragility, as light beings traversing a human existence that disappears at the moment our lives are extinguished and stored within our eyes, are those memories.

This is how the moon and the Golden Lotus combine to bring upon us our true recapitulation, so we can be seated within humbleness and the awe that may be experienced, but never explained.

Moonlight is the key. It is a reflection, as we are and become. These acts of magic allow us to traverse the mundane with renewed vigor.


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  1. This is so very beautiful..

  2. Yes the visualisation can take a few years to clear and surface memories. I am only now having dreams and seeing visions of who I was in previous lives. Only this week I had a dream of being in King Louis VI of France. I don’t know how I knew the year, but I was walking through the palace and the furniture and lay of the palace was known to me, it was colourful, amazing & awesome dream. There was no fear, just the memory of same when I woke. Thank you Lujan & Jochen from Gabrielle

  3. Thank you for the elaborate and profound answer to a simple question, Lujan. As you wrote, the act of imperfection because of the bulky clothing in that night was of no importance compared to the magnificence of the aspect of the full moon in a clear and frosty winter night.
    You are welcome, Gabrielle.


  4. Thank you for this beautiful, touching explanation of human capacity. I’m humbled by simply hearing it.

  5. My personal experience with deep meditation/ intense energetic practice is that you don`t get cold if you`re able to shut off or at least dimm your inner dialogue.Or just warm up a bit while wearing more light clothing and before doing DT(bit stretching, jogging, whatever !)

    I´m a “Northerner” as well so I know what you mean ;)

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