Opening One’s Heart by Practicing Ancient Gestures of Power– Lo Ban Pai

heart-power-Dear Lujan,

Dragon’s Tears is a part of my daily life now. I make time for it and it gives me what I need.

I see myself being drawn to it, sometimes being resistant to it but most of all, I see how important it is for my growth and freedom from myself. So many different things come up when I am practicing. Sometimes it feels so effortless and I can feel the energy so strongly in my fingers and in my heart. It wells up in my heart and I am watching with gratitude what is unfolding.

Sometimes I forget movements that I so easily remembered before. It is a mirror for me and what I am feeling in my life, arises strongly in my practice. Nothing can hide from the practice and this is invaluable to me. I see that so many aspects of my conditioning are hidden from me and being able to see helps me let go.

Whenever I complete the practice, smoothly or fumbling, I feel present, wholly energized and awake to my current state of feeling.

I often send you gratitude at the end of my practice.

We practice individually and together. I have the sequence down for the most part and no longer depend on Dustin for cues of what to do next except once in awhile when I am lost in the moment. When we practice together, the same thing happens. When we are in tune and harmonized, our practice is too. When we are out of sync or in our heads, then this too is revealed through subtleties. We acknowledge them and keep going. I also see the strengths we each bring to the practice and this applies to our life together.

We have been doing three repetitions of the practice and were wondering how we should do this. If we cycle through the whole practice more than once, do we need to go through the whole ending of allowing 33 heart beats or do we alter the end of the practice before starting over again?

I feel a stronger bond and connection with my love and so much awareness of our individual work as well as our mutual communications. I am beginning to see that if we are each responsible for what comes up in our own bodies and hearts, then we can communicate and be clear about what is there within. Instead of managing each other’s discomfort, we learn and start to be with our own vulnerabilities and understandings. I feel pulled sometimes by my old habituation of fear and anger and am learning how to not do that too. Overall, I feel a lightness and clarity that has helped me feel more focus on my writing, my practice and my love. Thank you for your teachings.

With gratitude and love,
Soo Young

Soo Young, it is so good to see that your practice is awakening within you new growth. The two weeks that I spent with you and Dustin was very intense but it yielded so much reward for the effort we all put in.

With your practice just continue from “Awakening the Kidneys” once you have finished. Don’t worry about the 33 heartbeats until you have completed your practice.

The most important thing that I would like you both to focus on is the feeling of communion in terms of being connected to that omnipresent factor that presently makes itself available via the connection of your hands that irreversibly open one’s heart toward it and to yourselves simultaneously.

This is your connection to the universe in terms of chi or energy.

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  1. Very beautifully written. Thank you Soo Young for sharing with us. Much love to you

  2. amazing.. beautiful expression <3

  3. Really lovely to hear things like this. Thank you, So Young.

  4. Thank you Lujan for this clarification and for your support. Practicing this morning with a focus on the feeling in my hands made the flow feel more natural. What a beautiful practice this is. I am so grateful. Thank you to others with your kind comments.

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