Scientists Discover Another Reason Not to Consume Meat and Dairy

This is some research that was brought to my attention by my student Luma. So consequently I asked her to write an article for Parallel Perception blog to emphasize the reasons why we should not consume red meat and dairy products.

Over the last few years I have converted over to a high-raw vegan diet. In many traditions this has been said that it is not prudent to eat animals for one’s spiritual growth.

My primary concern as a teacher in terms of shamanism is to increase my student’s vitality through generating more bioavailable electricity within the cells of a human body. This article provides evidence that if one wishes to obtain higher levels of consciousness it would be advantageous to take this very seriously.

By Luma Chichiwa

Throughout my life I have experienced several health issues tied to inflammation and food, running parallel to how I process the information from my environment on a spiritual level. Over time, skin conditions developed into food allergies, then onto adrenal exhaustion and more serious conditions requiring surgery.

Along the journey I tried diets and supplements that alleviated the issues to a certain degree, yet the inflammation remained, flaring up in the milder symptoms or worse depending on my stress levels and diet. It’s an ongoing journey along the path.

Learning Lo Ban Pai with Lujan has naturally taken me deeper into my body consciousness, and this has allowed me to listen to my body and also for information to arrive that is spot on. Lately, I have used the 8 Gates of Dreaming Awake to connect to my cells when getting to the last gate. Or maybe it was my cells that speak to me. Since then, information has arrived from many sources and woven with the unspoken song within my cell consciousness. I’d like to share some of it with you.

The ‘skin’ of our cells is made up of glycan chains, which are long chains of sugar molecules (monosaccharaides) attached to glycolipids (fats) and protein molecules. At the end of a chain there are these sugar molecules called sialic acids. Glycan chains have a myriad of functions but the one that I will focus on here is the function of the immune system in regards to the glycan chains present in our body.

Human cellular structure differs from that of any other mammals in that our glycan chains contain a sugar molecule called Neu5Ac, like the cells of birds and reptiles. All other mammals, and some higher invertebrates, convert Neu5Ac (N-acetylneuraminic acid) into Neu5Gc (N-glycolylneuraminic acid) before they attach it to the cell wall. We cannot make Neu5Gc because we don’t produce the enzyme for the conversion, so our cell walls use Neu5Ac in their glycan chains instead. This genetic difference has been traced back to Neolithic humans, so our bodies have not made this molecule as far back as we know.

What has been discovered is that when humans consume mammals and other invertebrates that make Neu5Gc, this molecule is so similar to NeuAc that our bodies use it and attach it to our glycan chain. However, our immune system recognizes it as foreign material as it is not in our genetic code, and so it creates antibodies to fight it.

Problem is, it’s attached to our cell walls. This creates a constant state of immune inflammation in our bodies, as our immune system tries to antagonize our own cells because this foreign sugar molecule is attached to the cell wall. Until that cellular material is released, it will antagonize the immune system by creating an immune response.

The story of the research into the Neu5Gc and it’s effects on human biology begun about a decade ago by scientists at UC San Diego under the guidance of Dr Ajit Varki, as they were looking for a possible link between cancer and high red meat consumption. They found it, in the name of a sugar molecule called Neu5Gc.

Dr Varki first begun by testing himself and seeing the effects of eating meat with Neu5Gc. Most adult humans show antibodies to Neu5Gc in their blood, and his antibodies to Neu5Gc increased within 24 hours of him eating vast amounts of food containing Neu5Gc. The immune response was immediate and measured in his blood work, though he felt physically fine. But what could happen long term?

This personal experiment could draw little scientific data, as well as being very frowned upon, so Dr Varki and his team recreated the human condition by breeding mice that made Neu5Ac but could not synthesize it into Neu5Gc to study the effects on their immune system. They found the same thing, and something completely unexpected. Once they put Neu5Gc antibodies in the mice, like we have in our bodies, the mice had an immediate immune inflammation response to food with Neu5Gc.

Of more concern, the long-term exposure resulted in a five-fold increase in tumors that developed into hepatic carcinomas. Neu5Gc has been found in human tumor cells. Being genetically engineered, these mice had a predisposition to liver cancers; however, the control group did not show the same response.

Another consideration is pathogens. Pathogenic bacteria coat themselves in sialic acids to mimic hosts (by making it themselves or stealing it) so as to avoid the immune system from attacking them. There is concern that pathogens that use this mechanism to attack mammals that produce Neu5Gc will further compromise our immune system by creating more immune system responses from our Neu5Gc antibodies.

Human beings have used mammal protein as a source of food out of necessity for millennia, however, groups that have not relied on it often tended to have longer lifespans. Longevity in cultural groups has been associated with a mainly vegetarian diet, where flesh protein, if consumed at all, was often from birds and ocean sources.

Other than compassionate beliefs, this could be what has drawn so many spiritual groups to abandon animal flesh, as the body would instinctively communicate it’s antagonism to this foreign molecule. Many ancient cultures also developed detox systems, such as herbal protocols, fasting or sweating, to help release cellular waste that would also draw out this foreign material. Their bodies did not have to process and cleanse the high level of environmental chemicals that we do today either.

The physical/ spiritual parallel to the need to let go of what is contrary to our true spiritual center, in terms of energetic evolution at this time, is uncanny to say the least. We cannot return to what we once were, nor live as we once did, yet need to become what we are meant to be by letting go of what warps and enthralls us into a false reality that is destroying us and our world.

Autoimmune inflammation diseases are our biggest reasons for decline in health: diabetes, MS, Alzheimer’s, PCOS, cancer, food allergies, etc. There are a lot of environmental and physiological factors that have an effect on cell degeneration and immune system overload responses, and Neu5Gc could be a very large piece of the puzzle. An overstressed immune system is a drain on our adrenal glands that in turn affects every single function in our bodies. The cascading effect of underlying autoimmune inflammation is slow to see yet highly damaging, even to brain cells.

Returning within, I look to see what is my heart and true self, and what has been pressed upon me by external influences. My body speaks that I can no longer allow that which antagonizes my body’s cellular patterns, just as I cannot hold on to behavior patterns that antagonize my heart if I am to be what I am meant to be and speak with my true voice.

From UC San Diego research:

Amount of Neu5Gc by food

Food sample Millionths/gram per gram
Butter 0
Whole milk 2
Cow’s milk 10–22
Goat’s milk 43
Red meats
Bison 29
Lamb 14
Beef 25–231
Pork 7–40
Hen egg 0
Turkey 0
Chicken 0
Fish 0
Shellfish 0
Caviar 445–530
Vegetables 0
Fruits 0

Amounts of Neu5Gc, measured by how many micrograms (millionths of a gram) of the molecule are present per gram of food. Fish and shellfish produce Neu5Gc but store it in their eggs, not their flesh.


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  1. Luma, I just realized, the act of consuming flesh is seen as a process of violence toward that being. And by consuming these animals there is a parallel consequence in terms of our own body turning against us violently long-term as physical illness.

    Most people who experience this phenomena can’t cope with aggression in any way whatsoever because of the aggressor within, in terms of the physiological effect of illness. Certainly gives another meaning to the Trojan horse concept of infiltration.

    This also applies, I would believe to consuming chicken and fish. Even though they don’t have the same effect on us on a cellular level there also is a consequence in terms of being connected to something that is slaughtered for our benefit.

    Also one very important factor to take into account is our communion between each other in terms of bearing witness to being re-calibrated by another’s way of being as statements of violence towards simple circumstances. Recalibration is something we all need to become aware of and how it is incrementally and socially adhered to in terms of becoming conditioned to something that is totally not acceptable, yet becomes commonplace through constant repetition that determines a flock mentality.

    • In your vision did you see if eating eggs makes the body agressive too?
      Or anything about eggs?

  2. Interesting. While Googling a bit I came across the following though, good food for though:

    • Derek would you mind paraphrasing instead of sending people off-site to read a whole article? I would really appreciate it.

      Did you know the Masai have a very short life span? Don’t you see this as very telling of their physical condition?

      Lots of love

  3. Sorry, I will do that for sure going forward :)

    I hadn’t had time to look up lifespan of the Masai, so that would be telling for sure!



  4. Thank you for that added information, Lujan. I have often wondered if that is why American Indian warriors would speak to the spirit of the animals they killed. So many traditional hunters developed rites to literally please and appease the spirits of the animals that they consume.

    Confirmation bias, or using parts of information and view points to solidify a held belief, is a dangerous thing for it stagnates energetic evolution. The internet does provide an easy way to find confirmation bias at the press of a key. There is a lot to learn about one self when examining one’s held beliefs and the pressure of justification that arises from the internal dialogue to follow the recalibration into the social matrix. It is a pressure that must always be carefully observed.

    I love organic free range chicken noodle soup because it’s tasty and lush. And I could say ‘everything has to die eventually’ to excuse eating chicken, but do I really need it? Do I need the protein because some bunch of self serving nutritionists tell me that I do when a handful of cashews and sprouts will give me same amount of protein? How many clever ideas can my internal dialogue cook up to justify me feeling entitled to eating that soup that in turn feeds into the global industry of food production? The pressure to recalibrate is so, so subtle.

    As Lujan has said before, there is no right or wrong, only truth. Personal truth. The truth of our hearts. And how can that be arrived upon when the internal dialogue is at play?

    I’d like to add that the inflammation caused by the immune system reacting to foreign particles can be dramatic, as in Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome, or it can slowly wear away at the cells ability to reproduce effectively which does impact on lifespan and quality of life as it has happened to me.

    My responses to inflammation are more subtle until they get really, really bad almost overnight. I’ve already noticed a difference since eliminating Neu5Gc, animal products and fasting to detox (highly recommend Mizpah’s apple pie in a bowl recipe from as a step into detox if you are not that into raw yet like me and do love tasty and lush). I am enjoying playing around with new ideas for foods to replace things like my beloved cheese, and expanding my use of the food processor.

    Anyone who has met the Nagual Lujan knows he thrives on such a simple diet and is so bloody physically strong it’s outrageous, considering he eats mainly fruit. It’s a testament to what is possible. I reckon watermelon crust has special magical properties! Will have to try that soon.

    On the Masai, the idea that the Masai only eat meat and milk as everyday food is a myth. This diet applies only to a ritual young warriors undertake for 15 days. They also don’t eat milk and meat in the same meal. They eat plenty of carbs in their diet, unless they have nothing to trade. Most Masai (women- met look after the herds) trade their products for fruit, grains and tubers to mix with milk, and they eat a lot of honey. They even have a bird that guides them to honey! With every meal of meat that they eat, they also consume a tea made from accacia bark (Albizzia anthelmintica), that surprise, surprise, has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, they consume a lot of herbal teas with health properties that nobody ever talks about. And they love their cattle. They name them individually. It is certainly not the same energetic relationship we have with what’s on the supermarket meat shelf.

    Love, Luma

    • Luma that is great information.

    • Luma

      I have just come across this thread and am finding the information about the sugar molecule from mammals really helpful. In your list you make a distinction between whole milk and cows milk, can you explain?

      I feel milk is not good for me but find it hard to do without in tea. Or to do without my cup of tea.

      Also Arne, you asked about caffeine, I have read somewhere that research showed that caffeine has a more damaging effect on a spiders ability to weave it’s web than cocaine! I recently had two cups of coffee thinking they were decaffeinated (which they weren’t as I found out later) I suffered from extreme agitation and even feeling aggressive because of the stress I felt from it. This lasted through the night.

      Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread. There is so much helpful information in it.

      • Hi Angelika,

        The list is from the research by UC San Diego so I’m not sure what the difference would be. Have you tried making almond milk (soaked and blended nuts) or banana milk? (water and banana). I am able to get this delicious coconut yoghurt that can replace almost all dairy as I don’t tolerate nuts all that well anyway.

        The dairy industry is so nasty to cows, anyway. Where I live cows are pasture fed so are seen as ‘happy, healthy cows. Free to roam, graze and be cows.’ Most people don’t know that pregnant cows are given drugs to make them abort their calves. Up to 40% of farmers do this every season.

        Huge numbers of cows are forced to abort their calves at six to eight weeks prematurely simply to suit farmers’ milking schedules. This is so the whole herd can be brought into line with each other and begin producing milk at the same time, rather than inconveniencing farmers until they have all given birth naturally. Then the calves that aren’t stillborn get hammered, shot or just left to die.

        I love butter and cheese, but it helps to be mindful that behind every animal product there is an animal, with a face and a heart. What am I prepared to take away from them?

        Coffee- black, thanks : )

        • Thank you Angelika and Luma! I switched to oat milk a while ago and now drink my coffee with oatmilk or black. I am still examining whether my body denies the coffee or the milk when being sick.

          I agree that we all should put light to the animals and the whole production chain. From consumption to production to transportation to the slaughtering. And to the humans working in that industry. Everyone can make a decision: being part of all that, or stepping out of it.
          Animals love us, and we once did love them, as children. I have two little kids, and I witness their unconditional love to animals every day. It is so inspiring and a strong reminder.

        • Thank you Luma, I looked into the farm which produces my organic milk and after reading their description realised that even though they are more humane they still of course take the calves away.
          Your article and reply gave me the final impetus so no milk today. Coffee I like with soya, it has been the tea in the morning that was difficult.

          I also get coconut yoghurt which is delicious and I also use coconut milk for mixing with herbs etc.

          I agree with both you and Arne so much about how we treat animals. And still can get into a disconnected mindset from time to time. Reading posts like this is such a good reminder. We really don’t need to eat meat and perhaps really don’t need to eat much at all. When I consciously connect with what I am eating not only do I eat less but the food nourishes me in a different way.

          Thank you for all your postings, they are often very informative and help me to stay connected.


          • Thank you for bringing this back to my awareness : ) . Since I wrote that article much as changed and grown for me so it is useful to observe it again. I have spent much of my life searching for nourishment that will help me stay balanced and so the journey continues to find that which will balance my heart centre as well.

            Once information is received, one then has the choice to act towards compromise and reaffirm the social self, or to gesture towards integrity. It is always good to return to consider this and this applies on a personal and individual level.


  5. Hey, apologies, I made a typo above. The Masai warriorhood for men involves a meat/ milk/ blood diet for about 15 years, not days, but not exclusively. They focus on this protocol during ritual times that vary in duration (meat is seen as male essence and milk as female essence).

    The Masai are very bonded with their beloved Zebu cattle, which they would be since they’d be sharing genetic material! During warriorhood men still eat other things at other times, particularly honey, and medicinal herb and honey potions. Women do not follow the same eating protocol but love their Zebu family just the same. They decorate them to make them pretty and celebrate the birth of new calves as they do their own children.

    I have seen the male Masai diet used as an example many times, and I have no idea why someone riding the subway or wearing shoes would use it as a dietary example in any shape or form, other than to justify a personal agenda. It makes no sense for the average person to say “See, the Masai are healthy on milk, blood and meat, that means I can have as many grass-fed beef steaks and milkshakes as I want!” No, it doesn’t mean that. If your purpose in life is to go and live with the Masai to be a Masai warrior, in the desert, in Africa, and devote your entire life to the humble service of your beloved Zebu cattle, sure, enter into the Masai way of life. Otherwise, a sacred life giving bond between people and animal has been picked apart and corrupted into a tool for personal justification.

  6. Luma Chichiwa, you are the Mercedes Benz among the Parallel Perception community. Your name stands for profound research and deep knowledge and whenever I found your name in the blog, I have taken my time to read every line of it. Next to my wife I would choose you as my # 1 advisor.
    Once we will meet. Looking forward and a hug from my heart


    • Jochen, that’s hilarious and most kind. In all honesty, information lands on my lap in really random but appropriate ways when I follow my heart. Our hearts are our best advisers.

      Love, Luma

  7. Very lovely information, Luma, Lujan.

    I’ve often seen the relationship between violence towards animals as the same subtle thread that weaves our violence towards the environment, towards “other” sects or cultures of people, and towards our own interactions with our loved ones. This thread continues working its dark magic in our internal body, as well.

    It seems the discussion of the Masai is another example of this dark thread being woven into their consciousness as well as ours. It is an example of the re-calibration of which Lujan speaks. One cannot tell the health of a person simply by looking at them, but one can see a few disorders. The exaggerated height alone suggests pituitary dysfunction. The introduction of cattle into their lands will quickly destroy their environment.

    It’s dangerous to remove parts of the truth from information we share with one another. One can tell the truth, yet leave out parts of the truth to make a completely different scene seem to be truth. The whole truth is what is needed to paint the entire scene.

    It’s so subtle, yet so powerful. Thank you for submitting this information.

    • Sugrue *hugs*

      Thank you, Wayne. There are so many people living well as raw vegans- and I’ve met a couple so I know it is possible. I have been vegan and vegetarian before, but now the call to transform is coming from a very different place.

      Beyond diet, is the consideration of personal energetic growth and evolution. Change is only difficult if there are emotional attachments at play: ideas, flavours, foods. Knowing what I now know about Neu5Gc and where my body guides me to go, I choose to not be emotionally attached to that which will cause cellular disharmony, or eat flesh because of stagnant thought patterns, including looking for confirmation bias one way or another. Rather, deeply feeling where my body wants to go. Besides, I made a really yummy nut cheese spread, so I will be just fine.

      I am most grateful that Lujan has made the tools available so that we can develop the energetic awareness to know and to be within our truth as dictated by each moment. Each cell harmoniously singing their song individually and as a great choir, amongst the universal greatness of spirit.

      And I’m grateful for Mizpah’s website Raw Food Solution, that is as delicious to read as it is to practice from.

  8. Hi Luna,
    The science of the vegetarian diet benefits in your post was very interesting. To reinforce these benefits I offer two living practicing examples. First is bodybuilder, Bill Pearl, who one Mr. Universe on a vegetarian diet. The second is untrarunner, Scott Jurek, who has won the Badwater ultramarathon and Spartathon on vegan diets.

    • The most amazing thing I find Wayne is when I was 215 pound and a bulk of muscle I thought I was strong. Going on a raw vegan diet and reducing my weight to 175 pounds increased my happiness, speed and agility and hypertensive power, analogous to the wire that hold up a bridge in tandem with all the other fulcrums that ground you.

  9. Oh, I like that analogy! Those kind of muscles sing like guitar strings.

    • Musculature is a very important element. To ignore this is to get old. This tensile strength comes from bone alignment in combination with one’s center of gravity in its totality.

      Obviously ligaments and tendons carry vital chi in relaxed circumstances, and I must emphasize relaxed. It is only this that causes the coiling power to generate in one’s movements.

      When you finish your Lo Ban Pai practice, sit quietly with your left hand on your lower abdomen and your right hand on top of it. If you are relaxed enough you will feel something like electric wires around them.

  10. i have also learnt more about this vegetarian mind-body peace this past year. I have spent most of my adult life vegan, however have had periods of some years on and off where i eat organic chicken and butter. initially it took years of changing my mind to be open to eating these things and a slow desensitisation to all these reasons not to. last year i moved from a small town to a large city and the energy of consciousness on the roads among the collective drivers caused me to feel extremely aware of a type of predatory violence that was just hanging in the general field. This sense of the ‘sharkiness’ was everywhere but highlighted in my body when driving on the roads. The feeling made me break down crying and desire to be vegan again. Even though the sharkiness was not particularly about aggressive driving, the driving became portal for me to feel through into this general topic of diet, consciousness and violence. So i switched back to being vegan, but found it hard to sustain as i included some proteins that don’t sit well with me and found myself craving chicken.. I had previously opened the door the thought patterns associated with reducing my own sensitivity to eating animal products but with this comes a lot of desensitisations to all the sequelae consequences of that diet. Since then I have been back and forth a bit with the chicken but eating much less of it. I have found that when i have the right vegan proteins for breakfast and healthy fats, that i do not reach for the chicken anymore. What i have also found is that i have a deep desire for long term detoxing and cleansing also and have been including the fruit fasts which highlight emotional issues connected to cravings for organic butter. I’ve been combining in chinese herbal parasite cleanses with the intermittent fruit fasts. It is interesting to me that the ancient daoist reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet, differ from the buddhist reasons. This thread speaks to both. The daoist reasons have more to do with not feeding the parasites of consciousness. The internal smell of meat putrefying will scare off the ‘god’ consciousness that can dwell within the body and be cultivated with meditation or practice. The meat also directly feeds the parasites and parasite consciousness of the shadow, which they call the snakes or worms. This also speaks to me of the aggressor mood of the immune system in reaction this protein. The buddhist reasons lie more in concern for animal welfare and the kindness and peace that we can cultivate our consciousness through. The chinese herbal name for a group of formulas that expel parasites translates to “Expel Snakes and Demons”. It is a very daoist approach, with an understanding that the meat feeds the parasites, which in turn feeds our shadow consciousness and can lead to very different personality and thoughts. The same being can have a different mind depending on if they feed the gods within or the snakes and demons. Meat is crucial food for snakes and demons, whereas pungents like onion and garlic were also avoided, they feed neither gods nor demons, but they scare off gods with their strong smell. This information about Neu5Gc has really come at the right time, speaking to several things my body knows and experiences, aiding the bridge between the scientist and mystic… thankyou for writing it up. lots of love.

  11. I am pondering more and more about eating flesh as a way to desensitize oneself, as if becoming one with the ‘death’ vibration of the animal through sharing their physical essence can make one ’emotionally strong’. Phi and Sugrue, your posts brought some of this forth for me, as well as connecting back into the Masai. The male warriors prepare for battles by eating only meat and milk.

    I see a strange reciprocity: consuming the death of another so as to reflect externally our own predatory disposition and internally our vulnerability and mortality. This loop perpetuates the predatory nature of the current social matrix as you have elucidated so far, Nagual. The Trojan horse, the enemy within being brought upon by the stress of being in a matrix that is not in tune with our essential nature.

    The compromise of our true nature would then turn within, capturing our precious flame and compromising the true electromagnetic cellular potential encoded within it.

    Yet here we are, nonetheless, to unlock this potential despite it all.

    Lujan, could you elaborate about the significance of kindness as a tool for transformation?

    • Hey Luma,

      These are interesting concepts. Kindness, compassion, understanding, empathy are words that have lost their inherent potency by virtue of the fact that individuals align their own personal social idea of kindness with their need to be treated justly via their own self-importance.

      Every word that is spoken has power contained within it and this can only be obtained through a sensitivity towards receptivity. Energetic units of information that can be transferred through realization as potent vehicles towards what is really occurring.

      This could be called empathy or compassion or even kindness. It depends on the paradigm of the observer in terms of being subjective. Being subjective in terms of ones individual understanding arises from being reasonable, which has everything to do with thinking and nothing to do with absorption in terms of receiving the full lessons of the circumstance.

      Just say you were to pick up a small rabbit or a kitten, the release of dopamine and oxytocin upon this connection brings a feeling of love. Depending on the observer one will see a real sense of knowing or just the social need to respond. It all depends on expansiveness and all the limitations within the connection, which defines the full implications of a rabbit or kitten.

      Love, compassion, kindness have all to do with not having these feelings, yet being still connected to the expansiveness that brought the understanding of that.

      This is the difference between true shamanism and socialized dogmas. I will be writing a little bit about this on a testimonial today about this particular phenomena in terms of the art of war in comparison with true shamanism. Or is it true shamanism that reveals the complex art that is to be applied in a seer’s life?

      • Here is the contradiction:

        Kindness and compassion are not obtained through practicing kindness, compassion and understanding.

        When one practices Lo Ban Pai they obtain an alternate frequency. One just changes and it appears that kindness and compassion and understanding are at the forefront but they are a long forgotten paradigm that was locked within subjectivity.

        It is when one forgets the self in terms of its perpetuating identifying loops that one changes. But one cannot change by trying to change it within the same paradigm. This is impossible. One can only switch frequencies.

        When this occurs then transformation comes upon a person. A person doesn’t come upon transformation willfully.

        • I might be a bit of a dopamine and oxytocin junky, then. Sometimes I feel so in love with flowers and nature I get this weird high when feeling like I disappear and we meld and become one. This makes me care for them because we one and so I see this as kindness, yet I don’t really know what it is and now that you mention this there are no words involved so it doesn’t matter. It happens with animals and people but not as often as with nature. It definitely happens with stars, oh, yeah.

          I like oxytocin. It heals heart cells damaged by stress.

  12. You’re so lovely, Phi.

    I have also noticed the general aggressive feel while driving. I travel a lot for my job and now schedule extra time into the travel because I can no longer endure the sensations from driving on the highway which gets people quickly to the destination. When there are many stops and slows on the trip, I find I have far more happy energy at the end of the trip.

    Even on a vegetarian diet, I was still quite aggressive, full of self-pity, validating every bad choice and action. Detoxing, herbs, and the vital, beautiful fruits that are now a mainstay of my diet has brought me to a new level of awareness that continues to surprise me on a regular basis.

    Getting to a level of awareness like Lujan’s now feels like a true possibility!

    Thank you, All, for sharing this deep knowledge.

  13. I feel really humbled while absorbing the depth of understanding presented by everyone on this subject, I lost any interest in bringing forth points from the countering information I had encountered. I find that I still struggle with relating to what my diet should be however.

    2 things seem to be playing on my relationship to diet.

    One is recent experiences I had when I increased meat in my diet while experimenting with a 30 day Paleo reset diet. I have experimented with raw and vegan diets in the past for longer amounts of time, but didn’t experience as profound effects as I noticed with the Paleo diet. I lived for a few years prior to the Paleo experiment with meat not being a big part of my regular diet, one or two meal a week was the norm, but I was eating cooked food. During the 30 day reset diet, I ate meat every meal 3 times a day, and my entire diet was whole meats, and select fruits and vegetables, nothing else. I noticed many positive changes in this time. I had a low input of carbs with the choices I made and lost weight, but I also experienced a level of emotional stability and non-reactivity that I haven’t know previously. IBS and GERD symptoms that have plagued me forever disappeared. My energy levels bounced around and my insides slowed down a little, but overall I felt very good and had a lot of clarity. To play devils advocate with myself, many things have been moving forward for me in the last year, but there was still a profound response timed with that diet change. The only other thing I’m aware of that might be relevant is that self discipline has been my achilles heal since I started trying to walk a path, and sticking to this diet was a triumph for me in recent years in this area. Still, if I follow the implications of what is shared above, I would expect increasing my meat intake that much to produce more emotional reactivity. The White Tiger has a frequent place in my interaction with those closest to me, and this all but disappeared during that time.

    The other thing that I struggle with is the idea that the whole universe seems predatory, and I relate to that in a way which makes me believe that one thing consuming another is natural. Plants consume minerals, animals consume plants, animals consume animals,etc. I’ve had conversations with folks in the past about this, but have not been moved past what feels right about this to me. Is harming a plant by killing it before taking it’s natural time, or taking a fruit or seed before it has fallen naturally any less of an act of violence than the death of an animal for food? A positive response to that question in the past has made me feel like a relatively higher value is being placed on some parts of creation over others. Are animals more important because they seem more like us? Violence is violence, and death is part of life. Are we different in some way that makes these ideas irrelevant, if these ideas can survive insightful scrutiny? A positive answer to that has always spoken to me in the past of veiled self-importance.

    I feel the pull to experiment with the fruit/herb/detox diet, but these points tied to a love for cooking(it’s one of my favourite activities) are at odds with that impulse.



    • I was mainly paleo for a while and yes, digestion was way less gassy. Paleo did stabilize my blood sugar and moods but it became such replacement for inner growth in ways I can’t really define. I could function really well in society but it was a trade off. I just can’t go near meat at the moment, so I am trying out different things and see what works. I am fine with being able to survive on one food that agrees with me if it comes to that.I go with what sits right in my heart and meat and dairy are out. I also try to limit the hours I eat to 6 if I can, so I fast for 3/4 of the day.

      I found a lot of food obsession ideas come up, and entitlement or self-importance.

      There is a Buddhist tenet about food that I’ve seen that I don’t know much about that seems to ring in the background.

  14. Thank you Luma for this great and interesting article and Lujan for your further insights.

    “Kindness, compassion, understanding, empathy are words that have lost their inherent potency by virtue of the fact that individuals align their own personal social idea of kindness with their need to be treated justly via their own self-importance.” This applies for me too. I realised this after our week together and when I was looking at how I was interacting with people.

    One big aspect that led me to go vegetarian and more and more vegan (and more fruits of course :-) was the fact that I found out that I was not integer when eating animals and that I did not want to look at what was happening – in the world and inside me. If you put a light to how animals are “produced” and treated, you can’t say I do not have anything to do with it or this is a predatory universe, so be it, anymore. After really looking at it I knew that stuff I do not like is happening. I had blocked that out before, like most do. And although I was a meatlover, I could not continue with it anymore, not even organic or demeter. And what happens with the people we “send” to produce meat and kill, with their hearts and with their children? I have experinced traumatised farm children, even from demeter farms, that struggle hard to get their hearts back. We are responsible for that too, if we continue to consume animals and send others to do the dirty jobs.

    Jochen, your post about your number one advisor made my day :-)

  15. “Kindness and compassion are not obtained through practicing kindness, compassion and understanding.” (…)
    “It is when one forgets the self in terms of its perpetuating identifying loops that one changes. But one cannot change by trying to change it within the same paradigm. This is impossible. One can only switch frequencies.”
    I understand the contradiction. I experienced f.e. the different frequences concerning compassion (selflessness) and pity (self).
    Though I have some questions:
    Do you mean that it’s not possible to purposely, willfully align us to kindness, compassion and understanding by “intending” it in our daily life?
    Is the concept of “intention” or will a concept, that in our normal, corrupt awareness can’t spontaneous react?
    Is it a false concept?
    Should I forget the concept of intentionality?
    Or, do you mean that to “intend”, align to compassion, kindness and understanding is only possible if supported by energy exercises (spiral energetic system), meditation, health (food!) and other techniques to enhance our energy and silence (emptiness), and so further our sensibility and receptivity for these frequencies.

    But it’s a fact: in my daily life being in my social mask (social paradigma) I am hardly be able to be in these altered states of consciousness.
    It needs inner (observing) silence.
    With affection,

  16. Be devoted to your circumstances in service. Be humble. Don’t just talk your walk intellectually to yourself. Walk your talk.

    Actions count in terms of being more reflective. This is much more powerful than any thought that can come from the mind.

    Memories are pictures. Pictures contain feeling.

  17. Ok. Thanks!

  18. Recently I discovered I have an injury that could eventually require surgical correction. I was aware when I became injured as I was lifting something very heavy and felt the strain. My body acknowledged the event at the time and I tried to dismiss it although I knew, addressing it bodily in the moment and dismissing the endless ifs so as not to hyper focus and worry incessantly. I became vegan for the most part except for some eggs for the next four months just to see and forgot about the injury accepting it may have just corrected itself. Then I began eating meat again as the cold arrived and I exercised more frequently. The injury fully surfaced as did the exaggerated effects of lingering emotions and other blockages. As my body was divided initially from and causing the animal consumption it linked to the other blockages distorting my ability to process, I feel it collapsed from the division and took that hit like the art of war reference. Now having not had meat experimenting to confirm, the injury subsided as did the feelings of dis ease. Organic chicken was 99% of what I ate too and I feel that limiting energy transfers as far as the sluggish agent of suffering from a life consumed as it is inefficient to rely on meat and humbling to seek an alternative source of nourishment. Now that I have added substantial plant nutrients to my diet along with the elevated sense of perception, meat makes me sick and sad and I realize my body was compensating in its cravings and enabling a type of stagnation and abuse which feels so light to cast away.

  19. What a fascinating thread, I had heard in the past the sugar and caffeine were the food of the predators, sugar had been the most difficult to give up, not so much anymore. I have definitely cut my meat consumption down to a few days a week and feel a lot better. I don’t think cutting it out all together would be so difficult at this point. I am very grateful to have access to Nagual Lujan’s wisdom. This site is truly awesome!

  20. Hmm, caffeine. I have had a cold for a couple of days and my body refused to drink any coffee at all. I usually drink 2-3 cups a day. Does anyone know more about coffee consumption and body energy?

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