The Reality of Modern Food Production


The food industry, from nutrition advice to food production, is built on a paradigm that keeps everyone trapped in an unwholesome dependency that is killing us and our planet by directing our focus towards self-importance rather than simple subsistence. Food has now become a loop of self-obsession for most of the world as it consumes the planet to extinction.

“A crooked smile reveals a crooked path, and a crooked mind that leans upon a bent and crooked staff. From whence you came, a crooked eye reveals its crooked aim, the crooked wish to make you just the same.” Lujan Matus- Whisperings of the Dragon.

In reality, we need very little to be healthy. Any consumption of food will feed the intention upon that food. It behooves all of us to feel our communion with what is presented from the Earth and Spirit so as to make the choices that will enhance our energetic and spiritual evolution as human beings.

This clip represents only 6 minutes from a 100 minute long film called “Samsara”, which was photographed in 25 countries and explores many other diverse aspects of the human experience.

Luma Chichiwa

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  1. i’ve seen the full movie.
    to see all thoes resources going to things we werent even meant to consume, and supersizing it – Is heart breaking.
    but whats more is that thoes man made … fake-foods reek so much havock on this planet just the polution from the packaging is enough motivation to change directions.

    if we werent interfered with and we stayed true to our integrity, then this world would be as it should:
    instead of huge landfills it would be huge compost piles.
    fruits would need little to no packaging.

    organic hemp would be still in use as our clothing,fuel,timber,food,paper,body care – the list goes on.

    they even made a hemp car:
    in 1941 henry ford produced a expiramental car made with a hemp resin body -70% cellulose fiber from hemp.
    the car was lighter then typical metal car framing,thus giving it a better fuel efficiency. the car body could absorb blows 10 times as great as steel, without denting. The car was designed to run on hemp ethanol fuel.
    because of the petrolum backed smear campaigns and ban on both hemp and alcohol, the car was never mass produced.

    GAS WOULD COST .15 cent a litre!

  2. From my birth I live in the Kavkaz Mountains as my family works on fields for many generations and I know nothing else then the virgin nature. Internet is my only connection with world and way for me to see it. I do not understand and cannot in best conscience imagine and say anything about the reality of modern life, cause I have never experienced it as it has no reach here for centuries.

  3. If your going to be a vegetarian, eat mainly fruit veggie and chips with hot sauce, do you need supplements because your no longer eating a lot of meat?

  4. So what are we going to do about it?

    • take steps in your life that better you and all that surround you weather it be friends, family, or the enviroment.
      The real work is done on ourselves, and from there – our doing and not doings hold the power of our future.
      be light as a feather yet firm as a tree… and if your knocked down, ill plant a tree. :D

      Lots Of Love And Light! <3
      Enjoy Life! ;)

  5. The global food industry is run by cartels that literally enslave producers and consumers while making indecent profits for the 1%. Farmers have a very high rate of suicide world wide. From being offered unsustainable prices for their produce to being forced to sign contracts that enslave their soil to a corporation. Many live with very poor health from having to deal with chemicals in the name of higher yields. This is world wide and there are no easy answers, and judgement is a doing.

    The Inner Art of War applies here for me, for I am prepared and committed to stand behind those who are trying to make a difference however I can. I’m in a position to support my local organic grocer by making some sacrifices here and there, rather than buy the same things cheaper at a supermarket, so I do. It is a small financial gesture yet it is what I can do for now so I do it.

    When we all stand with each other energetically as warriors in humble service to this Earth and each other, each doing what is presented for us by spirit no matter how small it may seem, then we will know what we are truly capable of.

  6. This subject is a quagmire of generalized confusion because of disinformation. This stems from the general populous not being educated in terms of the consequences of their dependency and general lack of self-awareness coupled with the inability to understand their own ability to be self-sufficient.

    This general lack of historical data that once was past through generations as knowledge of the herbal medicine of their regions and farming skills have been lost because of not only the global need for survival, which has become a corporate imperative with roots in the early thirties with prohibition.

    If we are all not careful with how we proceed, the very same thing that happened in the 1930’s will be mirrored and all economies will crash if the general lesson is not learned.

    We all must admit that if corporations are taken down for their doings too quickly, we will be met with a global recession that will be unprecedented.

    If we take the lessons that were implemented in Brazil in terms of supplementing the oil with ethanol, then our global dependance upon oil will be answered. Ethanol is a much cleaner, combustive fuel than petroleum. Ethanol is made through the fermentation of food products. The answer is right in front of us all.

    If the corporations realize through public demand that the global food industry is the answer, then great change will occur, and very quickly. Nothing is ever achieved through conflict.

    There is a general collective movement towards monopolization of awareness. This is even moving into mapping the algorithm of the mind as a thought process. So I want everyone to consider my comment very carefully and the threshold we are upon. We can all burst into a new age of awareness.

    If we do the right thing then information as technology will expand forward in a way that will embrace the dilemma that we face. This includes our present technology becoming self aware, because we all know that a computer is already superior in terms of its capacity to retain information.

    This is our real future and in turn we can create an adversarial atmosphere that will go against us all – or we can make choices to demand, organic, sustainable agricultural practices that are kind to animals, that in turn spread this awareness to the livestock that people who choose to eat meat consume. And when consciousness changes this will naturally decrease.

  7. It is up to us!

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