Electric Foods and High Vibrations from Raw Fruit


I have a question regarding the term ‘electric foods’. I’m not familiar with with this concept and I’m interested in how this can support my health, well-being and the development of my daily Lo Ban Pai practice.

I have been working towards a raw food diet for a few years now but as you know it is cold here in England and a bit of warmth in my belly is much needed at times. In the last 6 weeks I have migrated to 80% fruit, with some salads, herbs, nuts and seeds with the exception of some cooked root vegetables a few times a week.

I have cooked sweet potato in flax oil, salt, pepper, herbs and coconut oil, and also adapted it to butternut squash. Both of which are fantastic and delicious. While training with you recently and you had said this dish was ‘very electric’.

Love & Hugs

Hey John, I am glad you are going for sweet potatoes and butternut squash. You can also mix a little greens with it to give you a sense of variety in this transitional meal towards fruitarianism.

It is better than going down the pub and having fish and chips or bangers and mash! (as we laughed about when you were here training with me).

Sweet potato is well known in Japan for its nutritional value and it is a staple food of the Okinawans. It is very grounding and has a high angstrom value.

Angstrom units are a measure of electricity or vibration. The basic human wavelength is about 6500 angstroms. Foods that have wavelengths between 6500 and 10,000 angstroms, are regarded as the highest quality for human consumption for raising one’s vitality.

In the case of sweet potato the angstrom level increases when it is baked. Most vegetables have the highest angstrom readings when fresh from the garden, losing about a third of their potency by the time they reach stores, and another third when cooked. However tubers – which includes yams, sweet potatoes, and potatoes – are an exception and they usually increase their vibration by being baked or boiled.

Sweet potatoes are the best of these foods because they are alkalizing, even though they have been cooked. Yams are high angstrom and have a high alkalinity.

There is one thing you should be aware of with potatoes. When you bake them it is better to leave their jacket on. Red ones are the best. The jacket is alkaline and the potato without this is acid-forming. This is a good reason not to mash them.

Even though sweet potatoes are high angstrom – and as you know at the moment I am transitioning back to 100 percent raw vegan – I noticed that on the first week or so of consuming sweet potato once a day to slow down detox, I felt a lot of electricity in my body, which is the angstrom level. But after a few weeks of increasing fruit and decreasing the sweet potato I noticed that on the days that I consumed the sweet potato I got tired after eating because the vibration was not as high as raw fruit.

But I know in England it is very cold at the moment and snowing and you probably need a big hug from your sweet potato to keep you warm.

How is your practice of Dragon’s Tears going and your sensitivity to your environment because of this?

Hope you haven’t run into any Liverpool kisses lately? Hope everything is really well with you.

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  1. Oh wow! Thanks for this! this information is new for me.
    i ate a sweet potato just last night .. well 3 actualy. Boiled.
    and i noticed my hands got super hot and electrical!
    i wanted to run outside. this explains it.
    never really ate sweet potatoes – never noticed how sweet and yummy they are.

    I took the skin off when i ate them. should i eat the skin too?
    or is it just while cooking,to keep them on…?

    • It is only regular potatoes where you have to leave the skin on. It is best to take the skin off sweet potatoes because it is too tough.

    • Careful on eating the skin if its not organic. :)

  2. Hehe very good and funny post.
    I also notice the energy from fruts and vegetables. I feel much lighter after eating fruits and veggies than cooked meat and butter! Ha!
    Lately I felt how Im more sensitive to fruits that are not organic. Today I ate an banana that would make me feel itchy inside and tired. Ive also tried to eat non organic apples lately but even when I peel them I feel no good on them. Before I though it did not make much difference, but now I try to buy all my fruit organic.
    Im thinking that my reaction to fruits could be because of detox and Im not so sure about that. I energy test the food I eat and If I test weak I dont eat it.
    Does someone has any experience about eating non organic fruits?

    • I experience that some non organic fruits seems fine with me, but some not. I guess this is depends on which pesticides that are being used.

  3. ya i dont like non organic fruits.
    for 1 they never taste good n are always hard.
    the apples that arent organic Never sit well with me- tried peeling off skin but still – bluk!
    some non organic fruit are do-able like melons, but i still notice a disturbance – somewhat like you describe an itchy-ness.

    i sort of sense which to really stay away from.
    never know how i know tho.

  4. Yea. You feel the same. Its much better to get the organic ones.
    I often feel it before eating as well, but dont always listen. This is what I have to do now. We should make an organic fruit farm!

  5. Ooh this is wonderful information. I just started including sweet potato in my diet in the past week! I love the communal conductivity in the topics coming through the blog, it seems heightened lately. I love learning this about sweet potato, it’s making my sweet potato taste even better & nourish me even more :) Im making lots of raw vegetable dips to eat with celery or carrot while at work, but have included some cooked or partially cooked vegetables. I just made one with mashed sweet potato, & the rest is raw brocolli, peas, lemon balm and sesame oil. I’m loving eating this way in between fruit bursts.

    Hey endre, non organic fruits are often gas ripened, so they don’t contain the same photonic energy of being sun ripened. I often also can feel the lack of love and earth connectedness in mass produced non-organic produce, as well as the pesticides.

    • That sounds very nice phi. I have made mashed sweet potatoes and its very nice. I often make it and it gives me a very stable energy.

      Thank you for the information.

  6. Even organic fruit is most often picked before it’s ripe in order to get it to the market. There are substances, as well — like sulfur — that are acceptable to be used on fruit and still be sold as organic.

    It can be difficult simply finding fruit, so I have to take the non-organic home sometimes. I wash it in hydrogen peroxide, then peel it. It still has a higher electrical value than even vegetables.

    I feel the same thing about the reaction to pesticides. Sometimes it affects me strongly; other times, I don’t notice.

    Lovely to know that about the sweet ‘taters! Thank you for letting us know.

    • It is very cold where I live and besides a lot of raw fruits and veggies lately I have been getting by well on seeds, spirulina and coconut and even working below freezing doesn’t bother me much like before. As far as non-organic fruits and veggies, my body doesn’t crave them when I used to try and I don’t appreciate the taste. That is sweet to know about the potato :)

  7. Firstly and most importantly – who on earth decided to call sausages ‘bangers’?! As if the nutritional content wasn’t criminal enough! Ha!

    I’m very well thank you Lujan and thanks for the super detail here. I’d not heard of the unit ‘Angstrom’ so this is something new for me to research from. If my sweet potato could hug me I’d love one but it hugs my belly though so that’s nurturing enough.

    Yes my Dragons Tears practice is going great. I’m noticing a lot of energy in my energy centres during and after my practice which has been quite overwhelming at times. As you know I was a little concerned about remembering the set on my return home but it’s not been a problem at all and I’m getting more fluid as each day passes. It’s also brought my Golden Lotus practice along leaps and bounds and I’m feeling a lot more energised during this. The very slight recap we did on this set seems to have wiped my memory of how I was doing it before which I found really bizarre when I first practiced it again. My body is feeling very receptive to each movement while practicing and I’m noticing an increased awareness of the energy lines running up my body from my kidneys and feet. It really is amazing what can be seen without the use of my eyes.

    During my daily life I’m noticing the feelings in my body not only during but also before I see and speak with people. This has been most noticeable at work as there is a lot of gossip, chit chat and aggressive energy. It feels like an internal compass that’s there to guide me.

    Dragons Tears is extremely powerful and has made my daily practice even more special. It reminds me where I am – in my heart, and to be grateful. It brings water to my eyes just to type this.

    Eternal love & gratitude
    John (professional northern kiss dodger)

  8. A great drink for an uplifting long lasting energy boost:

    I blend this in a blender.

    2 lemons (whole or peeled)
    a decent sized nub of ginger
    half to a whole cucumber
    fill the blender full of water and blend.
    next brew a chaga mushroom tea – allow to cool
    add to the contents above together.
    add a few droppers of stevia to taste.
    Optional: at a health food store you can pick up a bottle of goji berry juice, and add the full bottle to it.
    (makes a 1 gallon drink -you can drink for weeks!)

    and enjoy!

    Also on a side note; you can add chlorella in your cup and poor this into your cup.
    I dont recommend adding the chlorella to the gallon sized drink.
    keep it in your cup.

  9. morning breakfast or after morning breakfast

    30-40 grams hemp seeds (hulled)
    a big tablespoon beepollen (i think 5-10 grams)
    coconut oil
    optional maple syrup
    optional goji berries or goji berry juice
    blend to a nice consistancy and enjoy this magical delight!

  10. if you are lowering your food consumption or want to be full on less, simply bite into coconut flesh (white part)and then a datte – it synergies great, taste great and fills you up quickly!

  11. coconut oil increases the absorbtion of the omegas.
    it also restores thyroid function. coconuts medium chain fatty acids require less energy and fewer enzymes to digest.
    also the fat can not be stored in cells it actually gets used on the spot.

    goji berries have a unique ability to keep up or increase human growth hormone (HGH)- which over time, we produce less of. causing physical deterioration – mucsle wasting, lower levels of energy. storing more fat.
    HGH stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands. Its the hormone that influences all all our other hormone productions.

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