An Eternal Meditation


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Tyson. If you would like to offer your support for Tyson  please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Whisperings Of The Dragon, has been the easiest of Lujan’s books to understand. Although they all possess “easy to understand” dialogue. It has had the most far reaching effects for me and consequentially those around me. It has also bought me back into alignment and at the most perfect time too.

After long day to day social interactions at work, I was experiencing a shift I did not like and it was simply the reversal of my eyes and ears – which was causing much havoc on my being and my silence. I was at war with myself.

Practicing the eight gates of dreaming awake was relatively easy for me and I traveled each gate at a steady even pace, guided by my body’s inward gaze. Upon reaching my heart, I entered into the deepest most emptiest silence imaginable. Even my normal “outdoor woods silence” paled in comparison.

I was lost in that void of nothing-ness,that seemed to have no bounds. Yet was contained within, by my skin. It seemed to penetrate my skin from the inside out and extend to reach out to touch everything.

And that’s where I truly found myself. I found my center; my heart.

I also noticed images flood the gates of my heart from simple intention. Any noise from the internal dialogue would fill my heart with a image. Words hold behind them intentions.

This simple image filling my heart – showed how we work internally. Thus waking me up to the responsibility of my path towards freedom and emptiness.

I was shown the intention of no intention, and how this is our true state of being, which is simply being without being, knowing without knowing and doing without doing.

Now I start the journey of emptying myself of wounds and imprints placed in my being by others by letting it all go and forgiving all. Also by observing everything that arises when interacting with others. It’s like an eternal meditation, where I’m always watching everything from a detached place.

After I completed the eight gates of dreaming awake, lending a hand to help those who need or ask for it, being kind, and keeping a light heart, has changed from how I used to perceive it. I now look forward to being of service to my environment. It presents me with new opportunities to view my short comings, and to learn and grow from those experiences, whereas before I was too self important to want to help.

I find the eight gates of dreaming awake stays with you forever.

Quote from The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception:

“Give of yourself, except for that which weakens you. Accept what is given, but not that which compromises.”

By observing the things that arise within my being whether it be from myself or others, opens up the doors to growth and removing what shouldn’t be in my heart.

I notice that sometimes people can be hurtful, and if I take it personally, I hold onto that cut they inflicted, and build a dialogue around it, in essence realigning to that frequency, which is the internal dialogue.

At times I would see how this “me” who isn’t “I” (yet I’m responsible) acts towards others and the imprints that I hold onto and how this “me” tries to pass that wound or imprint to another…And this has to stop.

At times facial expressions which relay feelings twitch up into my face. Others may not notice them but I do and that is enough for my witness (heart) to want to change that, because sometimes these expressions are ones of  annoyance towards a loved one who simply wants to talk.

By becoming aware of these things is the first step towards emptying myself.

Another quote from Lujan’s book Whisperings Of The Dragon:

“Never forget what you are meant to remember. Don’t even think about it.”

Thank-you, for allowing me this opportunity to commune with the warriors website.
And I think I speak for everyone when I say a big warm thank you to Lujan and his wonderful wife Mizpah. You inspire us all to learn from life and to give all of ourselves in devotion to our own individual hearts path!

Thanks for being who you are and for providing the gems of knowledge that you’ve collected.

Lots of Love, Light, And Joy For Life!






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  1. I enjoyed reading this. It’s great to see others gaining so much from the teachings here and I find your account inspires me to focus. Thank you for sharing and good luck on your journey of self discovery and transformation.

  2. What a great testimony Tyson. I trust it will inspire others to take the time to learn and apply the Eight Gates of dreaming awake and apply it within the context outlined so as to make the spiral path of evolution real (As opposed to a philosophical exercise)- Vote.

  3. Stay on your heart’s path, Tyson.

  4. I believe the void of nothing-ness is the most beautiful feeling we humans can feel.

  5. “an eternal meditation, where I’m always watching everything from a detached place” , you touched my heart.

  6. :) <3 Thanks for sharing! im so glad you enjoy it!

    • Thankyou….. yes letting it all go and forgiving.
      The less addicted to the socialization process the easier it is to forgive.

      • yes some times letting go and forgiving someone is harder than one may think.
        At times i will find someones past actions that were hurtful towards myself or even another stand in my way of being free and happy in the moment.
        And accepting and loving that person in the now, for who they are.
        when my awarness relises my comprimise – its as if the world stops and in that breath i release all my tension (relisinng i was tense and holding onto what they were projecting at me or another.) and i see myself letting go of my past and truly apreciating and accepting that person into my intimate space. my heart. and so they become my hearts heart or rather i see my hearts heart within them and silutaniouly within all that is.

        its a beautiful thing letting go… forgetting where you were/came from and just seeing the world with fresh eyes… it becomes new yet familiar… peaceful – magical!

  7. I vote for you tyson! Great testimony. Much love

  8. Tyson, I am inspired by your yearning to see beyond the veil of the socialized self. Your heart is already there, and that is a joyful thing. Good luck.

    Lots of love,

    • I always wanted to clarify this: We all have a heart that is already there. its just many of us have forgotten our origin-less origin.

  9. :) <3 – Much love to you luma!
    And Thank-You!

    Lots and lots of smiles! :D

  10. I like this Tyson. It has a true ring of sincerity. Kudos.

  11. An exemple of what a path with the heart really means!

    thank you.

  12. For a straight up grasp of the material, as well as a heartfelt account of its significance, your words stand apart as a flash of relevance. Damn. Well done, Dude.

  13. :) I never expected such a turn out! Thank-you’s ! ;D

    Renewed my confidence, a bit. ;)

  14. Joyful result.Good luck to you Tyson

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