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dream-interpretationDear Lujan,

Thank you for your time and care to answer my questions.

I also want to ask what is the meaning of a repetitive dream that I remember having had 3 or 4 times. The last time, I was swimming in a river downstream, it was like adventure, I felt I advanced and was happy to reach soon further downstream and go out, but then I realized I had left my clothes far behind and will have to go back, swimming in the water. I felt apprehension and inconvenience from the thought of exposing myself naked outside the river.

Some years ago I dreamed that I am hiding naked in the branches of a tree from people who are down the tree on the road. Being naked made me feel inconvenience and maybe shame to climb down; eventually I did so and then forgot about my nakedness and moved in my dream that also felt like moving in my sleeping body and I advanced to the rising sun in the end.

I ask this question because the feeling is very peculiar and I think it is connected to my sexual attention. I also wonder if it was the same that made Adam and Eve cover their nakedness after eating the fruit of knowledge.

Thank you again,

Ilian it is obvious from your dream that you are feeling exactly what you are experiencing. If you look at this carefully, it can easily be noted within your field of energy, in terms of your dream, because dreaming is really not the issue; it is the feelings that accompany you within the visions.

You need to be centered squarely in your power. Resolve to do what you need to do without any internal conflict in terms of questioning what you have done after it has happened.

Being naked represents your feeling of being accessible and then when you realized it didn’t matter it was okay to be that way. Inaccessibility requires total transparency, for it is only when we are totally open that the doors of one’s personal power close to a social perspective, meaning that a social person cannot enter because they live in the world that does not require them to be inaccessible.

In the social world there is secrecy; not inaccessibility. There is a difference between the two.

For when you begin to see, everything is revealed in the mannerisms of everybody’s body. And when a seer is truly empty, they will speak the unspoken words, or the secrets, of the person they are viewing, which in turn makes a secretive person accessible and the inaccessible person has enormous amounts of information delivered through their inaccessibility.

When one disappears or is without form, form becomes apparent. As we walk as shamans to the edge of the precipice, our footsteps may have just been a story that led us to the edge of eternity. If we wait long enough and are patient enough the precipice will whisper unspeakable things that have never been heard, yet can be vocalized without one single thought.

P.S. Don’t you worry yourself about Adam and Eve. They had a fig leaf.

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  1. Yes but those fig leafs it turns out were used to make decorative hats so they ended up with their secret parts accessible due to their total transparency.

  2. Thanks for sharing this,advancing to the rising sun.

  3. Hi, thanks for this post on dreaming, I’m new to this forum and very much appreciate the inspiring and thought-provoking comments being posted here…
    Having just finished reading Shadows in the Twilight, some questions regarding Dreaming have come into my head and I wonder if anyone would care to comment.
    Especially in my youth I often had deja-vu experiences and was able to identify this sense of familiarity in some instances as having come from dreams I had had previously,
    also I often had “prophetic” dreams, dreams that turned out to indicate in symbolic form the cardinal points of an issue developing, often many years before this would manifest.
    This has led to me believing that we sort of “dream ourselves forward” in life, that dreaming is a kind of preparation for manifestation in this dimension. However, from what I have just read I now wonder,
    is it perhaps more a kind of “tuning in” to the other dimensions in which we exist, into possible or probable versions of what we are in other dimensions? And how can I distinguish between this sort of “seeing” in a dream and my dream space having been invaded by inorganic or shadow beings who may actually be manipulating my perception?
    Thank you for your thoughts on this.

    • How we apply ourselves here is what I feel matters.

  4. Antje,

    It is important to not let one’s internal dialogue hijack information. Observe the thoughts that arise from the information in the book and see that the pull this way and that of ‘what is this or that’ is the internal dialogue fragmenting your seeing. This is not seeing, it’s thinking about seeing.

    Creating an inventory about the meaning of dreams is not helpful. It is the feeling behind the dreaming that yields the true information, not the ideas. Notice how Lujan pointed this out and it is echoed throughout Iliad’s post. Follow the feeling…

    Lujan has deposited meaning in his books that can only be unlocked outside the social framework of the internal dialogue yet will remain within you without the need for reasoning it. You can ‘feel’ and know what you know about inorganic beings and dreaming now; so allow your primal self to be observant and alert you through feeling as needed rather than dissect ideas through reason. How will you know something in a dream is relevant? Because you will feel it. Trying to ‘think’ our way through what presents itself as information is not a way to find what needs to be paid attention to.

    Ilian’s dream was a way to communicate to the self the need to let go of the socialized entrapment. It was the feelings within the dream that spoke of the importance, not the content of the dream itself. Ilian followed the strong feeling, so much so that the feeling prompted the inquiry to Lujan. This dream now avails within me knowing through feeling that I can connect to my present seeing of what evolves around me.

    I am a very visual person, and I am learning to let go the immediate visual input and go deeper, for the feeling is what reveals what is really there and must be attended to. This then draws the information into my heart rather than my head. The heart is the gateway to the precipice of eternity, and only there can I hear the whispers that appear like shooting stars and bloom within my heart beyond words.

    Make no mistake, eternity speaks loudly and clearly beyond words. This dream pertains to all of us: to be alert to the need to let go of the socialized self and fall deeply into our hearts to allow the flow of information.

    We are of one heart.

  5. Thank you for your comments, Grant and Luma, these are very helpful. Luma – beautifully spoken, thank you very much! I will try and follow the feelings in my dreams rather than wonder about the content and the concepts of what dreams may or may not be.

    • To clarify and add to what luma said, I mean how we apply ourselves and respond to our feelings here as in while awake as being essential. This is what I’ve learned from lujan as I was very absorbed by dreams and visions before and while they were relevant and insightful, I was overlooking the root of my waking feelings. If we focus all our resources here, other dimensions reflect this instead of reflecting our absorption with what appears beyond attracting our attention.

  6. Thanks, Grant, yes that very much resonates with me. I hadn’t actually paid much attentiin to my dreams in the last few years but having read two of Lujan’s books now obviously has tickled my desire to put the new information into context of previous experience and beliefs which is of course pure intellectualization and for that I will now practice focussing on my heart and following the feelings rather than my thoughts :)

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