Opening the Heart Center Through the Practice of Whispering Palms



Dear Lujan,

I have been practicing the Whispering Palms for over a year now, even though not daily, and the 1st Tibetan movement within the series continues to amaze me. I do admit I have been moving through the series much like an exercise within the last 6 months or so as my mind is pulled in many directions. I simply acknowledge that that is where I’m at now, and continuing practicing the movements is still affective for me even at a physical well-being level.

Why I’m writing today is because, I have been very aware of how this one simple movement in the series has helped me build or re-build the strength of my solar plexus, allowing me to have healthier boundaries of self so I may be better centered when in relation with others… but something very different happened in my practice yesterday.

Taking more care of how I express the gestures, I simply held my arms round more generously, in a bigger embrace during the 1st Tibetan… and bam, my heart center opened at a place it hadn’t been open for in years. Something freed, allowing me to move into a deeper aspect of this practice.

I was amazed at how this one simple gesture within the whole series can have such different impacts at such different levels. It makes me wonder, the more I continue with the practice, what more will all these little gestures open me up to, and the depth that each of these gestures can get.

In joyful and humbled embrace :)

I am so glad to see that your central axis is finding powerful alignment that is increasing your sense of well being.

There are two ways for the Tibetans to be done. The first way – which you have learned – increases the primordial chi within the lower dantien. In essence this reservoir of vitality extends to the whole endocrine system.

The second way employs dragon coiling, which in turn creates telekinesis and enhances one’s empathic abilities.

The Tibetans are a very special set that strengthens the kidneys and solar plexus region. In actuality there is a convergence of thirteen major powers that reside within the solar plexus and the heart simultaneously. The kidneys are vital for one’s will power, in terms of fortifying the heart, in turn opening the shen, which resides within the eyes and internally the third eye matrix that stores all of our memories, presently and inter-dimensionally.

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  1. This is such a cool post, Lyra! Thank you.

    I noticed this deeper aspect of Lo Ban Pai with some of the movements I’ve learned. The movements suddenly awakened within me meaning rather than just being an energetic practice.

    For a while I could see light falling into my hands and then out of my hands as I moved. Then one moment there was a deeper personal meaning that availed itself as I performed a few of the movements. It was an awakening or a conversation that revealed meaning as if the movements and I were talking! It was momentary and it will last a lifetime.

    Lujan, the beauty of this experience was truly magical. The gestures as a language to the self to realign and remember the true potential. I get a wee tear of joy remembering it.

    Whispering Palms is on my to do list, absolutely!

    Waiting without waiting…

    • Waiting without waiting…

    • “The gestures as a language to the self to realign and remember the true potential.”
      Beautiful! This is it! :)
      The work/study I’m currently engaged is also pulling me in this direction, and I feel so much happier aligned both inwardly and outwardly as an expression of who I am becoming.

  2. thank you for this testimonial Lyra,

    as I do dragon tears every day since a year and a half ago, I feel energy collecting effect and it makes me more sensitive to intentions from others that are directed towards me. I have also noticed that the way I do the gestures changes the feelings that arise within.

    Lujan, how are the movements from whispering palms and dragon tears related? Do they work on different levels for the body, or complement each other?

    • :) some of my coiling movements in Dragon’s Tears changed after learning the Whispering Palms. Lujan never said to do this but my body started flowing this way a few weeks after starting practicing both. It felt more continuos, gestures flowing into each other with less stops and starts. I imaging after learning all of Lo Ban Pai, the gestures become a flowing dance.

    • Dragon’s tears is more trance-inducing. It is actually the most meditative form Lo Ban Pai has.

      The Trance-Inducing Effects of Dragon’s Tears

      Whilst we were practicing Eric was disappearing into the void and at the same time the Dalai Lama was putting a white scarf over my neck.

  3. Wow, both experiences are very inspiring. What does the white scarf mean?

    • Offering a white scarf–called a kata–is an ancient Tibetan tradition. The color symbolizes purity of intention and aspiration. It is an ancient custom to bring an offering when visiting a temple, shrine, guru, or teacher. An ancient Tibetan adage says that giving and receiving go hand in hand, like breathing in and breathing out–it is a universal karmic principle that the more you give, the more you receive, which should not necessarily be understood in material terms only.

      This is what I found about it. My experience within the vision was more simple. It was an intentional act of giving and receiving within absolute devotion. In the vision the Dalai Lama was acknowledging my efforts as a teacher returned.

      Before I received a vision of myself in Tibet, which is described in Awakening the Third Eye. I had seen my glasses, cane and robe displayed on a wall within a wooden cabinet. My return was very different as you all know. I entered this reality through the consciousness of Lo Ban, thus becoming him.

      Our interdimensional capacities as light beings are obviously increasing. As we travel everyone will awaken to their full potential by hearing of other’s journeys and the possibilities there within.

      • Receiving when giving as self in another, that’s beautiful thank you.

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