The Trance-Inducing Effects of Dragon’s Tears



I spent a week recently studying with Lujan, and we used a few days reviewing Dragon’s Tears. I had originally learned this form about 5 or so years ago so it was good to revisit it to refine my understanding and smooth out some of the movements.

After having learned and consistently practiced some of the other sequences, I felt I was able to now more adapt to and understand the unique energetic signature of this movement so as I practice now I’m am able to accept what I feel are the waves of energy that gradually encompass my energetic nature leading to a very supreme stillness.

I’ve also noticed that by relaxing and not trying to force the next movement, I’ve been able to feel the shift to an inner state of silence more profoundly that this series encourages.

During one session, this state of silence was very extreme. I was having a real struggle trying to keep my mind active because I didn’t want to miss the chance to pick up some of the subtleties in Lujan’s movements and make a mental note to not forget to practice them later. I felt a powerful feeling emanating from Lujan similar to a very potent emptiness—I had the visual sensation of a blackness with gold inside that was drawing me into it and this is where the silence was emanating from.

Afterwards, we sat down on the couch and I closed my eyes and felt or saw what looked two black serpent like currents of energy circling on the floor. Lujan suggested to visualize a red lotus in front of myself and then see myself being enveloped by it. At this point, feeling confident I recorded what I needed to in my mind to improve my practice, I was able to release my thoughts and gradually kept feeling shifts to what seemed like higher vibrations or frequencies as I was noticing a very fine humming noise.

Simultaneously, I was sensing what seemed like a small plant or tree sprouting from the crown of my head. At the highest or most refined point, there was a very blissful feeling that arose almost bringing tears to my eyes.

What’s really interesting is that these experiences have continued past this week. A few nights ago after sitting in a state of silence after waking up, I felt what appeared to be two black dragons circling over me in a spiraling motions in the shape of a double-helix. I had the feeling that the room was rotating as well and that my body was being pulled in a clockwise direction along with it.

A few hours before that I remember lying in my bed with in this same type of silence feeling my body was rotating incrementally on a central axis in this same direction almost similar to how the hands of a clock move.


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  1. If Eric has some time he may write here about an experience he had while we were in the Bahamas.

    All the forms of Lo Ban Pai produce vortexes. These very strong shen gongs can make one look taller or shorter. It can also make the room appear to be leaning in the direction of the person that has the heaviest density in terms of the magnetic vortex being produced.

    I’ve been very pleased with the progress of my students over the last couple of years and have noticed a deeper evolution toward refinement of their forms.

  2. Amazing recount Eric. What magic.

    Regarding height, I remember while training with Lujan in Bahamas I often felt like I had to look up to meet his eyes, even though from what I remember, we are around the same height really. It felt like I had to pull my head up with force sometimes as well. This is what it feels like when I’m remembering the scene.
    Much Love

  3. Just can’t get enough of these experiences of Lujan’s students. I’m looking forward to learning more. Thank you.

  4. It’s exciting to hear of others experiences, thank you for sharing Eric.

  5. “It can also make the room appear to be leaning in the direction of the person that has the heaviest density in terms of the magnetic vortex being produced.”

    It’s interesting you say this Lujan. I must have mentioned it before but I’ll mention it again… After ordering your first book The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and it arriving in the post at home, I took the package, moved toward the next room, and as soon as I opened the package and took the book into my hands the whole room started spinning around me clockwise. I knew nothing of you or the book, or Lo Ban Pai at that point but the energy was intense. Your magnetism was seeping through the book. It took another few years for me to actually pick it up again and read it, and then join the forum. What a blessing when I finally did. :)

  6. Hi Lujan, It is so interesting to learn about you and your system of energetics. You talk about spiral energetics and fractals and is the first time I’ve ever heard a system that discusses vortexes opening up on the body. It’s amazing to find you sharing this information. I have felt a vortex open on my right arm before and it felt like a gyroscope. I’ve also felt many vortexes open up one warm evening as if mini fans were cooling my body. I did not read any mention of temperature control to keep nervous system from overheating when working with such power. Please share your view of this challenging part to training.

    And my goodness, my hands get serious tingling from your blog.

    • There are no real challenges when it comes to vortexes. The only thing that is really noticed through these anomalies are physical glitches, which used to scare my students a little bit. But now everybody is realizing that reality is not fixed and can be changed by the proximity of the interchanging poles of magnetism.

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