Navigating the Dreamscape

visionary-dreamscapeI’ve just become acquainted with you and Parallel Perception in the past few days. My attention is completely piqued. Already, especially after The Mirror Technique, my thoughts, words, actions, intentions have been affected. I feel just this introductory connection with you has connected me to something ‘different’. Words seem inadequate to describe the experience.

Regarding Dream Interpretations: You responded to a blog post: when you begin to see, everything is revealed in the mannerisms of everybody’s body. Does that apply to interpreting one’s own dream?

My dad died 11 months ago. I’ve had a few dreams about him in recent months. In the first, he and I were enjoying walking along a meadow path together, when we came around a bend suddenly to a small pond.

Instantly, my dad was gone, and I KNEW he was gone into the vortex of water spiraling in the center of the pool, never to BE again. I wasn’t afraid or surprised at that. I had a deep peaceful knowing where he’d gone. Then I was suddenly in the vortex of water, almost up to my waist, pushing down on the surface of the water trying to pull myself out, screaming, No! No! This is NOT happening to me! Not me! Not now! I woke up.

A second dream a few months later: My siblings and Dad and I are sitting in a casual poolside setting around a shallow pool. It is warm out, but no one is in the water. After some time, everyone is obviously becoming warmer and warmer. I’m staring into the water, waiting for a cue that it’s okay to go in. Then, I notice a silty-white, sandy film on the bottom of the pool. I wonder, What is that?

Why hasn’t the pool been cleaned?

Why isn’t anyone cleaning it now, so we can all cool off and enjoy it?

My siblings are almost statute-like, not caring, not interacting; like movie extras filling in the background. I hop off my chair and declare, Ok! I’ll do it! I’ll do it! And I begin walking through it, shuffling my feet, wading around, stirring up the sandy bottom — and the silt is instantly sucked away, and the water quickly becomes clear and beautiful.

A foreign-looking man, in a white smock and dervish-type hat, comes running toward me, screaming to me to stop! He is aggravated, loud, screaming, waving his arms, running toward me. I yell, Dad, Dad, stop him, stop him! I wake up.

Thank you for your insight.

Interpretations of one’s dreams applies specifically to the feelings that you obtain when witnessing the visual content. The difficulty in being in the position to answer your questions is that I have not received completely the full scope of your feelings. Only you can fully feel the dreamscape as it occurs in front of you.

It is very obvious that you love your father and he kept you safe. Be aware that the most powerful act that a human being can perform in terms of entering dreams lucidly is to know that they are the same person within the dream that they are within their waking world.

The strongest effect that you can have upon your dreaming explorations is to break your social bindings within your waking world so completely that you become a stranger within your environment. So strange that it seems that you are a covert operative, yet immersed within the world around you.

This will affect your dreams in such a way that you will be called by your own name and realize who you are in comparison to the dreamscape presented. This is one of the most difficult things to achieve because it requires the warrior to take very long distant strides away from what is normally acceptable within societal parameters in terms of being involved socially. This can take a lifetime.

For all of you who really wish to obtain full visionary experiences within the dreamscape, stay awake for two days. Sit yourself up on a chair. Let your body go to sleep while you attempt to stay awake.

Here is where full visions and explosions of energy will manifest within the human form.

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  1. In regards to staying awake for 2 days, where visions and explosions of energy manifesting within the human form.
    I sometimes stay up for 2 full days, every now and then, naturaly unable to sleep and some things i notice are feeling energized and having my muscles get bigger, but never seeing visions.
    is this energizing and muscle mass gain what your refering to?
    could you clarify this abit more because im not sure what you mean by full visions and explosions of energy will manifest within the humain form.
    Thanks! :)

  2. Check your ego in terms of self-absorption. This may be why visions are not occurring for you.

    We must learn to be devoted to others more than our own self image.

  3. yes this what i face at this time in my life. What you’ve just said has shown me recent memories in my life where self absorption are prevalent.
    Thanks! :) Working on it…

  4. How far the dreams can take us in sense total lucidity ?

  5. Power and lucidity are first gained in the waking world. Dreams are just a reflection of it.

    For those of you who wish to obtain power through entering your dreams, the way to achieve this is to gather power in your waking world and this is achieved through conquering one’s weaknesses.

    This is extremely subjective and must be dealt with very carefully.

    One of the greatest dangers for the urban shaman is to think they have an edge before they even become aware of what that is. It becomes aware for you in reflection and that reflection can only be obtained through proceeding correctly and this cannot be planned; it can only be done.

  6. Thank you. …..a covert operative, yet fully immersed within the world. Yes, this describes what I’m experiencing recently, since becoming acquainted with you. I feel I’m observing the world around me as if watching a film or play. I was in a traffic jam yesterday morning that seemed simultaneously insane and surreal. I applied The Mirror Technique, and all the cars and trucks and 18-wheelers (rattling my nerves inside my little toyota) suddenly flowed away from me. Space and quiet literally ‘formed’ all around my car, I exhaled a sigh of relief, and intuited a route around the traffic jam, in ‘unknown’ territory, to my destination. A few miles later I passed a billboard displaying: I am This is just one example.

    I’ve always been a highly sensitive person, but it seems there is even more depth to my experiences/observations, AND simultaneously, paradoxically, I feel a distance from them — which gives me more ‘information’ about them. I can either feel overwhelmed within the intensity, or focus on the freedom of the ‘space’. I’m sure you understand. It is not easy to put into words.

  7. Thank you for this post. I have been having some powerful dreams and want to apply your reflections to my sleeping and waking world.

  8. I wana try staying up two days then sleeping in a chair. Is their anything that I should be aware of before trying this?

  9. Try without trying

  10. Since not putting the same kind of focus on lucid dreaming that i used to, in order to prioritise lucidity in my waking, i find that realising the importance of this reponsibility to our waking lives is a very powerful key. I find that even though i am still able to realise the importance of becoming lucid in a dream and extricate myself from compromising stories or behaviours, I am slower to realise lucidity now in my sleep. I can see that i am being catered to in disturbing dreams, especially during times when i am developing more positive awareness in my waking. It seems to be a type of re-capturing attempt that I can see coming yet am not fast enough for to awaken from at the speed of my waking awareness. Sometimes i get caught in a disturbing dream where i am lucid and i say my own name or even my own address to locate myself outside of the dream compartment, but quite some time seems to elapse before i can make myself wake up or make the dream dissolve. I can see the compartment is trying to entrap me, the dream content morphing through endless hopeful traps. I sleep more heavily, which is good because i developed insomnia from so much intent to become lucid and naturally i am a very light sleeper and overly alert. Yet I am concerned that I have let go too much of simply having a constant 24/7 awareness to ‘realise’ and awaken from by somewhat ignoring the dreaming side of being aware. Any advice is appreciated. Love to you all.

    • Hey Phi, just relax. When doing your practices your internal vortexes will change alignment with your external shen gongs.

      This is all you really need to do in terms of waking up within dreams, apart from being 100 percent yourself.

      When acting in the world be yourself. When withdrawing through observation be your realizations that is yourself. When being deceived by another be yourself.

      Waking up to that manipulation conquers it within you. These are the very subtle nuances that were never taught about stalking. Recognizing others stabilizes oneself and what we do with that recognition further compounds that.

      Then pools of energy become available that allow the dreamer to awaken when appropriate because in actuality the dreamer cannot deem when it is appropriate for them to awaken.

      It is a very complex subject. If you wish to write a question and answer article we can do it together and put it on a blog post.

      I’ve left this subject alone for many years but now I believe it is appropriate to open this door.

  11. Ok thankyou.. i will write to you some more questions i have from this exchange. Usually when i am waiting to wake up i have to relax in the dream, or it can become a struggle like trying to pry my eyes open.. yet if i just relax and wait without waiting i wake up pretty soon. You put it very beautifully:

    “Then pools of energy become available that allow the dreamer to awaken when appropriate because in actuality the dreamer cannot deem when it is appropriate for them to awaken.”

    noodle don’t noodle! it’s the mirror of the tension of trying instead of not trying. i just realised why it feels a little irksome when people are trying too hard. i guess the multiverse feels that way about consciousness too. hahahaha…. :)

  12. Hi Phi, interesting subject.
    I have stopped my dreaming asleep, because rhe Nagual adviced us to collect our photonic energy in the heart instead ro waste it in dreaming asleep. So I am waiting without waiting till I achieve my formlessness, that is have cleaned my wealnessness.
    In the meantime I sleep as you very deep, in darkness. Though some days ago I had a lucid dream. Recognizing this I just said to myself: Go back at home! And woke up in my bed.
    Its possible to speak it loudly in your dream or concentrate yourself to your sleeping position in your bed scene.

    Best, best wishes to all of you.

  13. What does it mean to be in a triangle? I’ve been in a certain dream space three times and each a different position ended up in a triangle.

    Also, when you meet a man who eyes are black?

    What’s the possibility of meeting other Matus’s?

    • Maoi please read Whisperings of the Dragon. This book has a dual teaching within it.

      The first step towards lucid dreaming is to be lucid awake.

      The reason I have avoided this subject for many years is because of the questions you’ve just asked. Your inquiries are a reflection of yourself absolutely.

      I will go more deeply into this subject very soon. I would ask everybody to ask their questions for new blog posts and I will deal with each succinctly and in accordance with the personal experience harvested.

      To answer one of your questions, I would not appear in your dream but your dream would have me appear in comparison to your imprinting and that is not me – it is all you.

      Mastery of lucid dreaming is a forgotten art and Carlos Castaneda did not reveal the secrets of it.

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