An Interview With Lujan Matus: Awakening the Third Eye

lujan-matus-dmt-ayahuascaIn this rare interview with Phi Gitsham, the nagual Lujan Matus shares insights about perception, death and the third eye. He answers poignant questions about the effects of practicing some of the techniques involved in Awakening the Third Eye.


Lujan, after practicing the recapitulation gazing techniques, I’m really aware of the increasing activation of DMT as it is naturally produced in the pineal gland. At this time there is a boom going on in the global entheogenic community, particularly towards the healing and enlightening experiences people are having with ayahuasca and DMT, as a substance introduced to the body from an external source. Techniques that can activate this potential from our own internal source are rare or rarely discussed in these terms.

I believe that we have been compromised in our third eye function over a long period of time (whether by natural evolutionary pathways or by interference, I’m not sure) but at this time the evolutionary development seems to be pointing towards enhancing third eye perception by activating our pineal gland potential. This pineal gland potential functioning seems to involve producing and releasing DMT, resulting in our ability to see energy and beyond linear time. Can you talk about this effect of the gazing techniques introduced in and how you came across these techniques? What exactly are they doing for us?


I had an extensive apprenticeship, specifically with two very old shamans. Their primary purpose in the intervention in my life at the age of seven was to awaken my third eye through dimensionalizing my consciousness by introducing me to a dreamscape that was not composed of normal dream awareness but was linked to a multifaceted facility that is connected to the third eye potential.

I have been witness to many things via this intervention. I have many memories. When individuals come into my presence I am prompted on the level of my body consciousness to respond concurrently with the release of naturally occurring DMT from my pineal gland. When this occurs, my body functions independent of my will and I unfold in accordance to the circumstance presented.

In essence the dimensionalization is more far-reaching than anyone can really conceive of. Not only did I have my own third eye capacity to arrive upon, I was witness and obtained the third eye capacities of these men. To know their hearts this way was a crucial lesson. It gave me the ability to accurately assess the inaccessible, for they had already traveled where I had not been, yet I had arrived upon their steps simultaneously.

These ancient techniques were used firstly by a very ancient shaman, and they have been imparted to my benefactor and then to me through the method that I have explained. It is not really an oral tradition that I relay here. It is a tradition of transmission and by consequence of this they are reborn through my eyes and I am awakened by their journeys.


Wow. The third eye is an incredible facility of multiple perspectives, an awareness it seems, that we inherently are, as pure consciousness. This pineal DMT has been found in all living creatures and is believed to be released at death. Many near death experience reports contain this kind of multilateral point of view. It is often said, “let death be your adviser”. On one level this can mean to be a good person, aware that one day you will die and look back upon yourself. Can you elaborate more about what this means at a deeper level in terms of our third eye function potential while we are alive?


Using your death as an adviser is a simple precept to conceptualize, yet in reality it is the most complex application that one can ever apply. The way you close a door, how you pick up your cup of tea, how you respond to a friend or another that is disrespectful. The seer can feel the application of their attention and know whether they applied themselves correctly or not.

If death is not there as an adviser the warrior will receive a blow and if the blow is ignored then the path of the warrior will become distorted and their actions will weigh heavy on them and then their importance as a human being will need to radically justify the distortions as an applicable fixture to the collage that will ultimately be reviewed, either in times of great crisis or at one’s death. Yet, when the warrior applies themselves correctly there is no thought of what they do or what they have done.

In consideration to the spirit of the event, no consideration is taken. Thus seers walk a path without revealing where they have been, even to themselves.


So each time we act from our shadow instead of our heart, we are acting out behavior that will require review and resolve at death, yet we are informed physically and energetically in these moments, that our action has compromised us? This means that we do know better and the reasoning of not knowing any better at the time is really more about not knowing how to identify these energetic imparts of guidance that we receive along the way.

Just talking about this, I know that my body immediately recalls receiving this blow in moments when I have done things that I already know will compromise my love, my integrity or truth somehow. So many people I see continually ignore this blow and hope it remains unseen. I imagine if people understood this energetic guidance as a thing that will have to be faced, it may not be treated with so much denial. That realization is completely life transforming. This process is to receive a blow, so how does this blow feel and where is it coming from?


The blow comes directly from the heart feeling compromised. It then immediately descends to the solar plexus, wreaking havoc in the sexual center, causing liver discord.


You have spoken about the relationship between the sexual center, the heart and the inner child. You say that the sexual center provides energetic support for our agendas, whether they are positive or negative, which enacts powerful implications for the heart and inner child. So how can we respond when we recognize receiving such a blow, in order to re-balance the energies?


Be aware that changes need to be made, yet at the same time be unconcerned. In this state patiently wait for circumstances to arrive that bear the same signature that threw you out of balance. Then reapply yourself with integrity; yet still be unconcerned with the outcome.

There is neither good nor bad because we all know that if one does good it can be perceived as bad and from another perspective someone can be bad and it can be perceived as good. Both are magic. They apply separation through their principles.

Find a way that has no path yet reveals itself to you as a way to proceed.


Thank you Lujan for your kindness, clarity and depth of perception. Our inbuilt energetic guidance system is a very powerful access to point to integrity, future, past and present, but most importantly to living with true presence in our hearts. Living with heart awareness is a regular theme in the messages from people who have had near death experiences, and this practice of allowing death to be your adviser really contextualizes life with meaning. Death can remind us to live deeply in the heart without denial of what we are doing here and how we go about it. I have had a near death experience and this elucidation on the topic is all so true for my own personal encounter with this perspective. Is there anything you want to add?


No, just love your life and never regret what you can’t change, yet take responsibility for it.
Be devoted to your commitment as a spiritual being.

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  1. Very helpful and calming to read.

    Thank you!

    -An old friend :)

  2. this speaks to me

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