The Art of Dreaming: Mastering One’s Awareness

lucid-dreamingDear Lujan,

My waking world is presenting me with many opportunities to become more fluid and recede into the nothingness that I know is where my heart feels the most at peace. As Phi mentioned in the blog, my lucid periods in dreams have become more challenging too, where images of those involved in my waking world come to challenge me and invoke detrimental emotions: deceit, backstabbing, etc. This is very uncomfortable and I wake myself up eventually.

I drew my latest stressful dream into my body consciousness, like you showed me in the 8 Gates of Dreaming Awake with images. Since then, I always feel my body is the best deciphering mechanism for my dreams. The awareness then surfaced that in reality, these confrontations within the dreamscape alerted me to the fear of a frailty I feel within me. That I wish to be cared for and be loved as I care, and love others. That I wish to be respected and treated fairly, etc, etc, which though seemingly benign is layered with expectation after expectations on my part.

An example is of someone who I feel I can trust and I have gone to for guidance in the past, that in a dream became hostile and trampled on my self-image. I was emotionally crushed. The actuality hit me: my compromise in energy through my social expectations that taint my actions within the waking world makes for uncomfortable dreams! The energy I am losing is subtly hidden within the waking world yet amplified in my dreams. I must now face that the trust I am expecting is a subtle coercion on my part in an attempt to find safety in what I perceive as a predatory social world.

My body has guided me to accept what unfolds without struggle, to view myself as a pilgrim on a journey that may never end, and to drop expectations of what can present around me. I cannot expect respect simply because I am respectful, or expect others to care because I am caring. I must be me because it is who I am and not fall into the predatory mind set. In this journey, I am ultimately alone yet fully connected, thus pressuring anyone with subtle social expectations of behaviour, no matter how lofty they might seem, is damaging for all concerned.

Is there anything else I need to pay attention to in these dreams in relation to my waking world?

Lots of love,


Lovely Luma, when you live in accordance with the Whisperings of the Dragon, all elements of your waking worlds are subject to the doorway of your inner silence. As you observe, what occurs in front of you, within its complexity, your silence will recognize what it sees and through this knowing will interpret on your behalf, through the power of your inner silence, what the message truly is.

Via the fact that the gateway that witnesses its own omnipresence within form, one traverses the most complex maze that ever could be witnessed by the human vessel.

Be patient and do not try to interpret, but know what you know upon the power of your seeing at the moment that it arises. When the interdimensional interchange of that dark matter is realized – that glides through the gateway that is your inner silence gazing inwardly and outwardly simultaneously –  you will be delivered and subject to this omnipresence through witnessing your quietude that gazes upon you as you gaze upon it.

As this magic occurs, this deep resonance – the vibratory essence of the beginning of the universe – sings, and as it does this one’s heart fibers are plucked like a harp. When this sublime manifestation occurs you will know what to speak and know what not to say.

As a seer traverses their life path it becomes self-evident who they are within the truths, which may never be spoken by that warrior. This is the way you must proceed within your dreams as well.

Know that when you witness yourself within your dreamscape, the command of your eyes and ears are the same; to look and listen for that which cannot be seen nor heard, yet is infinitely realized.

Know that your power is increasing when your name is called, as it is in the waking world. Know that your communion with this omnipresence expands upon you seeing in exactly the same way you do within reversing your eyes and ears and knowing that which cannot be known, thus seeing that which cannot be seen.

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  1. We are loved when loving, all is in self and self is in all.

  2. These are good questions, Luma, and interesting musings. And thank you, Lujan, for your answer. For those of us who are used to “living in our heads,” finding that silence that can listen for what can’t be heard and “interpret…what the message truly is” can be a tall challenge. My mind sometimes seems like a Chatty Kathy, never still, always wanting to judge and compare, and categorize. Then I become needy and grasping. It’s only by fully letting go, giving up all expectation, all my need for validation, that can I send love and affection to others in the most real way. Easier said than done, I grant you, but a worthy goal worth a lifetime of effort. Hang in there, Luma. Find your power.

  3. Luma, you’re so lovely that it’s difficult for me to imagine anyone mistreating you. I suppose, though, that too many of us think that our actions are hidden and can’t be seen or known by others. We all know that’s simply not true. Our actions and choices reverberate through each others’ lives, whether we’re awake or asleep.

    Thank you for your beautiful honesty.

  4. This has lifted me today. Reading this at a moment of challenge within my working environment has brought inner stability.
    Thank you.

  5. “The body is the best deciphering mechanism” well stated, I agree fully. Bypassing the (programmed / corrupted) mind seems a logical strategy for avoiding the consequences of applying that mind. Go 8 Gates!

  6. loving yourself so that your deciphering body can show you who is presenting; and cultivating your inner fulfillment from that state is a resting frequency that i feel we have as a gift for ourselves and for others … for in that state we may uplift the other also without having the intention to do so or expectation of the exchange of the fruits of it… it just becomes innocence and love.

  7. I have just finished reading for the second time “whisperings of the Dragon” The more times I read Lujan’s books the more things seem to jump off of the pages. Things I missed in the previous readings. AS I re-read this magnificent body of writing I feel his sincerity and love for all things! Lujan I send you butterflies of gratitude. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  8. Gateway is the omnipresence.

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