Gazing Into Eternity

gazing-third-eyeDear Lujan,
I have a question.

I did eternity’s gaze (from Awakening the Third Eye) last night, I focused on a primary star with a star at 4 o’clock and continued your instructions I was waiting first to see if the primary star would grow legs.

This never happened, what did happen was the four o’clock star vanished and reappeared.

Also the primary star was split in two or as I’m thinking I saw each with one eye since one of my eye has astigmatism in it and my vision is not twenty-twenty, I wear glasses and they are bifocals.

In the morning I visualized the space where I was at and it appeared to be empty but I don’t know if I am living the correct result since the primary star never grew legs.

Should I try again?


Nothing is ever perfect. You can’t expect to get exact results. The outcome that has happened for you is the way it is.

The after-effects are the most important thing and you will never know what they are because they will come upon you like a memory that isn’t there.

That is the mystery of gazing.

We all are unique but that under no circumstances makes us important. So endeavor to expect the unexpected.

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  1. We are all unique, thank you.
    That word I’ve always used but never thought of it, us. Like that.

  2. “We all are unique but that under no circumstances makes us important.” These are such loving words… for treading ever so softly is what the Heart Warrior’s Path is all about.

  3. Shadows in the Twilight does an excellent job of dealing with our expectations in practices – and how to avoid our expectations (and other things) from standing in the way of our progress.

  4. Lujan, I have a question about children who suffer from ADHD. What is your view of the problem that causes this on an energetic dynamic? Also what can be done to help children by us on an energetic level? Thank You

  5. I did the star gazing as explained by Lujan many times and it never went perfect, and I never knew if I did it correctly. But the aftereffects were always there and what they are! They changed me and touched me so deeply even tohough I don’t know how they came or why in such a way.

    “a memory that isn’t there”… They are like dreams to me; when I dream it I am 100% certain and when I wake up I am confused where I wake up. Then within the normal rhythm of everyday life they remain only as e fleeting memory.

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