Trust in Lujan Matus to Help Develop My Personal Power


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Tara. If you would like to offer your support for Tara please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I started to read “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception” nearly four years ago. In the beginning was so hard for me to understand that I thought was because of my English (my first language is Brazilian Portuguese). And I kept on trying until one day I just could understand a lot, and anything that I ever read before resonated so much with what my soul was longing for.

And then I read it again and again and again, and I am still always reading. After fifteen years of healing therapies, workshops, trainings in India, sacred ceremonies, all this beautiful things that came on my path and helped me so much to grow, the words on that book brought the biggest shift in my life.

It was not easy, specially to face my own shadow and realize that all this years I was not the person that I thought I was. It was a really hard and painful work. But brought real growth, love and bliss to my life. To be really aware of the surreptitious intentions that permeate what we call social interactions also made me change a lot and withdraw from many people and situations.

Now I can say I am much more a strong person, live my life with more integrity and inner peace. As a warrior and I know that this is one big part on my journey of spiritual growth.

Still so much more to learn, even if I do can see more than ever, I am still stuck in many entrapment. But there is no way back to live in drama and denial. I am also finally free to be who I really am. Since that I tell many people that come in my life about “the blue book” (It is how I call “The Art of Stalking Parallel perception” because of the blue cover). I think that if we could understand and apply to our lives even just what is on the chapter “sexual attention”, that would already make a huge shift in our human interactions.

I also read “Shadows in the Twilight” and again was amazed by the power of each word. Still many concepts are too hard for me to understand and some others, honestly, a little bit scary.

I feel that since I started to read the first words written by him, Lujan Matus became my teacher and his teachings very important and very present in my life. The reason why I want to learn more from Lujan Matus is because I totally trust what he has to share. And I want to grow to my full personal power and be able to share that joy with my beloved husband and daughter, and everyone else that I can.

Two years ago I tried to participate of one of Lujan’s group workshops, but it was already fully booked. Last year I tried to apply for the online tuition, but I moved then to an island in Nicaragua, with really bad internet and also got short on money since that. But everything on the right time. I know that I will learn from Lujan in a more direct way. I am ready.


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  1. I think your writing Tara is powerfull and agree with all

  2. Wow that was very beautiful tara! I enjoyed it alot! :) <3

  3. I also agree that if we applied the sexual attention chapter to our lifes the effects/consequences would be momumental!

    my hearts with you!

  4. That is a very nice gesture, Tara. It seems you are quite genuine in your endeavor to learn more from Lujan. Keep it up!

  5. Great to hear that you could apply what you read in your life Tara. There is great wisdom in rereading Lujan’s books often. All the best with making changes.

  6. It was very refreshing to read your essay. I wish you good luck!

  7. Tara, Your words resonate deeply in me. I’ve been on a ‘spiritual path’ many years as well, looking for my authentic Self. There is something so very different about Lujan and his message. I feel the truth in my heart when reading his words — and especially when feeling the vibration of his laughter! Good luck on your journey!

  8. Thank you so much Ellie, Ilian, Henk, Sugrue, Tyson and Yaosca, for your support! love Tara

  9. Dearest Tara,
    I could sooo relate to your sharing on the teachings, about being hard to understand at first. To me they feel like a spiral, each time I read them I go deeper, like you were saying, about your soul craving this. I really appreciate your honesty about how you experience Lujan’s teachings. Thank you for sharing Tara.

    • Thank you Georgina! More I read this blog and applications, more I feel how we are all connected! sending you love! Tara

  10. Mistérios do livro azul!

    I resonate with that too.

    boa sorte.

  11. Dedication, persistence, genuine appreciation, emotional honesty and generosity. A great application!

    • Thank you so much Jerry for really feeling and appreciating what I said! love Tara

  12. Jerry’s comment sums up my experience of Tara beautifully. I spent a few months in the community where Tara is living in Nicaragua.

    • Surprising and so good to “see” you here Michael! Thanks! Sending you so much love! Tara

  13. Forget the rest. Tara is the best.

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