Dreaming Oneself Awake to Buddhahood

dreaming-awakeI’m still learning to navigate the dreaming and waking experiences with what many call entities and how they interact with my own shadow. I also see them as my shadow, aspects of me that are personal issues and often also collective issues that arise in dreams as characters in roles to cater to whatever can capture my interest, or inflame my negative emotions like grasping,aversion and fears.

What you wrote about the dreamer not being able to deem when it is appropriate to awaken was very calming to the part of me that was worried I am not doing enough to be inaccessible to these characters and dreams that cater.

“Then pools of energy become available that allow the dreamer to awaken when appropriate because in actuality the dreamer cannot deem when it is appropriate for them to awaken. ” Lujan Matus.

Thank you for this. It reminds me of the story of the monk who finds demons having a party in his cave. He tries everything to get them to leave. He asks nicely, he demands they go, and he gets angry and forceful all puffed up with ‘power’ and commands them to leave, like the classic forceful exorcism as a battle. It doesn’t work though. Eventually he just accepts that they are there and sits down not feeling attached to their presence anymore. Then suddenly, they just disappear.

It’s like this in dreaming for me and in waking, if i try or resist, it just creates tension in my awareness and from that tension another dream compartment can quickly sprout again. If I just wait, soon enough the dream dissolves and I wake up. Or in waking, the tension from judging my own vigilance as enough or not enough can be a problem itself.

With the Shen gongs, if I don’t have enough time on a particular day to practice the whole Whispering Palms set, can I just do the guardian set with entry into Temple Bagua?

Thank you again,

Lots of Love,

It is best you do the Whispering Palms and then the walking. One cannot move without the other.

Diligently practicing all the sets you have learned is the key to obtain varying frequencies within the magnetism that you will attract.  If you practice one day and have two days off it will take you three days to catch up. If you do one day on and one day off your cauldron will never fill.

You must diligently practice every day for at least ten years so that you may blossom into your unexpected self.

I do agree with the story of the monk. It is paying attention without attending to it that is the key. All the techniques for awakening within dreaming are in Whisperings of the Dragon. If your dreamscape is collectively maneuvering, then you must look at these aspects of yourself within the waking world. If it is not you that is moving in a way that is unwholesome, then you must bear witness unbiasedly to that which presents itself to you.

You are only shown so that you may not participate through that observation. When you realize there is no fight, then the tenuous threads of connectivity will loosen. When this occurs you will bear witness from a great distance, right in the midst of what is happening.

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  1. I love this! :-)

  2. Phi, thank you for writing, and Lujan, for answering as it touched on something I just accepted for now. Even though I had been practicing diligently for months after I learned the Whispering Palms, as I’ve said before in a post, I have been practicing doing a kind of day on-day off for the past 3-4 months… not a as a decision, but as things turned out, and I let myself do this so as not to place unnecessary burden of blame on myself.

    I have to say, if doing a day on and day off gives the kind of results it has done for me in terms of staying centred, I cannot image what consistent practice would do for someone had they practiced for even 3-4 years, let alone 10!

    Thank you for your, and your cohorts’ continued assistance.

  3. thankyou Lujan. I had done the partial set a few times on mornings with less time before work, yet as soon as i asked if doing a partial set was ok i received an energy blow for it, and since then i have been doing the whole set daily and feeling really great for returning to it’s wholeness. Also my work hours shifted a couple of days later so that i have enough time in the mornings now. The sea parts and i am responsible…

    i feel like my whole life so far has been about realising there is no fight. lots of love, thankyou.
    “You are only shown so that you may not participate through that observation. When you realize there is no fight, then the tenuous threads of connectivity will loosen. When this occurs you will bear witness from a great distance, right in the midst of what is happening.” – lujan.

  4. and the monk’s cave image is so amazing, it really transports me seeing it, i love it.

  5. I agree with there is no fight, I’m still living and experiencing pockets of awesome that shatters what was known.
    It’s challenging to continue to view a feeling the same way after a change of perception actually takes place, but once conditioned it just kicks in like it doesn’t fight it it just goes and does it.

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