Practical Applications of the Medicine Wheel of Wisdom


Dear Lujan,

In your latest book – Whisperings of the Dragon – the chapter titled medicine wheel, you say to purge and you will recognize the signature of three medicines.

Do you mean to be talking when you say to purge?

Also is a person just one of the three or all three?


If you are sneaky and coercive then you are a poison dragon. If you are violent and mean you are a white tiger. If you wish to destroy everything that you have built so that somebody else can’t succeed then you are a black widow.

If you are a combination of any of these then work needs to be done to stop doing any of the behaviors that are in combination with your actions – whether overtly or secretively.

You know who you are. You know what you are doing. No one knows you better than you.

No one can live for you, nor can anyone die for you. So live your life and learn through being humble and kind that all the things that you wish to obtain can only be achieved through not being who you are right now.

Don’t even talk to yourself about it. Don’t talk to anybody else about it. Realize it. Then you will fathom what needs to be known by gaining enough distance from yourself that everything else becomes mysterious.

Keep reading Whisperings of the Dragon and applying the techniques within this book. It will awaken you to the world that you are living in.

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  1. Reading Whispers of the Dragon and applying the techniques truly does begin to awaken you. I have noticed how sensitive it is making me to the world around me and my manipulations of it. Practicing the Eight Gates has brought me to realizations of myself and others. Thank you for furthering my understanding of the behavior of these three.

  2. I’ve been going back to The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception your first book, but ok I will go back to whisperings and try go about secretive.
    When you say overtly or secretively you do mean going about Improvising yourself?

    • Also there is nothing secretive. Inaccessibility is arrived upon from being pure of intention.

      Anything that is being secretive are the roots of the poison dragon. Being private is very different to being secretive.

  3. No one can live for you, nor can anyone die for you.

    So live your life and learn through being humble and kind that all the things that you wish to obtain can only be achieved through not being who you are right now.

  4. There is no way to ‘understand’ the contradiction of pure intention. That would be a doing. Pure intention travels like an unseen yet palpable force that cannot be owned nor directed, while at the same time, provides the power of potential for a warrior. Like any not-doing, it just is as it is and can only be felt.

    One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned with Lujan is that there is no ‘path’ though the path is always there. The journey cannot be scripted and can only be arrived upon by simply being each moment as kind and as humble as possible. Through these gestures, when they truly spring from the depth of our heart without any thought of attainment of any kind rather the joy of being of service, pure intent finds its wings. Then we soar.

    The medicines are a way to dismantle the self importance and expectation that entrap our psyche and veer us away from feeling the joy of connection with each other and with the universe. A connection that seeks nothing but to be there as one is needed or not needed, thus the humility. To observe rather than judge, to give in a way that is meaningful and not bound by social dependence, and to find joy in the simplicity of life.

    The gift within the medicines frees so much energy potential once we observe ourselves within them. Once we see them as a lesson we let go and allow inner transformation essential at this time. I saw them transform: The golden tiger protecting the sanctity of life, the golden spider weaving our connection to all around us, and the golden dragon soaring in pure intent.

    With love,

    • Thank you Luma for clarifying the medicines in relationship to self-validation. I have been experiencing this with the white tiger and how I want to be justified and validated by using anger and resentment as my poison. I have been observing this in me and my addiction to seeking energy in this way has diminished. Thank you for putting it so brilliantly, so I could see it even better. I didn’t realize the gift: the golden tiger protecting the sanctity of life. That word, sanctity, feels like the perfect word in describing life at this level.

    • Even though Luma’s description in terms of its positivity seems beautiful, what is described in the medicines is a black hat.

      When they transform they do not become a white hat. They simply change into truth.

      This cannot be mirrored as a positive element that used to be destructive. It is as it is, for if the reflection of the medicine wheel has an opposing side, it is still a reflection, even if it is to be seen as a positive attribute.

      Emptiness within reflection reveals the unexpected – and the unexpected cannot be shown if one anticipates the medicine to change into a positive attribute.

      • Thank you for making this clear Lujan. I figured I must have missed the part about the golden tiger. Or, I hadn’t reached this particular level in my practice. For me, as the white tiger disappears, I feel silence and stillness. I feel more, I notice more. Am I feeling and observing truth? Also, how are you able to language your experience and observations without leaving silence?
        Thank you.

        • There was no mention of the golden tiger in Whisperings of the Dragon. That is why you thought you missed it, because it wasn’t mentioned.

          I will answer your question more deeply in a future blog post in a couple of weeks.

          Lots of love

          • Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time Lujan.

  5. I haven’t read Whisperings yet, and my terminology is not as eloquent as some, but I relate to these postings. I’m realizing that purging myself, my unconscious automatic impulses and imprinted habitual reactions, through silent observing, and being still and allowing what is happening, I am experiencing everything (others, circumstances, me, space, light, temperature, etc) very intimately.

    I’ve always been quite sensitive and empathic, but its different now. I feel I understand others’ actions and situations at a deep level, but I’m not actually part of it, even though I’m right there. I feel somewhat like a voyeur, having a close-up look — but from a distance. Some situations I ‘see’ I don’t try or wish to know more about, but the understanding comes rushing in anyway. It leaves me a bit bewildered, although remaining detached provides peace, as well as focusing my attention on my heart. I’m learning so much and there is so much to learn.
    Thank you, Lujan.

  6. ” I ‘see’ I don’t try or wish to know more about, but the understanding comes rushing in anyway. It leaves me a bit bewildered” Ellie
    When this happens to me I just wana run away.

  7. David,
    Reading Shadows in the Twilight makes me want to run away. The dark predator energy that is behind the surface of much of life-as-we-know-it is a huge out-of-control diabolical monster. But, reading Shadows in the Twilight makes me also want to learn more — about holding a more steady state of consciousness of light and love.

    Seeing a vast perspective of interactions between children and parents, or between couples, or an individual and the environment, gives me understanding, and compassion. I guess the same predatory energy is behind all unloving actions, big or small. I feel challenged, scared, with the big ones — which have such far-reaching global impact on all of humanity.

  8. Luma, Thank you for sharing your experience of seeing the three medicines transform. Beautiful.

  9. Golden tiger, Golden Dragon, Golden Spider ….
    That fills me with such joy! thanks Luma! <3

    • Tyson
      Emptiness within reflection reveals the unexpected – and the unexpected cannot be shown if one anticipates the medicine to change into a positive attribute.

  10. Elie, I feel your shoes on my feet.

  11. I hope I’m not in them. Ouch!

  12. Just relating.. I feel your words in a personal way.

  13. Elie, observe closely the huge monster behind life.

    Our gaze is often turned outward, as if the answers can come from an external source, be they good or bad, for we perceive the problems to also be external. The answers to what, though? Why is there evil in the world? Why do we hurt one another? Any of these we can each answer readily and in many, many ways, for they are held within our unresolved emotions and appear as the medicines Lujan explained.

    This monster, within us, will surely overcome us if we do not become inaccessible to its manipulations by resolving the unwholesome emotions that we enact upon one another. The funny thing is, although the monster is all around us, it is only from within us that we can set ourselves free from its grasp, and in humble service return to love the gift of life we have been given.

    I heard someone say that though it is true that one person cannot change the world, it is all the more reason why we must try. Holding that contradiction as it settles upon the heart to bloom into wisdom is what opens the channel to possibilities now available like never before. The outcome is now up to each of us.

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