The Path of the Shaman


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Charlotte Spirydonova. If you would like to offer your support for Charlotte please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

The path of the shaman is a path of devotion and honour to be a master of energy.
Lujan Matus the human… Lujan Matus the author of profound books and Lujan Matus the Master teacher: represents for me the encapsulation of being a giver and a teacher of ancient sacred energy!

I am a 56 year old female – I live in Johannesburg Gauteng on the Southern tip of the continent of Africa – South Africa – ours the Rainbow Nation…

I have for years now cherished my dream to work with Lujan Matus…

I shared my dream with a friend and her and I were looking at the possibility to attend the Dragon’s Tears workshop in Turkey a few years ago – I did write an email to motivate some support at the time as I cannot afford the costs of the workshops due to the phenomenal exchange rate our Rand currency is subjected to… I have to multiply all costs by eleven…

I have created some Shamanic processes to work with Dragon energy…it is by no way any comparison to the work of this master Lujan Matus… yet my passion and my devotion to dragon energy had to find an expression!…

It is my truth that the very energy that we are so skilfully taught in the work of Lujan Matus is in fact the preparation for a new language to be spoken here on earth – a language of energy
Perhaps I need to say the ancient sacred language will be newly spoken on earth…

Why am I writing this motivation to be considered to be a part of this phenomenal opportunity…?

Because I am worthy
~ I am a custodian that lives the honor and the dignity of the humble presence this work represents…
~ I offer guidance in a small way through my work for years already…to bring about the awakening of the sacred energy of life!
~ I devote my life to awakening the awareness of the power that we are as energy!

I have a huge example and inspiration right here in my culture from the late Nelson Mandela… as well as M. Ghandi– that also hails from my beloved country…

The Canary Islands is a place I have fantasies about since I was a little girl… I have never been to such an exotic destination ever before… and to be given the honor of sharing such a phenomenal sacred event – with a Master Teacher is for me a gift beyond measure
– just as big a gift it is to work with the infinite possibilities and being found worthy to be entrusted with such an opportunity!

My best all ways
Charlotte Spirydonova





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  1. I vote for you Charlotte.

  2. Your eyes and words your express the vision of your heart.

    Yay Charlotte!!!

  3. Beautiful words!

    You have wonderful eyes, Charlotte!

  4. Dearest Charlotte,
    I love how your speak of the new language coming forth, the language of the heart. Those that you guide and whose lives you brush against must be truly blessed by your loving energy.
    Thank you for your presence Charlotte!

  5. Accomplishment and self-reliance are indeed signatures of worthiness. I would celebrate your victory.

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