Knowing the Path and Walking the Path are Different Things


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Bralgei Shackry. If you would like to offer your support for Bralgei please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Lujan and his predecessors made it very clear to me this tiny little phrase. I was fortunate enough to receive knowledge from few shamanic sources and to practice the teachings for years, although it is clear to me the role and the importance of Lujan Matus ‘s words and knowledge upon me, and for my own development.

I was attracted by Lujan because his experiences were similar to mine, and although he has his life and path, the shared knowledge was in many cases the same. Reading the books (to be more accurate, I was listening to them because it is easier for me) I discovered so much. There it was, a simple and deep understanding of things, feelings, status of energy and the complexity of reality.

I found that one of the most important things for me, the way to obtain the state of meditation (no mind) is pretty much the same with Lujan’s method. Simple, elegant and yet, the method is not available for everyone. Not because is not real, but because in practice you need many perquisites in order to achieve the point where you no longer look, but feel, and you no longer are focused on your internal dialogue, but on the sounds outside your body.

Practicing this for years I recognized the stages described by Lujan, it was all there, with my mistakes and my achievements.

Yes, I used my photonic energy to scan and find info, to see and all sort of thins until one day when I understood that something is not right with this and it consumes me. I stopped, reorganizing this ability and after 2 years Lujan is confirming to me all that, giving me tones of info in order to use this in a natural and correct way (The third eye is very useful ).

All books are manuals if you ask me, although there is one book that I did not finished, even though is his first book and I have it in my hands for more than 4 years. Simply put I bought is and I could not read it. In my experience this is natural and I do not force myself into that. I managed though to read 20-30 pages or so. It is hard reading and language is not common even though I am familiar with the shamanic and esoteric knowledge. All in due time. I hope to be able to read it until August this year when I will be in Tenerife.

There are many things to tell about what I learned from Lujan, but there is one thing in particular that I would like to write about and to thanks Lujan for it.

It is about the honeycombs of energy. He is the first after Juan Matus, that is describing something that has a tremendous importance for us as Human Beings. Juan Matus mentioned briefly about these satellites and the connection between the palms and the honeycombs structures. At the time I did not understood completely how we can control or at least have access to something outside our cocoon? It was some sort of structure or filaments network that has a direct impact upon our perception of this world and us.

And yet it was there. For many friends and students when Lujan is describing the 100/200/300/400 compartments, this is puzzling info. For me it was just what was missing in order to understand how the perception works and why it is so important to clean the honeycombs compartments in order to re become how we were when we were born.

Once we grow up, the compartments do become more and more filled with mind programs and the perception of the reality. As Lujan mentioned they are linked with us in a network of filaments and unfortunately if they become filled with our world projection, it will come closer and closer to our body, mirroring nothing else but our mind and programs.

They are to be like satellites, allowing the Spirit to whisper to us. If this networks is close to us and nothing from outside can get through, what we can expect, but illusions and lies.

A close to cocoon network of honeycombs is our damnation and Lujan made it very clear that the only way to clear our “satellites” or honeycombs is to diminish and eliminate validation and self-validation from your life. Thanks for all that. I am grateful. (you can read this in Whisperings of the Dragon).

It is not an easy task, but in stake is our photonic energy, our essence, and that is the most important resource available for each and every one of us. I hope that many will understand Lujan’s teachings, and when I mean this, I mean it with heart, and not with the mind.

Bralgei Shackry





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  1. The title “Knowing the path and walking the path are different things.”
    resonates deeply within me.
    I may know the path but to walk it requires much discipline/integrity and knowing myself fully….

    being confidant in my ability … but not cocky, of course.

    in a sense it takes time to understand what you know and even more time to put what you know to use.

    Be yourself, in honesty.

    Good Luck, Bralgei!

  2. As one of the few individuals that has ever written about Lujan `Shaman Lujan Matus Has Answers’ I will say that I can identify with the one statement about not having the ability or power to read a particular passage OR even a book that is `beyond heavy’ for the individual. I find that one needs to have the power to read through some meanings and understandings.

    That said, if this individual is speaking about Lujans first book being the one not read….. it should be. As to me, what Lujan says about fidelity and love is beyond amazing in it’s relation to the power of the individual.


  3. So happy that you wrote ❤️. Thank you, Bralgei! Thank you, Luhan!

  4. more and more know that the art of releasing from our mind programs is one of the keys to be able to walk the path… but how many of us do really succeed to make it ? usually, as soon as we realise the need to empty our mind, we think that we simply and implicitly can, but this is only a trap. we have to think nothing about and only feel something special in our heart. what is that something – I don’t know bur I hope to feel it some day and therefore I closely follow the parallel perception and Lujan Matus – to whom i am very grateful.
    thanks a lot Bralgei for making the point so clear and reminding me about this essence of the essences. Good luck!

    • You are welcome Valen Teen. I have been on this journey long enough to realize few major traps. The Mind is always jumping to action. Immediate we think “HOW?” to solve this or that. Searching solutions to problems and situation. What problems? We are the problem. LOL. Today is hilarious.
      We are falling for the trick of the Mind of pushing us to action, to doing. Now when I have a problem I stop, take one step back, put myself into meditation state (even as I walk) and go into silence (looking autistic to many; but I do not mind any more), trying to see what is to be learned. What am I missing, what is the lesson, what am I doing wrong. “The How?” is connected to the mind, I rather search the realm of the heart.

      I was forced to understand how to slow down and observe, rather than act. Then I met the the teachings of Lujan and I was able to see some meanings.


  5. Dearest Bralgei,
    Thank you for the synopsis on the honeycomb and relating it to self-validation. I sense you have spent quite sometime studying Lujan’s information.
    Thank you for sharing your insights!

    • Somehow I feel (see) that this honeycomb matrix is crucial for our ability of traveling through the Universe. I do not know exactly all the answers, but I am pretty sure that these hundred of satellites (whether they are 100/200/300/400, or whatever) has to do with navigation and guidance of the filaments.
      Will see.

  6. Dear Bralgei,

    Thank you so much for sharing your views with us.

    For me, it is comforting to find out that all my daily struggles have solutions (proposed by you or Lujan or other Wise people) – just a bit more focus on less thoughts (state of meditation – no mind); diminish up to eliminate the discussions with the Monkey in our head and more attention on the NOW, sounds of our intuition, heart and Energy; remove validation and self-validation from our lives; empty the Honeycombs compartments from all the programmes that suffocate us. Now, daily practice and discipline is our goal.

    I really wish that all this valuable information and teachings reach and TOUCH more and more people all over the world… so that more of us can start WALKING the path!

    Kindest Butterflies of Love energy for everyone,

  7. The first part of that book is the most complex. It’s like a song that’s teaching you the language of its lyrics while the melody unfolds. You may be just a few pages away from the point that it all begins to flow. Thanks for your energy. It’s full of hope for all of us.

  8. “Knowing the path and walking the path are different things.” Eh, eh, ‘cos if you only know it you ain’t walkin’ it!

    Have you read Whisperings of the Dragon?

    Good luck!

    Love, Luma

    • Yes I did, many times.
      You are right, once you start walking the path you realize the differences, so you crystallize your own thing.

  9. I’ve lost my path ……… go figure? (or not)
    My mind is like a computer; it always wants to know what to do next.

  10. Hi all,
    A few days ago I had an experience related to the honeycomb compartments which I would like to share with you.
    After having a beautiful day with my family, I was resting in my sofa at night. Suddenly I saw in my mind’s eye a golden tunnel. I didn’t feel initially inclined to enter it, but I felt a sensation in my body as if something was dragging me towards it (I often have these “dragging” sensations when my spirit wants to communicate something to me). So I finally entered the tunnel and found myself surrounded by the golden light. I was a blessing to be bathed in that light, it felt as a mixture of healing, love and joy. After a while I noticed that the golden energy was moving around me, and it started dissolving my body as if it was made of sand and in the middle of the wind. The first to get dissolved where my limbs, then my trunk and finally my head. As my head was dissolving there appeared within it a luminous white-bluish sphere the size of a ping-pong ball, so that after a moment only this sphere remained. I realized that the sphere was my consciousness, my self. As I was looking at the sphere it grew in size so that I then was able to see its inner structure. I saw that it was filled with smaller spheres densely packed, and within each of these spheres I could see a person living its life. I realized all that persons where my lifes: past lifes, current life, and perhaps alternate lifes as well. So I became aware that all that lifes had in common the consciousness/self that was experiencing/witnessing them. But what left me a bit confused was that I was not able to notice how all these lifes affected the consciousness. I mean, when I looked at the consciousness I couldn’t notice any personal trait. So the questions arised in me: what is the purpose of that consciousness experiencing those lifes? Is there any difference between my consciousness and the consciousness of any other person?
    Any clue in this regard would be welcome.

    Best wishes

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