Letter From the Cave From a Mythical Companion

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Daniel Eremkin. If you would like to offer your support for Daniel please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Now… sitted here on a rock under this big stone,contemplating a beautiful river that´s running upon a pinky coloured stone.

I am writing to share the exploration in applying the techniques form the book Awakening the Third Eye.

The mirror (what about me?)
I AM the screen and the projection.
I AM the observer and the observed.
I AM the space between each breath.
I AM the undimensional, space-less, timeless blue dot.
I AM the shadow and the light aware of itself.
I AM the thing and the no-thing.
I AM the many and I AM the one.
I AM the void of your living construct as YOU read.

…And floating into the air came to me the memory of an statement from stalking the parallel perception book,(to be aware of the shadow it can almost speak the truth of a seer!)

Eternity´s gaze (back at you)
Still now… and the river still flowing…
Recounting an experience happened months ago.

During a period of time I was trying to apply this technique and choose two stars with the apparent configuration as described in the book.

Almost every night I practice to gaze at those stars and nothing happens,so I stopped and let it go.

Some weeks later,I was with a friend sitted in silence on his backyard.
Then suddenly I just walked unintentionally to the kitchen door where I could see the sky very clear.

Then I looked at sky and sign of light or a fallen star passed as if it was pointing for something.

I realized 2 different stars on a perfect alignment for gazing.
Then without thinking I gaze at the stars and suddenly the little star disappeared and all the stars in the sky disappeared too!
Just the brighter star remained in the sky.

What happened was intensity, inner and outer pressure a second of oneness.
At the feeling level an opening of the heart connected to the top of the head.An intensity of attention like an empty force.

And peace at that moment.
Then all the stars reappear,the little star reappear,
And the memory of an individual and its programs reappear.
Knowing its going to last as long its going to last.

Thank you Lujan for sharing those precious gifts.
I ordered the Whisperings of the Dragon and I´m just waiting for it to arrive.







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  1. Neat poem Daniel! <3
    I Really Enjoyed Reading your application!
    peace for now … chow!

    • Thank you Tyson.

      the day that i wrote this essay i send hours on this place(little cave)
      thunder and lightings in the sky and even the river was spiraling in front of me.
      with just the intention to open to write this essay i received a great Present a magical momement.

  2. Great testimonial about results from applying teachings-without expectations.
    Keep up the practice.

    • Yes!thank you Henk.

      Especialy in the “mirror” we can see more clear those espectations.

  3. I am you too.

  4. Dearest Daniel,
    I really appreciate you reminding me of persistence and to keep going, even if a rest is required in there some where. I have noticed the practices will reveal their gifts if I/we are willing to create a relationship with them.
    Thank you Daniel!

  5. Very sweet poem and sharing.

    Contemplating a river
    Floating air
    Pointing light
    Disappearing stars
    Opening heart

    Spiraling energy in everything, everywhere.

    Good luck!

  6. Lovely example of how the body knows what to do once we begin to shut off the internal dialogue. Hope you get the chance to further the studies, Daniel.

  7. You’ve stood up and started to walk. Embrace the adventure. Don’t stop. Remember your poem. It’s great.

  8. Whisperings of the Dragon is such deep awakening.

    Good luck, Daniel!

    Love, Luma

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