Eternal Love and Gratitude

third-eye-spiritualThis application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Blair Hebert. If you would like to offer your support for Blair please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I have since childhood had other worldly experiences and was brought up as a child in a devout Catholic home with seven other siblings, spending many hours on my knees saying the rosary as a family. Because I exhibited mystical tendencies, I was treated as somewhat special by the females and mostly ignored by the males including my father.

Over the last 20 years these mystical experiences have returned as sometime encounters with non-benevolent entities who attack, attach or simply scare me, letting me know we are not alone in our physical reality of perception. I must also include, I experience occasional bliss, joy and an abundance of love. I am not wealthy but I am blessed with a wonderful marriage with a mystical/practical soul partner. I have a grown son who is a practicing meditator and healer and a beautiful 11 year old daughter who has yet to reveal herself.

For reference, I will provide a short chronological review my life path in order to give a better view of who I am as a human. When I was young I was ill a lot with high fevers and had many OBE’s. In my teens I went through 4 years of recreational drug use which became an initiation of sorts into the dream world where I walked alone often frightened. This led to a religious conversion into evangelical Christianity and a return to the Catholic Church and a subsequent four year cycle of spiritual discipline and devotion.

At this time I went to mass every day, and regularly visited monastery’s to retreat. I was celibate and had many mystical experiences at this time, including the magical assistance in the physical world from an invisible source of light I called God. At this time it was not unusual for me to sit in ecstasy and watch light beings walk around touching people. This discipline of my “golden years” ended when I chose a path and entered University.

I was considering a life in the catholic priesthood until I experienced firsthand the hypocrisy and pedophilia of the church. This revelation was shocking and I left the way of devotion to follow the path of worldly affairs. Upon completion of a degree in history/philosophy in my mid 20’s, I continued to have a string of good luck (a residual effect of my dedication and devotion) I entered the world of high tech work, also performing as a professional musician and to this day remain a film technician, composer/ performer and student of philosophy and mysticism.

As I now head toward my 60th year I find myself drawn to the Nagual way. I have so many disconnected thought pathways from all the ingested information that I have absorbed, that I am looking for a soul journey which will put my experience and acquired wisdom and foolishness to good use for the benefit and evolution of the earth and all souls. I am a fool as Christ was a fool, a warrior with only love and willingness as my sword and shield.

I recently have stumbled across the works of Lujan Matus and have listened to the audio book Shadows in the Twilight (which I have listened to several times now). I resonate with the wisdom and like the coauthor Bill, I am sometimes afraid of what I hear and yet have already come to know as truth. I have studied with a master in martial arts as well a spiritual master and acquainted with the warriors path.

What Lujan brings forth is beyond what I have studied to date. The striking factor for me is the depth of love and humility and core discipline of selflessness, the source of his true power. I determine this to be the true sign of a master. I am currently listening to the audio book Awakening the Third Eye and already I am going deeper with Lujan. We are fast becoming friends as I feel his assistance in my life bringing me back to the experience of my years, my forgotten inner disciplines and the joy of just sitting with what is. Blessings to any who read this small testament of my love. Ho.





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  1. I loved reading this. Your life’s journey with its many twists and turns seems to be spiraling back toward a true inner spiritual path. That you are drawn to Lujan is a testament to both him and you. Good luck, Blair.

  2. Dearest Blair,
    Thank you for sharing the human aspect of your spiritual journey. I also related to your mystical experiences and I appreciate how you have grounded them into your reality, in order to offer them as gifts to the world.
    Thank you Blair!

  3. What a beautiful and interesting journey you have. To connect and work with Lujan is a rare and precious blessing.

  4. Clearly the momentum of your path has been established. As a creative professional I can only imagine your the beauty you have waiting to share at your fingertips.

  5. Thank you Brother Lujan for the beautiful Image of Eternal Love and Gratitude. I will cherish this and meditate on it until I become invisible. Ho.

  6. One said that if a man is capable to change his religion, he will no longer need religion any more, due to the fact that, one will see that the new religion is the same as the old one, thus his new realizations that religion is no longer needed.
    I see that position in you and if you have that faith in you, I believe you need nothing else.
    Be loved,


  7. Blair, are you ready to let go of all you have known? Surrendering to spirit is the end and the beginning, and so all that one has been dissolves. It is the journey of a life time, where what we think we know becomes irrelevant and emptiness is all that matters.

    Good luck!

    Love, Luma

  8. I love your sincerity, Blair.

    There is a softness and love to your words. It’s wonderful <3

  9. To all you kind souls who have left comments on my submission reflecting your wisdom and love. Thank you. I submitted my story not expecting to be selected as a candidate but simply wanted to begin the process of contributing to something greater than myself. Sacred Work. As some of you may know I was chosen as a recipient of the scholorship for the workshop in August. Thank you again and many blessings on your journey. We travel the same patways and I know we will connect perhaps as helpers or simply as friends somewhere along the way in spirit.
    Love Love Love Shanti Shanti Shanti

  10. Wonderful, Blair. Congrats on your great essay and the gift with which you have been bestowed. Best wishes.

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