Learning What it Means to Live From the Heart

heart-lujan-matusThis application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Eder. If you would like to offer your support for Eder please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

It’s been three years since my life crossed paths with the living works of Lujan Matus. In full honesty, it has taken me this long to understand (at moment taking my first tentative steps in realizing..) what he truly means by living from the heart. A lifetime of blindness and denial to the reality of the suffering surrounding me (and my own) left me with a grotesquely reinforced egoic shell only now I have been able to crack slightly to catch glimpses through to the light of truth and interconnectivity.

I could cite dozens of particular instances where the timeless wisdom he presents caused some sort of shift in me. In the spirit of saying more with less, I will give the most definitive example in my experience. His instructions on sexuality likely saved my life.

A lifetime of addiction to pleasure left me on the brink of the precipice but Lujan’s instructions on the matter, reinforced by his teachings on practically every facet of human existence have now delivered me into a state of energetic integrity (physically..) and, oftentimes, bodily bliss of the kind we’re meant to have.

Here’s the thing: I’m not sure I’m ready to learn face to face from Lujan but I’m ok with that. I still surprise myself on a daily basis on the frequency of my relapses into lower center/vibrations modes of thought and deed. I’ll be damned if I quit trying though and for that I will forever be grateful to Lujan (my primary reason for writing this) and the wonderful team of souls he is in cahoots with to enact real change in a world desperately hungry for it. Gracias Lujan Matus.

PS. I once spoke to Lujan online. All fun and laughter until he delivered the following ¨You know.. there is such a thing as being too smart..¨ I says ¨yeah?¨ he says ¨yeah..¨

A cold chill ran down my spine that still kinda lingers there but in a good way. Simply masterful.

This goes to reinforce my old theory about Lujan and Chuck Norris being twin brothers, because much like him, if you can see him, he can see you.. but if you can’t see him you may only be seconds away from having your ass handed to you. :)

Sincerely Lujan, Thank you.


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  1. Wow! Eder,your words just brought tears to my eyes. I really felt what you said. I’ve been reading all the applications and I wish my english was better to try to put in words how much they touch me deeply in my heart. We are together! Thank you! love Tara

  2. There’s a frank and natural grace to your words. You hide nothing and glide through your moment with a kind of fearless trust. I love it!

  3. “This goes to reinforce my old theory about Lujan and Chuck Norris being twin brothers,…” That’s so funny and so true! The Nagual Lujan does do some pretty nifty moves to disarm one’s self-importance. At the same time though, it is our calling and gestures that bring this forth.

    Eder, I found your sincerity touching, and the apprehension of what might come if you do meet Lujan palpable! : )).

    There is no way to be ready for what ‘might come’ in the warrior’s path, all the more reason to awaken how to be primal and centered within one’s heart. It is a gentle and humble bow that can make one ready for whatever comes.

    Good luck!

    Love, Luma

  4. Eder, Nicely put. That’s called the knock of the Naugal…..the bit where he hands your ass to you……he handed mine to me……scared the livin s outa me. You can’t outsneak the Naugal. I had a go but yep he outsneaked my best sneaky moves.
    I thought he out thought me but now I know, darn it, (the sneak!)he wasn’t thinking at all!
    Very good that you’ve figured that bit out so that when you have the great fortune to actually get to do some training with Lujan you won’t have to bother with the first stage where you try to defend your, as you so eloquently put it, ass.
    Your story is not at all unlike my own journey. Heart felt Good luck.
    Love, Special Robert

  5. Eder, we are all ready to learn from Lujan face to face. Therein is the real surprise. Fear not; be free.

    Lovely application.

  6. “its possible to be too smart”

  7. Thank you everyone for your kindly replies. This application was an exercise in taking ownership of my voice as I had doubts about it’s viability as an application shortly after writing it. Thanks to your heartwarming responses I now see that fear and uncertainty as completely grounded in the fantasy of my mind. There comes a point in the seeker’s life when he must be willing to take a stand and assume full responsibility for her/his expression and I feel as if I may be approaching that point. Thank you for all the love and right back at you!!

  8. Dearest Eder,
    I loved reading your story. I laughed when I read about being too smart! I really appreciate your humbleness and honesty. Thank you for sharing your experience and being open enough to share your challenges.
    Love, Georgina

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