Change of Perception Through the Practice of Dragon’s Tears/Lo Ban Pai


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Ilian Petrov. 

This year the scholarship includes a choice of either: attendance at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Canary Islands from August 2nd-8th – or – participation on the online Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

If you would like to offer your support for Ilian please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

When I practice Dragon’s Tears that Lujan taught us in a workshop, I feel the chi, hot energy and warm waves around and within my body. This changes my constitution and makes me somehow strong.

I feel there are practices I know little about that help the body stay energetically healthy and that the rhythm of my everyday life is so removed from them as anything could be. In this condition we stay like little children who do not know because they had forgotten and because their time to discover these truths is taken away.

My own children remind me how I used to be a child who felt directly to some deep mysterious core before it was subjected to the satanic socialization. Some beautiful songs also remind me of this. Then there are my experiences of reading Lujan’s books and trying some of the practices contained therein and living the consequences of that.

It is difficult to put in words the result so I will say they touch me and change my composition. Although they are past now and only a memory the change is here as are his words of wisdom.

It is a challenge not to be who I am now and to know how to be then. I cherish opportunities to practice more, to meditate more and to further clear or seal my energy field to return back to myself as part of everything else.

I hope to do it, to clear the shadows that I see in front of the gateway to light.


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  1. just whenever theirs time!

  2. Dearest Ilian,
    May your strength carry you into discipline so you discover the courage to meet your shadows. Thank you for sharing!
    Love, Georgina

  3. Reading your words tells my feeling of your sincerity, and humility. It feels nice. Thank you.

  4. There’s a simple beauty in your account. Bridging that distance between the mysterious core and our every day life is indeed the challenge. Honor them both and I can only imagine you’ll prevail. Thanks for sharing your progress.

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