The Art of Kung Fu is to Perfect Imperfection – Which Can Never Be Achieved


dark-matter-kung-fuHi, Lujan.

I remember Castaneda once presented the theory of Evolution to Don Juan. His response was to burst out laughing. I’m reminded of that reading your response to Maria. It sounds like you’re saying our actual evolution unfolds through the holographic imaging process correlating to the current projectory and position of ourselves and the Earth in relation to Hunab Ku.

Seen in this sense, evolution is entirely more complex and critical than the Darwin version. Given the awareness attached to the encoded light fibers that facilitate our progress through this praxis, it would seem that pathways out of our current dilemma should emerge. In fact they’re no doubt already available. This makes me think of the dream Sarah asked about.

Perhaps you could provide some further clarity to correct my impression.

Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee, the content of your question is alluding to the truth through the rational premises that you’ve put forth and have obtained from the writings on this blog about Hunab Ku.

It is composed of all that exists – light and darkness. We are only such a small fragment of dark matter. It is more available, yet inaccessible to us through the fact that we itemize information as only what we can perceive because of the idea, which is a reflection, that are your words formulated within the context of the question you have just asked.

To be succinct in answering your query; nothing is done for us. We have to be engaged in doing what cannot be done by realizing that inexorable force that contains everything yet cannot be contained.

We have to work for it. We have to transform our solid idea into a wave frequency.

Through the Dragon’s Tears this is done, through realizing that one can see what cannot be seen. One can know what cannot be known. Hear and feel what cannot be accessed.

Yet we do, if we allow ourselves to expand beyond our limited confines. It is not what we do it is how we do it.

This can be alluded to through allowing the body to access the hidden music that is frequencies that bind to the photonic signal that we emanate, and by doing this instantly changing our polarity. That within itself is the process. Struggling with what is inherently our capacity to perceive versus what we’ve been taught is the reality that binds us to our limitations.

The choice is ours to be made and the work is ours to be done. Nothing will come by waiting for it.

Our time-space continuum is always subject to immeasurable forces. When perfection is obtained one realizes they are imperfect. When that imperfection is a reality, a perfect mosaic appears and we have no option but to experience its version of us.

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  1. The Kung Fu of contradiction is in how it disarms reason.

    Jerry, whatever surrounds us is only available through our perception. “The choice is ours to be made and the work is ours to be done. Nothing will come by waiting for it.”

    It is tempting to create a framework of ideas to uphold reasoning thus creating a strange state of stasis where perception becomes trapped in ever so reasonable conjectures: “it would seem that pathways out of our current dilemma should emerge. In fact they’re no doubt already available.”

    The pathways out of my dilemmas emerge in front of me because I have constructed the bloody things in the first place, and when I am aware and awake I can see them for what they are: a choice, an action, a not-doing, an awakening to what I am meant to remember. The fibers are very nice and all, but that is meaningless unless I apply myself to seeing what is in front of me in relation to where my path leads me to travel. This seeing is entirely internal.

    Today I felt that I have been dying since I was born, and that it will take me a life time to learn how to live. No short cuts, no great theories to light the way.

    I spent time watching the clouds and enjoying the sun, giving and soaking up love and putting effort into the tasks at hand. I was watching the caterpillar chomp away at the leaves of the swan plant as it prepares to turn into a chrysalis. My first monarch caterpillar! It is so chubby and full of life. There are no guarantees, though. Plenty of hungry birds out there. But for now, it lives and it knows its purpose. How great is that!

    A day in a lifetime and a lifetime in a day. I can hear the Galactic Butterfly’s wings singing…even as the caterpillar chomps away.

  2. Love this.

  3. We have been taught to make sense of the world by what we read or learn from an external source. This drives our learning to make further connections with more ‘other’s words.’ Then our experiences are filtered or perceived through these ‘other’s words’ rather than constructing personal meaning through our experiences.

    I had many experiences and searched for their meaning in the books with other’s words. Then I met Lujan. His words explained nothing in particular but completely deconstructed the search for meaning outside of myself, and so I have found the meaning beyond words. This is when contradictions begin to make complete sense, because there are no answers, only wisdom gained from experience. And even this is only relevant to the one who experiences it and for the time that it’s needed.

    So traveling along the universal fibers is a soft and gentle journey, with no end and no beginning.

    • Luma,
      Agreeing with others, thankful for your illumination. You consistently underscore, highlight, and provide such subtle and pertinent variations in the viewing angle. Today, for example, I appreciate your reminder of the limitations of the logical expressions I might distill from Lujan’s descriptions. I was tempted, upon arrival here, to follow all the threads of connections to quantum mechanics and astrophysics, into whatever detail my training in them would allow. But somehow, contrary to usual, I followed a feeling, instead of the comfort of exercising logic. Doubly strange, considering my lazy tendencies, to attempt to exercise my heart, atrophied and dust covered as a sensory organ. It is hard work, so slow. Progress is not measured in days. I’m deconstructing whatever the hell it is I built over 50 years. But the work feels right. I smile. And now, it may be that patience is a more common reaction than frustration to my heart-less transgressions.
      Thank you again, I would not be in this vital space without Lujan’s writings and your supporting discussion.

      • Russell, yes, it is very important to be aware and awake to the way reason and the internal dialogue will try to reintegrate itself into a position of dominance.

        Most importantly though, by observing one’s emotions within this very act with true humility and honesty, there can be great illumination gained as to how we distort energy to suit our image of ourselves, to use this new information to reinforce the facade built over a life time. Issues of worthiness and self importance, for example.

        The difference between being present to what surrounds us and being driven to prove who and what we are is what happens within, that then filters to what is around us. The only dilemma I have is when I don’t know my heart and this alerts me what I must observe within to return to where I am guided to.

        The caterpillar had no such concerns. It knew its purpose and just went for it until the time came to change into something else, unencumbered by the burden of a mind that seeks to validate itself over and over. It’s now a chrysalis! I’m so excited and in awe.

  4. Luma, I love how you express the inexpressible!
    Thank you!

  5. “Luma I see your clarity, and your inner beauty. Its inspiring, i feel. Wish you well! ;) <3

  6. Wow Luma, you have such a beautiful way of expounding the wisdom Lujan shares, thank you for this and every other wonderful posts you generously contribute, much love to you :)

  7. Ad application of reason:
    ‘Reason’ is the mode of our time (from myth to the logos).
    But it seems that the problem isn’t reason in itself. It’s rather the conjunction of reason and self-reflection and second, the apotheosis of reason in the western civilisation. Perhaps we should learn how to get around with reason by developing a kind of detachment, i.e. controlled folly, thus avoiding the traps of reason. When I am reading the popular philosophers Zizek or Sloterdijk I am looking for some deeper information about the political and economical, i.e. cultural situation (not because of their ‘philosohy’). It’s much more useful than reading newspapers. In order to understand their insights you have to use your (educated)reason.
    That’s the modus of our time. I am much more afraid of irrational (often romantic) ‘spiritual’ humans obviously suffering on a lack of sobriety, i.e. emptiness.

  8. Thank you, Lujan, for your response. It’s precious to me. Thank everyone else as well for such integral responses. I feel their resonance like a precious water.

    I recognize language not only as a capacity to reflect reason and its various theoretical and logical excursions, but especially as an instrument of spirit in terms of sharing discoveries with others. It is this later element that draws my current passion and was the primary point, to me, of asking my question. To clarify, currently I’m formulating a plot for a novel (just finished a first one; yeah!) to try and best incorporate some of the wonders I’m learning in this shamanic world into my work in order to share the ideas with others. This literary project in turn is a small part of the tapestry of my overall interactions with dozens of people on a daily basis in a critical work environment. Virtually all of which unfold in real time almost completely void of rational or philosophical reverie. It is this personal profile that makes all of your comments especially appreciated by me. I look most forward to jumping back into the Silence and the new wonderments awaiting me there. Luma, I want to personally thank you for the breath of your generous perspective. As Eder aptly stated, you have a beautiful way expounding the wisdom Lujan shares. As you now know, this is a particular interest of mine. Your lesson will not be lost. Jerry

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