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This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Martha Traum. 

This year the scholarship includes a choice of either: attendance at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Canary Islands from August 2nd-8th – or – participation on the online Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

If you would like to offer your support for Martha please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Thank you very much for your invitation.I discovered you just a few weeks ago. When I was a young woman I was reading Carlos Castaneda. I read all his books and at that time people would laugh about it and call them “tales”. On me they had the most profound impact.

I studied free art on a famous art school in Germany and a few years after finishing it I left Germany at the age of 30 (1982) to start a new life on the Canary Islands in Gran Canaria.
At this time for me is was normal to lead the life of a (nearly) hippy – high up in the mountains,living without electricity in an old cottage. I started to sell my watercolors on the marketplace and studied Spanish on my own.

After nearly three decades living in Gran Canaria I was one of the most integrated foreigners. I got along with my painting like a muralist, doing also portraits, sewing and designing show-costumes and giving classes. I had a public studio for 10 years, but in spite of not getting rich (always living at the “borderline” of society) I was considered a serious person and a well-known artist. I felt acknowledged and loved and participated in the culture-life of Gran Canaria. I consider myself Canarian.

Five years ago I decided to go back to Germany because the financial crisis in Spain was/is very big and for my family it was very important to spend some time with me.

I have always been reading everything I could find about spiritual life and wanted to know all what is relevant to find my true nature and to live in a world which is real, broad, light and truly intelligent. Actually my investigations could absorb all my energy, because after analyzing what I was reading, very often I found a theory full of limitations or – mostly – a path with laws I could not find explained reasonably.

Never ever I forgot the teachings of don Juan, I read all the books several times, also the books of his colleagues like Florinda Donner and others. Also I practiced Tensegrity, but didn’t find “the point” of feeling content and stronger.

I started to realize that the path of don Juan had stopped out of the blue. Even though giving very precious information. My investigations helped to open other sources to get a true understanding of us, living on this planet, and how it is manipulated and dominated: politics, environment, history, art, alimentation, medicine, religion and, of course, science.
When I came back to the magic path I wanted to practice I found them all very suspicious, half dark-half clear. But I needed something more practical, something where I could believe in but with a broad dimension of humanity, helping me at the same time to get a deeper and quicker understanding for all what belongs to mankind and to earth.

But Then ¿? ———- Yes !!!!!! ———-“Suddenly” I found your books !!!!!

I bought them all at once, when I realized your source. I knew it was true.
The same week I got a phone call of somebody looking for students to take classes in Qi Gong and I realized that must be right the direction to get into the practice of Dragon´s Tears. (?)

“The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception” is a great book (it is the one I read first and I am still reading). It is more than that. It starts where Carlos left the path. It is don Juan talking and showing: now, after all this years: this is the path !!! right here is the link you can go on !!!!

I know he is truly speaking to you, Lujan.

Awareness off humanity today is different than 20 years ago and listening now to the voice of don Juan with the help of your book is very revealing. I feel grateful and happy to be back on the path.

It means to me very much to have found your books and I feel much better, since I study them. Like you offer a free scholarship – with this letter I want to apply for it.

I would love to know your teachings more detailed, specially because I need support for my efforts and I have never been in a group of people involved in the teachings of don Juan.
The teachings of don Juan (and his group) demonstrate a real way to understand the intentions behind the curtain and the act of infinity. I really want to learn it and put it into practice.
Since I am reading your book, I remember very early moments in my life and hope I will get into much deeper insights.

When you are in Tenerife, Lujan, you will be in a very special place. Canary Island is a secret treasure. It is full of energy and mystic places, but if you don´t look for it you won´t see it. It´s worth to stay one week longer, climb down a barranco, go up and see the Teide and from a high point in nature look at the sky by night.

Canarian people always look straight into your eyes and their smile comes right from the heart.
When I found your website, your books, and then I saw you offer a course in where I come from – I was very happy. I wish you to have your best course ever and to feel the strong energy of this most beautiful and tender place.

Luck and happiness for you and your family and lots and lots of thank you, Lujan !!!

Greetings from Germany

Martha Traum 





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  1. You had a public studio, what is that like?

    • dear David, this is a place where I worked as a painter, but also I gave clases in all tecnics and styles in that room – and like I lived very far up people could find me there o get to know my work, so it was “public” but not really business-like, “alternative” I would say.
      love to you

  2. Dear Martha, I hope to meet you in tenerife! I also read Castaneda’s books but found I couldn’t really feel them after the first 3/4 and although I read on, something was amiss.
    Enjoyed your story very much and wish you all the very best!

    Ps we share your name, it’s my middle name!

  3. Dearest Martha,
    Through your description of the Canary Islands I could see myself gazing at the stars from on top of the mountains, with the wind whipping around me. You life sounds very magical Martha! May you find yourself back on the island learning from Lujan.
    Love, Georgina

  4. Hmm. I found your writing and story quite interesting and reflective in some manner of my path via the CC books. For one I will turn 63 soon, read all the books of CC and was beyond touched by LM’s first amazing book. Indeed, if you read my preview of my book about Lujan by searching this on Amazon – B008OL688K – you will find how I fold the ideas that CC had about his DJ experience into the continuation provided by Lujan in the first book.

    In many ways I think that you might be the MOST ready for Lujan out of all the entries so far, and I’ve read nearly all of them, as you certainly seem to have the needed background for a final boosting into understandings available. Whereas… and this is no cut… those who have met Lujan once seem more `identified’ and attached to his overwhelming ideas… and might now actually need more prep than a prepared artist such as yourself.

    Finally… IMO (in my opinion) – Lujan is a real shaman…. CC may have met a shaman and became a guru but not a shaman himself. I explain the specialness of CC in my preview of my book about LM’s words. And, now I’m going to reveal someting about LM’s words and the power they might have.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever told this story in a public forum about the seeming power of Lujan – but I did relate it back to him via email within a few days of it happening. Perhaps he will confirm it here.

    Anyway…. within minutes of hitting PUBLISH at Amazon Kindle on my book about my interviews with Lujan via the internet… VERY strange things began to happen in my home. Actually, it was more that I discovered strange things HAD OCCURRED… as I didn’t see any of the events occur. It was three things specifically and involved TWO of the doors in my home and our two cats.

    What occurred isn’t important IMO as they are perhaps symbols – but clearly the two door events were IMPOSSIBLE…. because cats are alive… their actions are simply unexplained. Anyway.. I asked Lujan via email if it was possible that these events were being generated by the PUBLISHING of his thoughts about the UFO phenomena (I am a Phenomenologist masquerading as a UFO blogger/author.)

    Again, like the events in my home… LM’s exact answer isn’t important to others… but I’m positive was correct…. and while I don’t remember the exact reply email… IMO it (the events upon publishing) shows the power of LM’s words… his in person presence must be beyond belief. As simply releasing his words, gathered together with my analysis, generated what must be the initial power result (the high strangeness) of those words going into the `world’. IMO.

    From Georgia USA

    Rick Phillips

    • Rick, there is an enormous change occurring right now. Even though things don’t seemed to have changed they are in a very unusual state of flux.

      Many strange incidents and the speed of delivery of those units of information have been impacting my life as they did yours. The tangible edifice that is now becoming the solid reality that is the phenomenon called “intent” is now manifesting for those who are open to it.

      It is not the words written down here that have the effect upon the circumstances of the person that receives them. It is that the light fibers that speak from my heart to this page and then to the being-ness of those who receive it is now becoming instant. Not in terms of the exacting manifestation of my feelings of relation and connectivity within this entrapment we call life.

      You see, words are a vehicle, just like water running over the palms of the hands. They leave a definite impression. The hands do leave an impression upon the water. It is not the other way around.

      When I wrote my first book Naomi said to me people won’t understand. You have to give more rational meaning. But the true meaning of the words cannot be absorbed rationally. So now people are starting to understand it.

      • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Lujan. I doubt not that the `intent’ structure you are a part of would be building in some strength due to your interactions and uplifting of others. I don’t know if you have been following my development of my theories about the phenomenology of UFOlogy… but more and more I see it as a potential interaction with spaces of FEAR… OR… the UNKNOWN (as a concept).

        You do remember of course that I told you of the immediate high strangeness upon releasing the book to the public? Right? I hope so.


      • My experience of your words is that they come to rest in my field and my body. Sometimes it takes my frequency a little while to catch up with what you transmit. I do notice a quickening though. If I think too much, it takes longer for me to “get” it. Like you explained about seeing, you can’t think and see at the same time. I just allow myself to feel them and I try to not think. When I think I go into through the steps you’ve taught us, to bring me back home.

  5. Good luck Martha. Your story and words are inspiring to those wishing to be devoted to their passions. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. You know Martha, I would like to meet you in Tenerife if possible. I would be quite interesting to get a glimpse of the early vibe o f hippie movement combined with the Teachings of CC.
    Like others I was influenced by the teachings of CC, and in some cases I needed to read each book 7 or 9 times before I got the picture. Even today I believe I will learn something more if I will read it again because I understood from the beginning that behind CC stands Don Juan, and behind him there is an Eternity speaking through the Spirit via DJ. So I did not took the books literally. They are manuals but also traps.
    I said that 20 years ago and I will sustain that opinion today. There are things I tried and I was nearly killed many times, yet the CORE TEACHINGS are there also and lucky for us we have someone here (in this reality) to tell us a thing or two.

    Like Lujan said few posts above, now is a time of change where real energy shifts happen. I feel like a boat on a big ocean drifting and yet, I never felt more confident in the guidance of the presence that i feel in my heart. Maybe I am crazy but that feeling is there, and it is there to stay. I guess that is all I need.
    Hope to see you all in Teneriffe.

  7. Hi, Martha. The mere fact that your posting has engendered the discussion it has is a testimony to the weight and worth of your history. To use Georgina’s words, it’s going to take my frequency a moment to catch up to what’s been transmitted. Wow.

  8. Hi Martha, For some reason I truly resonate with your writing and discovering the Canary Islands thru you makes my heart smile.

    I am amazed at your neverending quest for wisdom and to meet someone who’s truly been there and done that!

    Sometimes I feel that I was born too late because the world nowadays is so far removed from the raw energy of the land, of real conversations, connections and hand-drawn writing and art.

    At 39 I feel like my life is over but reading your post gives me back the same kind of enthusiasm for wandering and wondering and a chance to become an artist like you.

    Best wishes and keep the fire burning!

    Maite Eden

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