Parallel Perception Scholarship Update


Thank you to everyone who has participated in the scholarship. Entries are now closed. If you have sent a submission already it will be published within the next three weeks.

Due to the overwhelming response we have to once again extend the date when the winner will be announced. It will now be on March 30th.

I would still like to encourage everybody to interact on the blog. If you have any questions beyond the scope of the scholarship applications feel free to send an email or write a comment on a blog post that you have found interesting. The question will then be answered in a new blog post.

Good luck to everybody. I have really enjoyed everybody mingling and communicating with each other. I appreciate all of the entries and I am moved and very aware of each individual’s input. I would also like to keep the momentum of this interactivity alive with your queries and insights. So please keep interacting on the blog and I will always be available to you within this medium if we don’t have the chance to meet in the near future.

Warmest regards,
Lujan Matus.

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  1. To help the interactive process of the blog you can see the most recent comments on the right sidebar.

    This will help you navigate where people have been active if you haven’t commented on that post.

  2. Thank you again Lujan for offering us this opportunity.

  3. Dear Lujan,
    I just wanted to say that I love the pictures you post along with the submissions. I notice I am in excited anticipation to see how you have aligned the post with a picture.
    A few years I go I saw a mural of the future of humanity in Merida, Mexico. In the center was a symbol very similar to the one on the cover of Whispering of the Dragons. When I looked up on the wall I felt a remembering that brought tears to my eyes that I couldn’t explain. A longing for what lay somewhere in my DNA. Thank you for using this symbol on your book. I have it visually available so I feel connected to that remembering, and my awakening.

  4. I would like to express my gratitude for participating in this scholarship submission .
    As I look at the screen on this computer and read people´s essays and interactions
    I have this image of an invisible web of intention where feelings and insights travel connecting people beyond words,and the image of a multifaceted diamond of ONE heart
    I also discovered different aspects of myself in each essay,answers for non formulated questions arise spontaneously.
    The artistic originatily of the pictures aligned with the submissions are great!
    I loved the picture of the monkeys in beingness with my submission,I couldn´t stop laughing the whole day,its perfect! really brings me joy.))))

    Thank you

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