A Path of Power: A Shamanic Path


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Dorothea Betz. 

This year the scholarship includes a choice of either: attendance at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Canary Islands from August 2nd-8th – or – participation on the online Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

If you would like to offer your support for Dorothea please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

There’s been a great attraction to Lujan’s work ever since I first got in touch with it through reading The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and the other books. Reading it gives me a funny physical sensation, a kind of faint prickling mainly in the left body-half and at the same time a sense of reaching out for something which I know is there but just out of reach maybe like someone with an aphasic condition trying to speak words he has always known and could speak effortless and now has to strain to reach those simple words.

When reading Lujan’s words, I experience many times moments of timeless space remembering, understanding, integrating. This is very exciting. I feel, I’m meeting someone there, who has traveled those forgotten lands which feel so familiar. I’m touching on ancient memories and the sense of homesickness I’ve been living with as long as I`m aware of this lifetime eases somewhat. At the same time the hope to strengthen the way to live with integrity is rekindled. In the past I had thought “back to nature” in a physical sense would be it, at the same time knowing, that it is not possible live in an exclusive bubble.

So had given up on that idea, stopped dreaming and ended up in a halfhearted swim along with society at the same time detesting much of it. Especially with having children, the force towards complying with society has become much stronger and my desire to find another way, to either escape or to change the pressure of the common mindset is often unbearable. I feel, I need to actively alter my attitude because it won`t happen on its own account. How to proceed there is a big question.

I feel called forth to make a difference in my own life and from there in the circles I’m touching. I presume working more closely with you personally could provide keys to deeper understanding so I remember how to trust and follow the calling of Spirit.

I`m aware there are plenty of personal flaws, attitudes, imprints etc. in the way, and I’m coming to listen, to understand and transform those. Even living under the easy conditions of a western country I feel often trapped in that golden cage but at the same time responsible to make use of the possibilities offered.

I have a strong feeling, I’ve got a capacity and an invitation to catalyze change within organisms – both in individual and collective ones – and I would like to learn more about that capacity, root it in integrity, presence and silence. I’d love to become more aware of the implications of Not-doing and to remember how to discern when action is appropriate and when it isn’t.

Since I began to work with Whisperings of the Dragon I manage to sit for concentration every morning and the instruction to stop the internal dialogue by listening to the unperceivable has been very helpful. Also I began to change my diet and it is hardly any effort to do so although I have tried in the past a couple of times unsuccessfully.

Among the most touching realisation from your writings was for me the insight that a path of power, a shamanic path, involves tenderness, vulnerability, innocence and trusting in the heart (among other qualities of course). These words brought home a truth I had felt all my life and I`m very grateful for that. I`very much looking forward meeting Lujan in person.

To walk the talk of the Beauty Way,

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  1. Great work Dorothea, and I agree with much of what you mean. When I hear you say that you get this physical sensation or that tingling feel I am reminded of how spacey I used to get when reading Lujan’s books. I would reach a point where the words were just rolling by in front of me but I was still processing a sentence or two behind. Over time, that changed, and now I find that I am constantly pulling a Lujan rabbit out of my hat in areas that I would not have taken my Shamanic teaching I have already received.

    And that is a great thing.

    While I have nobody I can talk to on my level of Lujan’s ways, which is gradually catching up at least from the understanding the micro and macro concepts, I find that just picking up one of his books I have right here and pondering a passage.

    Almost every time, I find the answer to something I had either not asked for or would need in the near future.

    We will save what a huge impact Lujan has had on my journeying. I had already formed relationships with helping teachers and some guides, but, well, it is much different now the clarity with which I can get messages my being present and witnessing that which is being presented. All the while, maintaining inner silence and not making any impression on that which is presented.

  2. Dearest Dorothea,
    I really appreciate your openness and sharing how you have experienced our “comfortable” culture. I’m glad you found your way here, amongst others who feel the answer lies in our hearts. May you reclaim your childlike wonder and inner peace.
    Love, Georgina

  3. Hi, Dorothea, you account is full of touching moments. From your sense of homesickness, to the mention of your children, and the awareness of your capacity: all of it is moving. It’s great that, as Georgina has noted, you’ve found your way here. As Steve has shared, the materials you’ve already discovered will continue to reward your persistence. Persistence is hard, especially embroiled in whatever cage, golden or not. Hang in there. Stay in the game. Bring your kids along for the ride.

  4. The transformation of experience into wisdom is the beauty we gain from time. Dorothea, what a lovely honest account. Thank you.

    Love, Luma

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