Whisperings of the Dragon: Wisdom of the Heart from Lujan Matus

heart-wisdom-lujan-matusThis application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Mark. 

This year the scholarship includes a choice of either: attendance at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Canary Islands from August 2nd-8th – or – participation on the online Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

If you would like to offer your support for Mark  please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Whisperings of the Dragon is a book full of wisdom. It is the wisdom of the heart, that speaks to us in a practical way.

Lujan Matus literally takes us with him into a dream, if we want to. By stepping through the first gate, we find ourselves in an inner, observing, witnessing silence.

We start, as we reverse our eyes and ears at any given opportunity. One day, we hope, we have internalized this state of silent self-awareness, obtaining the wisdom of our body, our energetic field that is connected with everything and beyond.

Once I was traveling, wandering in the mountains. I missed the right path und suddenly stood still. At that very moment, being inwardly silent, I felt – knew -a big snake being near me. I slowly turned, scanning my surroundings. And then I saw her. A big snake, now standing erect and gazing at me.

We stared at each other for a while, then I walked on. It was my body, connected with everything, telling me about the danger. We keep sending and receiving all the time.

A precious practical aspect of the book concentrates on the question of how to engage with other humans in daily life. We are surrounded by human beings.

How do we behave being in our silence, that connects us, opens our heart, makes us vulnerable?
How do we behave when attacked from other humans or challenged by daily affairs, the complexity of life?

How do we deal with our own deficiencies, our doings and knowings, and how to change it into being, knowing and not-doing?

Lujan Matus talks it through with us, untiringly, impeccable.

I already made a short comment of Mr P. before. We sat together for a while, talking in detail about a project we planned. And then I did not hear from him any more.

A little later, in the evening, resting on my chair, I closed my eyes, my inner eye returned to the conversation.I saw how I behaved. I heard myself praising my skills, I saw how I tried to influence the outcome in favor of myself, my lack of trust in my personal power. I did not speak from my heart, carefree, confident, buoyant. I did not immerse into the flow of life, did not witness or feel. I saw how I was bound in my pre-scripts, automatism.

The scene changed suddenly and I found myself sitting in a restaurant. An elderly man had talked to me. Every time I said something I looked at the horizon first, paused for a moment which startled my opposite, but then both of us being surprised about my answers. There were no pre-scripts in this conversation, no self-validation. Everything was new, heartful, unexpected and thrilling.

Lujan Matus helps us to famish our social mask by reversing our eyes and ears that empowers us to be innerly silent, connected with our heart, the feelings of our other self.
Only then we are able to witness the unknowable by looking at what we can’t see, listening to what we can’t hear, feeling what we can’t touch.

We persistently refuse to come back to our boring inner dialogue, our common emotional behaviors. We prefer to open to the gestures of the spirit, the endless transformation of the world, rather reflecting the unexpected.

We are so intimately connected with life, being in service, totally lost in the moment.
And yet there is this inner voice, feelings, emerging from our silence, giving us clearness, knowledge, consciousness.

Alas! It is sometimes difficult to hold this waking dream. Again and again there will be circumstances that will abandon us from the Nagual’s dream. But in the evening we will retire, close our eyes and follow silently the lines and files, leading us to hidden stories that want to tell us the truth.

Nagual Lujan Matus will give us back our cheerfulness, this Being Happy we remember from childhood when a beloved human being entered the room and we welcomed her or him beaming with joy. He wants us to embrace life, acknowledge the Here and Now, as it is.

With the humbleness of the warrior, kindness, compassion, knowing. We don´t have to stare into the next world, dreamworlds far away. The mystery is here and now, in this very moment that is escaping us.

I am so thankful for this book, Lujan Matus being so attentive to us, sharing this wonderful book.

With affection,

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  1. What a write up!

  2. Great testimonial Mark.

  3. Love the flow of your words in this testimonial. Whisperings of the Dragon rekindles the touch of magic to any one who reads it. your essence has been magically touched by Lujan’s words …Sending you the best of luck.

  4. Dearest Mark,
    I loved the part of your sharing about looking at the horizon and speaking from your heart versus your scripted social self. That is a great reminder for me to take it slowly and just wait for the words to emerge. Awesome! Thank you.
    Love, Georgina

  5. A magical picture for magical words. The horizon is calling.

  6. Thank you for sharing, and the beautifully expressed reminder: The mystery is here and now, in this very moment that is escaping us.

  7. Pristine clarity on the horizon!

  8. I love your writing Mark
    Are you asking for this scholarship ? Why ?

    Lots of smiles and Good luck

  9. Hi, Mark. You’ve revealed a critical self-awareness in your account. I’m moved and reminded of its worth in my own challenges. For that I thank you. Jerry

  10. Many thanks everybody for your kind support. I really appreciate your comments! And many thanks to nagual Luhan for the magical picture. It somehow describes exactly my state of being: “Pristine clarity on the horizon!” :-)
    My personal story is similar to all the other amazing stories of the participants. We all are in various ways touched by the Spirit and our searching acts from our efforts to acknowledge the Spirit.
    It’s not easy releasing my social self, some of you know what I mean. Therefore it’s an exceeding fortune for me to get the chance to learn from the nagual Luhan. He conveys all of us – with his generosity and love – those unshakable intentness that is necessary to reach the “other riverside” and to stay there, forever. That’s why I participate at the scholarship 2015!
    With affection, Mark

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