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This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Jerry Lee Budwig. 

This year the scholarship includes a choice of either: attendance at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Canary Islands from August 2nd-8th – or – participation on the online Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

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Here are a few of the visions resultant from the inner silence I’ve managed using the practices in Whisperings of the Dragon. I come from a Christian background; my terminology reflects this but the visions themselves are not dependent on it.

• Salvation is more specifically a matter of physics than ethics. Refer to the proverb that its harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle. The point here is not to comment on wealth so much as to clarify that the rich man simply won’t fit through the opening. Changing his shape is what’s important; not judging his wealth.

• Sin is internal conversation. It cannot happen in a state of inner silence. Innocence is the absence of the conversation. Internal conversation is the Fall.

• Despair is a measure of hope to the degree that it fails to tie the present to the future. It prevails only in its capacity to presume a particular moment (the present) is eternal.

• Dark matter and the Akashic record have a close correspondence to the noematic correlate detailed by phenomenology in philosophical analysis.

• The noematic correlate is the skin of God. What makes the skin come alive in terms of relevance to humans requires their journey through the correlate (i.e. dark matter). In philosophy, the spark of awareness that travels through this correlate is called the noesis. That presence is what brings God to life. Stated differently, God breaths the breath of humans. Without man God dies into a stultified praxis of eternal possibility. If Heaven is God talking to a man in a room, God alone becomes the walls and Heaven evaporates.

• Time travel is possible through the noematic correlate. Correlations are a definition of movement, and since the correlate extends back to the beginning of time and into the future, there’s no essential barrier to this travel. Speed and sobriety are the issues. Conception itself ironically slows this speed by solidifying whatever portion of the correlate the noesis happens to be in. Also, sobriety is lost in this stasis. (This in fact is the root of addiction.) Inner silence maintains a fully functional temporal conductivity.

• A type of horizontal gravity is created by this conductive activity. When you travel through time, you don’t go to the past or the future, they come to the present.

• The implication of this horizontal gravity is profound. Say you’re 10 years old. Compare all the physical, conceptual and spiritual correlations that compose your character to the correlations that compose your 40 year old self. What if because of inner silence and its conductive capacity you instead were able to travel that distance in 20 years? Your potential drastically changes.

• A poison dragon is a noematic resonance that insists upon maintaining an internal conversation. Self-pity and sex are particularly nasty generators.

• A white tiger rises out of frustration that others are in a different spot of the noematic correlate than oneself. The challenge of love is sacrificed to frustration and even anger. The tiger is often public and the repercussions of this indulgence can be most unfortunate.

• Plants are the world. Animals live on the world. Humans life in the world. Recall the proverb about being in the world but not of it. This refers to the intended Human configuration and is the only one that supports transfiguration. This validates the strict vegan position of refraining from honey. Recall a parallel tale about vampires: Everyone knows a vampire can’t look into a mirror. The real reason is not because they will betray themselves with a lack of reflection. It is because if they see themselves, it disallows them to transform into other creatures. Honey is a peek in the mirror for a seer. (No intent here to equate seers with vampires.)

• I should get more involved in the blog.

• I should get Lo Pan Pai training.

Lujan once told me I’m revealed by my words. I realize this. As I gain greater clarify through extended time within inner silence, my awareness will improve and the substance of my contributions will better reflect of the gifts I perceive. I maintain a Postmodern perspective which suggests that the truth is unknowable and irrelevant. This is easily misinterpreted.

Think of Lujan’s account of Jesus in his first book. I have little doubt that if Jesus exists, he would have said exactly what Lujan reported. What’s important is not an (unknowable) historical confirmation of that existence, it’s the point Jesus makes and Lujan reports. The rest is (irrelevant) distraction.

Hope to see you all on the blog. Good luck.

Jerry Lee

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  1. Woah!

  2. Yes, woah!! I don’t understand a word of it, except for the bit about time. YES! I once experienced this and running with your thoughts I guess I could say because I once experienced it I can always experience it.

    maybe slow down a little? :-)

    Hope you make it to the training!

    • Your insights have caught up with me since yesterday, with regard to God. Isn’t it wonderful that we have such a reciprocal and truly interdependent relationship with what has thought us up. Actually I feel more part of the consciousness that maybe called God. I hope I am not trying to be clever, but your words have stayed with me, the ones I can understand, and stimulated a pleasant and entertaining train of thoughts.
      For example, individuation is when we finally take responsibility for being co creators in this vast universe and therefore every action counts. We are responsible for ourselves and haveresponsibility towards others. We are Tiny, but responsible particles of God.
      Thanks for your application and all your contributions to others. Each one has touched me in different ways.

      Maybe don’t slow down ;-)

      With much appreciation and love

  3. Yippee! Now i can feel the bliss of knowing nothing.
    You found so much in your inner silence? I have nothing….Dam

    Agree with “slow down” and smiles

    Good luck anyway

  4. Thanks for that. Inner silence can reveal much, but it seems the insights into what I need to do (or not)today are the most important. Still I like philosoohy and look forward to your contributions.

  5. IMO (in my opinion) your meshing of the bible with Husserl leaves much to be desired in understanding of spaces, time and consciousness. That said, I dig it when folks present a full idea that they identify with and can `explain’. You are also the only person so far I think to mention Phenomenology which is certainly where some answers are to be found IMO.


  6. I spend my weekdays with preschoolers. Your explanation about the 10 year old having 40 year old awareness makes sense to me. I LOVE 2 year old children! Many in ‘society’ refer to them as ‘the terrible twos’. I believe the children are merely frustrated — in their inability to express their seeing and knowing — and/or at least to be acknowledged for it. Observation without interference is an amazing gift to the observer as well as the child. I guess we are all children in our own way. Good luck Jerry Lee.

  7. Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments. There’s a lot of resonance there for me. Angelika and Larissa, that advise to ‘slow down’ or not is an element I notice. Those comments made me feel like I found new friends. Rick, thanks for mentioning Husserl by name; I’m guessing he would get a kick out of even showing up here, regardless of the particulars. At the least, it honors his notion of the horizon. Henk, I agree the day to day stuff is really a primary focus. That’s where the service works or doesn’t. It’s good to make a point of recognizing that simple fact. Thanks again, all of you, Jerry

  8. Dearest Jerry Lee,
    I appreciated the correlations your made between christianity and your understanding of Whisperings of the Dragon. I had never thought of it in that way. For me personally, I miss feeling you; from your heart to mine. When I hear the word, “should” do this or that I wonder what your heart wants, not what you think you should want. In the silence of the cave in your heart, what does it have to say to you?
    Love, Georgina

  9. Thanks, Jerry, i feel.your Heart in your response

    Wishing you success

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