To Observe What We Interfere With, Rather Than Interfering With What We Observe


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Jae Biondi

This year the scholarship includes a choice of either: attendance at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Canary Islands from August 2nd-8th – or – participation on the online Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

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Just over a week ago, while driving on a holiday with my wife we listened to an audio book. The book is one my wife had found: Whisperings of The Dragon.

The experience of listening to the book was profound, not because the teachings were new to me but because they were so familiar.

I do not have a spiritual background, In my life I have not been looking for the greater or answers to mysteries or of who I am. I have always had a sense of my purpose, even if I could not define it or articulate it, I have always felt it’s pull.

Until more recently I would describe my life’s obsession as being;

1) Why do people make decisions
2) Why do people act counter to their own interests
3) Why do groups of people make decisions
4) Why do groups of people act counter to their own best interests

In other words unraveling the programming language of humanity.

At the same time it has been my journey to map these understandings by finding them first within myself. I have spent nearly two decades confronting myself and releasing the hooks of misdirection; all with the purpose of finding the wisdom to help others.

Just over a year ago in January 2014 (at age 40), I had I believe reached a certain point of mastery over the realm of the known of man. That is to say I had finished my research and had achieved clarity over how to change the the perspective of man. Or that is to say I had decided how I would spend the rest of my life attempting to do so.

It was then that I decided to meditate for the first time in my life. I cannot say why, nor had I any training for doing so. At a full moon while in my swimming pool, I stared at my shadow resting on the bottom and turned everything off.

I was not looking for anything to happen nor did I believe that it could (or disbelieve for that matter), I just did it.

At a certain moment my shadow flipped around and looked at me. But it didn’t just look at me, it looked into me with an overwhelming sense of acceptance, staring into every corner, ever secret, ever fear and reflecting only acceptance.

At no point did I have any other perspective than this shadow was a reflection of me, but a me far greater than I had until then had any frame of reference to understand.

Then it spoke to me, not in words but in what I can only describe as multi layered thoughts, each deeper than a lifetime of words. An overwhelming impression of ‘I remember’ and I knew that meant that I, not just the shadow remember.

It also communicated among so many concepts that I should stay grounded (in this form) and connected to my purpose.

Later that night I slept but did not sleep, awake and seeing the room, yet also on the boundary of sleep. Teaching poured into me, schematics, hieroglyphs, diagrams and more of the thoughts which are more than words. Again my sense is that this teaching was only coming from myself.

Explaining that what I have been working on I have named Harmonics and that I have given lifetimes to this purpose. I explained the multi layered nature of the messages that I must create, that each message to unlock the constraints of consciousness must be delivered at all levels.

The next day I started to see energy lines superimposed over every aspect of in-organics and living things started to have blinding patches of energy at certain points. Every time I sopped everything, whether my eyes were closed or opened, images began to appear.

Among many things, eyes….. so many eyes… human, galactic, dragon….. Secrets of origin, time, consciousness and the illusion of separation were all imparted.

This progressed at pace for two weeks and the world almost dissolved into light, I found myself fading, lighter than this reality. It was then, that I found the hook that holds us here, a feeling …. I could feel how much effort it takes us to actually hold onto this limitation. At that moment I felt that I could let go and be released from constraint, that feeling was familiar… like I had done it before.

But I made my choice, I am not here for my own freedom, we are all one and seeking ones own freedom is just a perpetuation of the illusion of separation. I am a message to myself, all the way to nothing and that is what I accept.

Thus arrives the true challenge…. integration. How to be everything and be limited to being a man. For a year I have dug… finding the places touched by that initial gaze of acceptance. Unleashing waves of fear, anger, frustration, resentment as I find the places within me and unhook them.

Learning how to remain on purpose after the prop of the ego is removed. Re-figuring how to be in a marriage when I am so fundamentally… not changed…. but shifted. All these things and many more are the challenges I am embracing.

I feel that I have mastery over the physical world of man and that I understand the very essence of consciousness and origin. That is to say that I see the small and the greater and yet I have almost no frame of reference for what is between.

I have fragments from lifetimes, memories and recollections. Yet often I can also see the memories of others and they merge into a vista vast beyond explaining.

The man, still struggles to comprehend… why do I have memories of being within a blue body with arms strong beyond imaging, manipulating light that is the very shape of man to come, preparing for the chance of humanity to be more.

Why is it that I recognise my own code (harmonics) being manipulated to limit the perception of man?

I have many questions and yet I am letting go of attachment to the answers.

Integration is a challenge and yet I must face it relentlessly, letting go of myself and yet holding onto purpose.

I have realised that I cannot retreat from man, I must hold my ground directly in the face of the conflicted web as part of it. Connected to it for all appearance and yet separate from it.

I feel old beyond imagining and yet I am like a baby awaking into a world it did not know existed but that it must mature into quickly.

Jae Biondi

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  1. I highly enjoyed reading this. I too once had many questions, but one day found i had none… maybe because i found the only meaning full answer to a question that can not be asked, inside myself… who knows?

    When you said you saw everything have blinding patches of energy in certain points – brought back a recent memorie of days past.

    i was just connecting/looking at my two diafenbachia plants and then blue dots appeared by each and then the plants became transparent and i saw both there essences or light (consiousness). A ball of light near the top of the plant, under the place where the leaves grow out.

    Jae Biondi said:
    This progressed at pace for two weeks and the world almost dissolved into light, I found myself fading, lighter than this reality. It was then, that I found the hook that holds us here, a feeling …. I could feel how much effort it takes us to actually hold onto this limitation. At that moment I felt that I could let go and be released from constraint, that feeling was familiar… like I had done it before.

    And that you made a choice to stay for others freedom is very touching!

    Stay Strong Jae!

  2. Dearest Jae,
    I enjoyed reading about your experience and feeling your frustration with the integration to embodiment process. That is where the real journey seems to be. Practice what Lujan teaches in Whisperings of the Dragon and you will get it.
    Love, Georgina

  3. I want more!

  4. I was talking with my 4 year old grand-daughter about her upcoming birthday, when she plainly stated, “Gram, it doesn’t matter if I’m 4 or 5. Each day I’m alive, and I choose when I want to die.

    Lujan shows us the way to return to this authentic innocence.
    Blessings on your journey, Jae!

  5. ellie <3 <3 <3 you got a beautiful grand daughter. :)

  6. Dear Jae

    So much of what you have written expresses what has also been part of my journey. Your consciousness in it is almost painful and helps me understand (and feel a bit more compassion) why I might have retreated from my path for a substantial period. I was very young then.
    I,love your last sentence and hope you can enjoy the wonder of that baby whilst protecting it from harm.
    I was touched by your reflections about your marriage, and awed by your talking about what holds us here.
    Thank you for all that

    Blessings on your journey

  7. To have the capacity to recognize the breadth of your ‘harmonics’ and at the same time honor your marriage with specific concern is truly unique. That is one heavy account you’ve shared. Your recognition of the need to integrate seems like an important key. It makes me think of standing in a room, any room. You will always be standing there both with all of humanity and whoever happens to physically be in that very room. Those physical others may very likely be the ‘in-between’ you’re searching for, between the ‘small and the great’ you’ve so beautifully grasped.

  8. Awesome and delightful account of an enlightment process. It has reminded me of a sentence from Lujan I read somewhere and which said something like “at some point you have to make a decision to stay here or leave”.
    Thanks for sharing Jae!

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