Delivered to Inner Silence Through the Teachings of Lujan Matus


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The teachings of Lujan Matus have shown me what I am not, and what I can no longer be. For this, I will always be grateful. If I’m going to discuss my experience with these teachings, then my deep and abiding gratitude needs to be expressed first and foremost. (Thank you, Lujan.)

I could say that Lujan’s teachings have deepened and broadened my inner silence, but those words are so trite and they don’t even begin to convey what that actually means. No. I believe it is more accurate to say that Lujan delivered me to my inner silence. Because then it naturally follows, that he delivered me from something else.

Despite years of searching and learning from many teachers, I was still identified with a false identity in form and constantly wrestling with the social construct on this planet. It wasn’t until I encountered Lujan’s books that I started to see for myself that I was dealing with a self-aware and non-local entity that stalks us continuously. And it had me; hook, line, and sinker. I had bought into Achievement with a capital “A”. And the more I achieved, the more miserable I became.

I knew something was amiss; it was unmistakable. But I also knew in my heart that I had lost something that shouldn’t be, couldn’t be lost. So I kept searching; I learned to meditate; I found the “off button”; I found silence. I had moments of revelation. But somehow I always found myself once again identified and aligned with a self-destructive entity whose purposes changed with the wind. How I hated that entity! How I hated myself.
But I didn’t know. I didn’t understand what I was up against.

When I encountered Lujan’s teachings, it was like being struck with lightning. His words clearly resonated in me as Truth, but they also shocked me to my core. I was Neo, waking up in the Matrix, and seeing for the first time, with my own eyes, how I was being used. And even worse, there was no getting around the ugly fact that I was complicit in my own enslavement. And yet… there, in my complicity, was my freedom.

For a while, I believed that I could know what I knew and still be what I was (or what I thought I was). I thought I was “someone” who had achieved “success”. But the jig was up; my identity and all the years of ever-important doings were exposed as nothing but a lie, no more than a puff of smoke that momentarily obscured the truth. And I could no longer be the person that did those doings of “success”. But neither could I give it all up! (“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven.”) And in the grip of this highly untenable situation, my physical body finally, mercifully, broke down, thus confirming what I already knew: I could no longer be what I was.

As my body heals, most of the social construct around me has collapsed. I no longer have an “identity”; I don’t even have a job. Our social circle has disintegrated; our friends have moved away. The boat and the cars are being sold; my income is gone; we are downsizing. Yet I’ve never been more at peace. I’m so grateful that everything in the universe has conspired for me to be right where I am so that I can realize myself as an instrument of eternity. I have everything I need; I desire nothing. I am perfectly content with whatever happens; I don’t want to interfere with the way things are. I don’t need to “be” or “have” anything. I only want to see.

Sometimes I feel bad because my husband didn’t agree to any of this. I’ve gone so far as to apply for positions in my former profession, but when I get close to an offer, my hair literally stands on end and I bolt. How can I give up the freedom I’ve found for a paycheck attached to a false identity? Yet my husband makes no such demands on me. He doesn’t understand, but he knows. And I know that I am a very lucky woman.

As for why I would like to learn shamanic movement or study further with Lujan in an online format, it seems my body is quite adamant in this; otherwise, I would not ask for anything more than the freedom I have already been given. The very idea of it nearly causes my heart to leap out of my chest.


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  1. It’s difficult to understand social and work, to understand the balance. It can’t be controlled and understood and that makes me wana stay off and say nothing or nod to everyone…but balance is there

  2. In the work I mean, wanting to turn it off never brought the moment to be realized

  3. Great exposition on the impact of social conditioning, and the tough environmental / social challenges one faces to free oneself of its influence. All the best in sourcing truth from the heart and translating that into how one lives in each moment.

  4. mountainseagirl – i am you – you are me – your words are my words – your dream is my dream. i hope we meet face-to-face, heart-to-heart one day — to learn to be in this beautiful-crazy world but not of this beautiful-crazy world.

  5. I vote for you. Your words resonate so strongly with me!
    like a hammer to a chisel , you carved out my heart on wood.

  6. Wow I felt every phrase. The best to you.

  7. Mountainsegirl, the struggle of finding peace and balance within the social world is our challenge! We are exactly where we need to be. I used to want to run away from it, yet now that I can carry the silence with me it is a though it doesn’t matter where I am, I am awake. And so I can travel softly and lovingly, for That Which Cannot Be Known is there too, playing hide and seek amongst the circumstances and experiences as true gifts.

    The hearts we meet upon our journey may be bruised, strong, asleep, awake, full of joy or darkened, yet the heart that beats within us is the only one we need to heed, and so honor all the others in turn.

    • Best of luck,
      Love, Luma

    • This response, Luma, is one of the most perfect things I’ve ever read. Thanks, Jerry

  8. Thank you for your kind comments. I am pleased and touched that my experience and words resonate with others in this forum. :-)

    Reading other submissions has been enlightening and encouraging for me as well. It has given me hope that maybe (just maybe) awakened human consciousness will achieve critical mass and tip the scales towards sanity before it is too late.

    I rarely encounter other human beings with any degree of awareness or yearning for freedom. No one wants to hear about it; and I have learned “not to cast pearls before swine”. But I have been profoundly saddened to realize that no one I know is willing to put the Truth before what they WANT to be true.

    So it really is a big deal, and highly encouraging, for me to encounter these other writings from real people sharing their real, primal struggles in the real world. I am very grateful.

    Thanks again for your kind and generous words. <3

  9. Rhonda, in so many ways we are alone in our path, for we cannot pressure others to help us be anything nor to be anything for us, rather we must find ourselves by ourselves.

    At the same time, it is all the more necessary then to be of service to all that is around us, for we are deeply connected.

    Lots of love,

  10. Doing what we need to do versus doing what we want to do. Personal growth and empowerment is the reward to facing ones challenges with heart. Well wished on the journey ahead and thank you for sharing your story.

  11. Hi, Rhonda. There’s a beautiful courage about you. Clearly it’s brought you to the brink of an amazing adventure. Stay strong.

  12. Dearest Rhonda,
    I can see your experience of being stripped of your identity as a social being in order to become once again your primal self is a challenge! I admire your acceptance of your journey and commitment to freedom. I can relate. This quote by Lujan helps me in relation to others who seem to be unaware of their own lack of freedom, “Be a light unto yourself, thus illuminating everything else.” This gives me hope for humanity.
    Love, Georgina

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