The Inner Silence of a Clear Heart

inner-silence-heart-shamanismThis application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by Laura H. 

This year the scholarship includes a choice of either: attendance at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Canary Islands from August 2nd-8th – or – participation on the online Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

If you would like to offer your support for Laura please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

It was a late summer evening, in a 400 year old village in Romania where it all happened. The last sun rays were gently caressing the locust trees, the fence and the reed roof of the house nearby.

Her grandma left her alone, to take care of the household for 4 days. Such a big responsibility for a 9 year old: to water the vegetables in a big garden, feed the chickens, ducks and pig, and get the raw cow milk from the neighbors so that she could have breakfast next day.

As she was sitting on the porch of the house, tired but with a feeling of accomplishment, she suddenly saw something amazing, something that pierced her heart: a dove flew from one pole to the other, with such an elegant movement, its wings were stretched to the maximum and then they would bent like the closing and opening of her own heart. Time stopped. That flight seemed to last forever and the sound ….that sound made by the wings of the dove was haunting, from another world yet anchored her in the eternal moment of that evening. The memory of it all makes linear time dissapear as it is as alive today as it was when it happened”

What made those moments so special?  How can one create such moments at will?

That little girl, inside myself, is asking the very same questions today.

At 18 she was given a gift, she would go to bed at night and began hearing a strong sound like a “fragmented storm” and before she knew it she was out of her body. It lasted about a month and she learned many things that way. No drugs or special techniques were involved to make this happen, it was more like a memory.

By 21, this girl was about to die if she did not find a group of people, a teacher or a teaching that will make sense of her existence, and help alleviate the feelings of desperation and despair she was experiencing, for no apparent reason. In the end, she did find an esoteric school based on tradition and a teacher and for the last 17 years up to this day, this little girl, began working with powerful unflattering ideas like: man is a sleeping machine, one needs to stop the expression of negative emotions and use that fuel to remember oneself, stop thoughts through the looking or listening exercise and divided attention etc.

In August 2014, I ” accidentally” stumbled upon the Parallel Perception website and resonated with it. But are there any “ accidents” really?

I immediately bought Shadows in the Twilight and  a few months later The art of stalking parallel perception and Whisperings of the Dragon and read them all a couple of times. Lujan’s system felt very similar with what I have been working with for the last 17 years, yet, the way it was presented made my mind stop and ponder many times. And that was a good sign:)

Lujan, thank you! From the bottom of my heart. Your books came in my life in a difficult moment when I was struggling to understand my purpose here, going through a painful relationship that brought havoc, chaos and destruction. I would come back home and read every evening, especially “The art of stalking” and tears would fill my eyes. Your knowledge would go into my heart like a medicine. The more I would read the more I would center back into my being and have clarity. Heart clarity and certainty is such a potent medicine, isn’t it?

How can one keep that center and clarity in the midst of daily challenges?

How can innocence be kept safe in the midst of corruption?

The school I am part of, helped my inner child grow and regain its buoyancy but it does not teach any movements. For some years now, I have tried and looked for a way of moving that will become my daily ritual.

When I saw The Dragon’s Tears workshop I thought : “maybe this is it!”

I do not know if it is, but I’ll find out as I go, one step at a time:) And so my trip form San Francisco to Tenerife starts becoming reality with this essay. Not sure how it will be possible but where there is a will there is a way too.

I’m sure everyone that participated so far, already won this scholarship just by showing up and making the effort to write the essay. We are lucky people!

Thank you Lujan for the opportunity!






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  1. Indeed where there’s a will there’s a way! Keep that Will Of Fire burning, Laura!

    I too am looking for a movement to embody each day… so far i am left to find my own – by flowing with my breath/intent and making the movements that flow from this… finding refinments, and more honest and to the point movements. Its my self taught kung fu – like my cooking – kung fu… (Devotion to a task, skill acheveived threw hard work. turning something as mundane as sweeping into a art. A few words that come to mind- realizing your perfect imperfections.)

    ps. laura if dreams are any indication of how things are here and now then yes many of us have won just by participating… Thank-you!

  2. Yes : )

  3. Love your writing!

    I also love San Francisco and would like to see Romania!

    See you in Tenerife!

    Thank you!

  4. Beautiful

    Thank you

  5. Of course you are writing of Ouspenski and G.. and The Work….. I too use their ideas… almost nothing of Lujan’s is a contradiction to those ideas.

    Don’t forget to include my interviews with Lujan about the anomalous either in your book reads.

    Best to you.

  6. That’s a long and committed path you’ve shared. Finding ‘a way to move as a daily ritual’ makes perfect sense. In a word you’ve kind of clarified what this contest is all about. Thanks, Jerry

  7. Dearest Laura,
    Thank you for sharing your story, your journey. I loved the part about the doves wings and I felt the flapping of wings in my own heart as I read your beautiful words. I have felt alone, much, in my life and as I have been reading these essays I am beginning to feel that I am not alone anymore. Thank your for saying that! Love, Georgina

  8. Dear Laura

    i feel greateful for your story,
    actually for everybodys story on this blog,
    its so touching to hear all you wonderful souls talk about beauty and commitment!
    Thank you!


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