What is the Emissary in Mystic Shamanism?


This question can be answered by everybody. It is not just limited to participants in the scholarship. But primarily I would like the scholarship participants to become involved as a part of the application process.

At the moment Naomi and I are editing The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. When this book was first written we had a limited amount of time for editing and experience in writing books, so we are doing our last round and will be finished in a couple of weeks. It will be published as a 10-year anniversary edition that will celebrate the system known as Lo Ban Pai (Spiral Energetics).

In the next Dragon’s Tears workshop I will be teaching about emptiness being within form and form being in contact within that emptiness.

The question is:

I was interfered with by an old sorcerer many years ago. Something came to my aid when this occurred. It was the emissary that warned me, thus I avoided being mortally wounded through this attack.

Can anybody tell me what the emissary is and how and why it appears in the second attention and where it exists within our waking world to assist us?

If you are not familiar with this passage go back to the book –  The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception – and read it again. I have already answered it in the new unpublished edition.

I will not tell whether anyone is correct or not. You will have to wait for the new edition but for me it will be interesting to see what transpires for all to see.

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  1. For those of you who applied for the scholarship but have not yet been published please become involved. Your applications will soon be posted on the blog in order of submission.

    • In considering my request, I know that it is a difficult question that only can be answered through direct experience.

      So don’t be daunted.

      I would like to ask everybody how they are feeling about the whole process that has occurred within the applications for the scholarship.

      Feelings are an amazing vehicle.

      Warmest regards,

      • Hi, Lujan. Concerning the Emissary, I’m going to find and reread that passage and let it settle for a minute. Then I’ll respond. I’m glad you asked your last question, especially in the context of mentioning Naomi and the fact that you’re editing Parallel Perception. In another recent post you referenced Naomi’s concern that the original edition had an element of inscrutability to it. There is a logistical aspect to the question. Clearly, as you pointed out and this entire site confirms, your book has had a remarkable impact on a number of lives. Given the complexity and critical nature of the world, I wonder about the value of language as an instrument of change. For quick example, Castenada’s books on the level of language were written and edited to be very clear and accessible documents. In ten years (or whatever) he’d sold millions of copies and made the cover of Time magazine. I don’t in anyway want to champion his message apart from your work, nor discount the evolution of culture; rather just make the point that, like every artist in any medium, both the value and construction of being ‘popular’ are dimensions that exist. Especially with material as critically relevant as yours, I wonder about this. Obviously this question, like every question, can be subsumed into the praxis of Silence, and let every perspective be resolved therein. But the value of accessibility remains as a determining structure in this present world regardless.

        Your contest itself brings up this issue. Is the most effective way to spread the value of Lo Ban Pai by providing a free annual scholarship to one person? I realize this contest is about more than that winner. At the same time, do you think there’s a single contestant in this contest who wouldn’t appreciate a physical place somewhere in their city, if not their country or even continent, where they could go learn this practice? Not only would the movements be learned there, but a physical community would emerge as well.

        Perhaps the winner should be someone drawn to teaching.

        Thanks for the question. The fact that this contest is evolving as it’s happening is particularly excellent.


        • If Lo Ban Pai was taught in my current country of residence I would be attending classes as much as practically possible. I have learnt so much about myself from learning the first two sets Golden Lotus Series and Dragons Tears that it has now become a daily devotion to practice both. It is however essential that instruction of this system comes from impeccable teaching and Lujan may well be the only one who can deliver it to students in a way that is honourable to both the origins of the practice and the personal needs of each individual student.

      • While reading the question posed, I noticed the conditioned response and a twisting stomach that I felt in my school years, as I was not a very good student. I felt “bad” and oh shit, how am I going to answer this question when I have not yet read The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception? I am not going to read other’s posts about this question until I have submitted my post. I am also wanting to not answer of it for fear of being the fool. But I choose to trust in my experience and what has come to me when I sat with this question a while. Here it goes.
        An emissary acts to intercept potential danger by becoming a messenger to the recipient of this intended danger. This happens in the second attention to by-pass the rationalizing process of the logical mind and access directly the primal self. In the second attention the emissary appears as a being who communicates directly with this primal self that then acts in accordance to the warning. The emissary exists in our waking world in the form of animals, an object that seems to emit a message that is unfathomable yet understood, a feeling transmitted through the air or on the breeze, or directly from the person intending harm that is interpreted as a feeling of danger.
        What I saw around this is that the spiral portals of our skin receive this information that collects in the solar plexus that is interpreted by the nervous system.
        One of my experiences during dreaming that helped me from being attacked was from a monkey screaming in my face. It woke me up, I became alert and was able to protect myself. In waking reality a bird will be very insistent in its singing, which is then followed by a feeling in my belly which by passes thought, yet I know to be vigilant of danger or bad intent. My experience has shown me that if I observe and pay attention to my environment, it is continuously communicating with me, with my highest interest at heart. Thank you,
        Love, Georgina

  2. The emissary is a ever observing thing, it’s inorganic I think and has an immortal mind Ive read. But I didn’t know it would help if you didn’t ask.

  3. Today I had an experience that somehow seems related. I was driving and I had a strong urge to slow down and be careful, as if an unspoken someone jolted me awake with a “watch out!” It was like a blow to my heart. My body went into high alert and I became hyper vigilant. About 10 seconds after that a woman walked out of her house and begun to walk towards the road. She stopped suddenly as she saw me drive by her side. She was in a hurry and had almost walked in front of my car but saw me in time. While I breathed a sigh of relief, her dog came running after her -she’d left her door open- and he didn’t see me nor could he stop! Somehow, I managed to avoid hitting him. Gawd, it was so close!

    The feeling I had spoke through my body. It was as if something had traveled towards me- her intentions? her carelessness?- and my light fibers had picked up the possibility of the event sending a huge jolt that put all my senses on high alert. The experience was definitely physical.

    Whatever it was, I’m very thankful for it.

  4. Really excited to hear the new edition is nearly ready!

    Lots of love,

  5. I’ve also seen an eye watching me (which I knew was me), and I’ve seen me through the eye watching me sleep.

  6. From my understanding of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, the emissary is a force that exists in a realm where we are supposed to be going. It wants us to evolve to that realm. It aids us in that evolution. The realm in which it exists, to our current perception, is dreamlike. Even though the emissary’s realm seems like it is elsewhere, it is here like we are here, but our construct is so solid in our eyes that we cannot perceive of the other realms through which we walk every day. Our second attention is capable of perceiving the emissary’s realm, therefore it can more easily reach us when we are dreaming while sleeping.

  7. In `The Work’ I believe the space was referred to as the `Deputy Steward’ – an aspect similar to the idea of not doing.

  8. As to who or what the Emissary is, I have no idea :) But as to my feelings on the process that has occurred in response to this year’s application process, I think it has been amazing. Compared to last year, the responses have not only increased in number many times over, but the quality, intent and trajectory of the essays and comments have exploded like a multi-petaled flower that bursts into full bloom. Lujan made a comment some time ago that things were speeding up, that something was happening that was increasing exponentially in the world. I’m very much paraphrasing here. Lujan, maybe you could repeat that comment. I wasn’t sure what was meant, but if this blog and the responses are any indication, the word is being spread, the message is being heard, and the heart of hearts is being opened.

  9. What is the emissary? Such a difficult question! It seems impossible to put my feeble understanding of this into words, but here goes: I believe the emissary is a gift from eternity, an agent of the great power of love for the living. As such, its interventions are to advance the universal goals of humanity. If one is aligned with this universal intention, the emissary appears almost as if a hand emerging from the clouds to bring protection or revelation that could not be obtained by any other means.

    In the waking world, I see it as the same thing; but the hand from the clouds can be the inner voice that warns you to slow down your car right before someone runs in the street; or it can be the horrible traffic jam that caused you to miss your flight which subsequently crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

    As for how I feel about this scholarship process, it has been more than encouraging to read other submissions and to see that so many others from all over the world are awakening to the situation humanity is in. I knew that Lujan’s books would create an opening, but my prior endeavors with spiritual teachings (and online forums in general) have shown me that while there are usually a few real “aspirants” I would love to interact with, there are many more of what I call “static”: those who want to prove how much they know, who want to discredit the teachings, or who simply like to argue about everything to take everyone else off point or keep their own self-image intact. The static is usually so loud that it is impossible to hear any truth that might be within one of these forums. This is why I fought off the inner pressure to participate in this process for so long.

    But I am so glad that I finally did. I am grateful for the comments left by others on my writing and for the others who have shared their experiences with Lujan’s teachings. Clearly these teachings are drawing a different kind of people than I have encountered in the past. Although reading others’ writings has made me feel relatively unworthy of the scholarship, it also makes my heart sing to know that there are so many others awakening to our predicament–and especially that there are many others who have progressed farther in their understanding than I have. That is a true gift. Thank you.

  10. “Can anybody tell me what the emissary is and how and why it appears in the second attention and where it exists within our waking world to assist us?”

    An interesting, but strange question! I was really surprised!
    Perhaps you can elucidate why you have choosen this question for the scholarship.

    As I remember, you wrote about the “Panther” in „Shadow in the Twilight“ page 157ff. more detailed. Am I right?

    Anyway, a nice synchronicity is that yesterday afternoon I found a small book in my library I have read 10 years ago; there I discovered a small text about emissaries. The author writes (in a nutshell): „As mediums/medias humans are always emissaries – humans to humans, (…). They inform other humans about something, for their part were informed by others. In such mediations or errands the whole history of mankind is covered. Therefore all humans are potentially emissaries, angeloi (Greek), Engel (in German), informants of the actual state of affairs – which is taboo in modern Media Theory, only obsessively celebrating instruments and pictures …“ (P. Sloterdijk)

    Thanks, Mark

  11. wow, so nice to read your replies and share this space with you people.
    feel like a profound research we are into together.
    i remember a situation where my perception was fragmented into a multidimensional perception and i perceived myself in the most condensed material , dissolved nonmaterial nondual form without ego and everything in between. this was accompanied by visual perception like being split up in all colours of the rainbow.
    remembering this experience as being one with existence and separated (as ego) at the same time , the emissary feels like the link to eternity , acting as translator and messenger between micro and macrocosmos.
    sitting in the forest , lost in silence , watching a cloud of tiny flies dancing in the evning sun….it feels that the voice telling me to come back to the surface ,that my mobile phone is going ring in a moment comes from the same source as the voice warning me against danger.
    in the physical i would say it is located above the head , where the index fingers meet when extending arms upwards.
    the point egyptian mystery schools call BA.

    in the steaming process , activating fire in the lower dantian , heating up the water in the middle dantien , uniting steam with air element of the upper dantien energy rises up to this point…
    jing to chi , chi to shen , shen to wuji , wuji to tao…
    wuji…the point without polarity , the complete circle defining emptyness ,form and formlessness meet…
    just sharing some thoughts :)

  12. I am happy that everybody within this community feels safe and this will continue. I always keep my watchful eye within this process.

    One of the abilities that manifest from being awakened in the second attention via the experience of the emissary is to hear and know the unspoken thoughts, feelings and intentions of other people – whether it be near or far.

    The deepest reservoirs of true kung fu – which means the cultivation of the tao – is to be within a state of communion. To be sincerely within contact with that which cannot be touched. To locate what can’t be seen. And to feel the immeasurable, measured through the intentions of the universe at large.

    In Lo Ban Pai this is called shen gong – a vortex which in other schools is called a spirit catcher. But the most precious jewel to obtain must be caught without catching it and for this to occur one must be virtuous.

  13. Ever since i was born and aware, i could hear others thoughts and feel others feeling. which made me aware to be silent (in the mind). feeling a suspicious feeling like someone or something is listening to my thoughts, if i had any. But when i looked around i could see no one was aware of my thoughts, but knew i could and was being heard by peoples bodies (even though they may not be aware of it) but also from another layer of perception, by more aware beings. (multidimensional)

    which makes me feel that the emissary is here yet hidden. its been said and ive had an expirence that pointed to the pineal gland being the seat of our conciousness, and that dmt is what allows us to change the channel into the multiverse of awareness.

    the emissary i feel is a being. Beings that are intimately connected to our hearts..
    i feel its accessed in dreaming cuz we are more astral and therefore more open to comunication.
    The emmisary is heard. felt. known.

    as to how i feel about the whole scholarship thing is ; Its been great to read about others and there journeys and awakenings. Irs refreshing to see how a centered/heart comunity works!
    i do agree that its made me feel like others deserve it more but its like survival – we’re all fair game…
    plus its not nessisarly wining the scholarship that matters most …… twas thy journey thy took, to follow thy heart thout counted. ;P although, if your journey involved winning then that would be very shaggadelic baby! yay!

    We get what we need, and its not always what we expected.

    A folk saying:
    “The teacher only comes when the student is ready.

  14. This question threw me a bit for a while. I think I live the answer but to put it into words that really capture the essence would be an achievement I would be very proud of! I noticed a bit of inverted competitiveness (hence the lag in responding) but also got really interested in the question. Read a bit of the book (which I have only dipped into) and found pertinent passages to what I am dealing with at the moment. The book is an emissary?!

    Ok I will have a go : The emissary is a pathway for information to become manifest from the unmanifest, it exists at all times but we have to be intending with sincerity to receive the I firmation. The unmanifest resonates with our intentions, hence the intentions must be for the good of all, or we get information that is misleading.
    This is clumsy!

    My own experience is that I almost always “know” what I “shouldn’t” know, and that has left me in at times very challenging situations. I often find out later that what I knew was real, and this has often felt like I was given unexpected help through coincidences, to end my confusion about someone’s betrayal. When it is straightforward is in situations similar to the one LUma described, where it’s a life and deat or heightened danger situation.
    I think about it, and actually FEEL it like this, as that we are connected to everything, and everything is interconnected and, as lujan wrote, therefore potentially in communion. So it follows that in this physical reality I cannot be consciously aware of all communication with everything, even though it is happening, and is constantly exerting an effect both ways. To be in communion with that which is life enhancing and loving I have to essentially generate more loving and life enacting energy (innocence) than the opposite so that there is resonance. Then the channel (the emissary) will be activated and communion is happening.

    I do actually know this state and when I have been blessed enough to be in it it has been the most loving and extraordinarily satisfying experience, but it has most often happened in a state of emotional crisis or at least heightened emotion, or at least very deep,feelings.

    I have no idea whether I am any closer to answering the question, to me the emissary is more of an event than a being or a thing. But I have enjoyed pondering this, once I got over my “I am not going to compete” reaction. :-)

    How I have felt and feel about this process is: I am on a slow roller coaster so although its going up and down and round sudden bends I can see what I am passing and there is a feeling that this is just a little taste of what the rest of my life’s journey could be like if I really take care and pay attention. I am not the driver though, which is a relief at the moment. So thanks to everyone who has participated, it’s been immensely touching, moving and reassuring in complex ways to read everyone’s conteibution and to observe my own responses within that process. Also for the last 10 days this has coincided with me taking time out from seeing clients which I now, with hindsight, find quite amazing, as I hardly ever do that without filling up the time somehow with “being on holiday”. So this space I gave myself was very much held by participating in reading and contributing to this forum.
    Mostly I had forgotten that it was about the scholarship, and this wasn’t my initial reason to participate anyway. I have already decided that am coming to tenerife. I am very curious though who will be the “winner” and no doubt that will be another part of the ride.

    Thank you, everyone, for every word you wrote, and lujan, for offering this particular ride!

  15. What is the difference between rock, tree or a branch ?

  16. The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception is the one I haven’t read yet. Sugrue’s description from it in this thread is close to what I might have guessed based on hints from Shadows in the Twilight. I remember relishing the hope inspired by the existence of at least a few benevolent cosmic denizens amongst the dark, parasitic hordes. Googling the Emissary brings up a number of conflicting references by the Castaneda crowd, a number of which seem to describe an inorganic with ambiguous objectives. Perhaps their emissary is an impostor?

    The application process, for me, has been exciting and excruciating. It is far more public than I am comfortable with. I applied, because like so many of the applicants, my attention is caught by this rubric-for-the-cosmos that you, Lujan, have given us. Like Richard Dreyfuss’ character drawn inexplicably to Devils’ Tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I’m compelled to find and uncover what I’m seeing. The feeling is a yearning. But I am struggling with this interaction. My hermit tendencies stay and slow my hand when the opportunities arise to draft conversation for this blog. It seems like such an overt social act to intend to be heard here. The pulse so effectively slowed through the eight gates speeds up as I type. The difficulty feels amplified by my raging battle against self-validation. My middle name is actually King and I spent my first fifty years becoming king of all tings self-validated. Writing the essay, and any of the few replies I’ve eked out toward the contest feels like time spent not listening. I tend to stray directly to opinion. My Opinion. Recently understood to be worthless to anyone. Yet I keep interfering, and dumping it indiscriminately. Feels like dumping right now.

    But if you can learn from this, if the flailing of our filaments refracts and provides any kind of radar map of condensation of the one percent, it’s all good. It is wondrous to wonder what you are looking for in this experiment. And I’m sure the answer is “Whatever presents itself.” I occasionally ponder, but do not dwell on whether you have any particular “type” or “stage of evolution” of warrior/seer in mind for your direct assistance. Seconding Jerry’s thought, it is disheartening that unlike the exponential evangelical potential that your paperback, ebook and audiobook have for the remodel of the mind, there’s such a trickle of opportunity to learn the movement system, especially for those of us living simply (by necessity). But then again, maybe your capacity is exactly enough to handle those who are ready. I know I’ve still got homework and prerequisites to complete.

    • “The application process, for me, has been exciting and excruciating. It is far more public than I am comfortable with.”

      Russell, your post made me giggle. How strange that we are uncomfortable speaking our heart. How curious that we need excuses – dumping- to say: I feel deeply connected to all of you, and I love this, but I have now idea what I’m doing or why, and so I am a bit confused.

      Mistakes are a funny thing…

      All organic systems exist at the edge of chaos, yet we persist on creating a facade of control that negates our ability to traverse this seemingly ‘chaotic’ universe by merely being present to the majestic opportunities to transform contained within its constant evolution.

      The human brain exists as such a system. We need to make mistakes so that it can find the most effective way to rearrange its neural pathways to accommodate new learning. A child learning to walk needs to fall, many times, to learn how to fall and how to stand up and how to stay standing up. Suddenly, amongst the seeming chaos of neural signals, a wonderful electromagnetic signal cascade is triggered, and the neural network re-organizes itself.

      Yet as adults we lose that ability to give ourselves these opportunities: to let go of the need to succeed and fall back in love with learning something new even though we may fail again and again and again and again.

      Much love, from my heart,


      • Once again, your heart offers mine the perfect salve.
        Thank you

      • Sometime I feel that we come into this world, then we are broke into pieces and after we manage to put all the puzzle back together we re-become the child we were when we first came. And we call this life. Ironic!

  17. Dear Lujan and Community, I will write about the emissary topic on another comment post. I have some heart reactions to the question but waiting for them to be more coherent. I wanted to respond first to the application process. I have been watching myself and trying my best to be in my feelings during this process. I love that there is so much variety of submissions, voices and stories. It is a beautiful outpouring. At the same time, I have not felt compelled to comment on most of the submissions. This is not because they are not of value or worth. They are precious in their own right. But I have commented on the ones that moved me, made me pause and spoke to my own heart. I see the comments on my own submission and take them in as kind gifts but try to watch myself. I try my best not to speak from inflation or from a knowing that is not my own. I am aware of how in this process my ego may be fed or will try to take control. I also notice what comes up for me when I read comments or posts that make me feel uncomfortable. I have feelings come up related to the ego and a kind of sharing that does not feel genuine sometimes. I want to be very aware of when I am speaking, writing or sharing from a place of vanity and conceit because I feel it in my body and heart when I read this in others. This makes me aware that I must be doing this too. We are so conditioned. I am so conditioned. But all I can do is hold what I feel, see it in myself and do my best to let go. I am learning so much from this process.

  18. Feeling

  19. I’ve enjoyed the applications that have focused on describing how Lujans teachings have influenced personal development. It’s reminded me to show gratitude towards my circumstances and remain connected with my heart. There have been many messages for me within other people’s writings so my awareness has been guided back to points that need subtle reflection.

  20. “The deepest reservoirs of true kung fu – which means the cultivation of the tao – is to be within a state of communion. To be sincerely within contact with that which cannot be touched. ”

    Lujan, you have expressed what I felt when participating in the scholarship and at many other times. This post of yours is so touching me. In your book the emissary is said to be your guardian from the realm of your benefectors and to have been with you for many years and I understand it to be an energy or spirit who can act to protect and who was given to you by your benefactors.

    warm greetings and thank you

  21. I saw that are many comments on the question raised by Lujan and I will answer with the first event that popped into my body and after that I will read all comments. Feels better this way.

    It was many years ago, when I was involved deep into dreaming and second attention. I was working with my Emissary for developing what he called a “Living Shield”. First I did not know exactly what it was but I received every day instructions in order to create a double form or a replica of me that was to protected me in case of an attack. For more than a month or so I was creating this “replica”, this double of me that we called a “Living Shield” (At the time this was happening I was not really aware of what a Double is; It was all in the mist at that time; many years later, all become clearer).
    The Emissary was giving me very detailed instruction how to code and transfer energy into this and in one day it was complete, yet I was not sure what was its real purpose until a month later.
    I was in second attention and after a long journey I made a mistake. I fell asleep in my dream (or second attention). I herd a poping sound and a warning from the Emissary. I wake up and in the last second I saw 4 shadows that jumped on me with swords. My “Living Shield” was taking the first blow and I jumped out of the shield through the head. I saw the picture from above and the “Living shield” was looking at me as I was looking at me (because it was looking exactly like me). In that final look I understood that it was about to be destroyed, and it took my place. The Emissary was right and I was able to return safely into my body instead of being killed there.
    That was the day I stopped dreaming as I used to.
    I am grateful to this day for the protection given by The Emissary. Dreaming is dangerous and many years later on when I found Lujan’s books I understood.

    • Very interesting letter. Thanks for sharing your experience! Mark

  22. I would like to add my two cents to this thread concerning the communications being held on this blog. I hadn’t really consciously thought about the ego aspect of the writings, though when I read Russell, Luma, and Soo Young’s responses, I thought, of course. I can very much take to heart your cautionary note, Soo Young, that we must watch ourselves carefully and be ever vigilant that we “not speak from inflation” or “conceit.” The best we can hope for is that our words combine “pure intention with intensity,” (Lujan, The Art of Stalking, p. 171) so that a new level of understanding can be reached.

    It seems difficult for us humans to perform a task and not have our personal little selves invested in the act. This seems to be especially true of the arts although it could probably be said for any work we do. Just look at the egos of the artists of the world, including authors.

    Through his actions, through his being, Lujan is showing us how to act without anticipation of results, without a self-serving thought behind the action. He is all about service and at the same time without any expectation as to outcome. He speaks not from an ego-centered small self but from an expansive heart-wisdom and lets the chips fall where they may, (though I get the distinct impression he knows exactly where most of those chips are going to fall).

    Russell, you say that putting pen to paper in an essay or response feels so far from the silence you so carefully cultivate with the Eight Gates. Very true, I’m sure. Yet, if we can’t come out of that silence to speak, then what are we cultivating? Is that a true and lasting silence? Is it a silence that can expand beyond the personal? I ask these questions not in attack mode, Russell, for I struggle the same as you.

    Once, a long time ago, someone who was very dear to me was dying. Three days earlier, we had learned that there was nothing left to do. No more doctors, no more hospitals, no more treatments. She pulled away then, literally turned her face to a blank wall and refused to speak, refused to eat. Those of us left, experienced an anguish beyond words. There was nothing to do.

    Then, after what seemed like an eternity but was in reality only days, she came back. This young one smiled from her heart, spoke again. And then what couldn’t be said, didn’t have to be. That smile, and her few words were the gifts she left us.

    Our words to each other on this blog are gifts, not to be discounted, yet not to be glorified either. If we’ve learned anything from Lujan it’s that words can’t express the inexpressible, can’t explain the unexplainable, are hopelessly inadequate to describe the ineffable. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying, from reaching out to one other, in a gesture that‘s not unlike extending a hand, touching fingertips. We’re like ants touching antennae through space with our words!

    Heartfelt best wishes to everyone who participated in this scholarship. The essays are amazing. I know I said this before, but I feel the trajectory of Lujan’s teachings is increasing rapidly. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel an energy rising. It’s palpable on this blog.

    Best wishes to all.

    P.S. Didn’t Don Juan tell Carlos that the Emissary only spoke what he (Carlos) already knew and that it couldn’t lie?

    • I’ve decided now because of what Elizabeth wrote here to open up what the emissary is.

      It is exactly as Elizabeth has said – it cannot lie and it can only speak of what you know.

      When one is truly within the second attention, as I was, transported in my childhood, and simultaneously inter-dimensionally affected as an adult via the connectivity – through the strange portal that was my experience as a human being to both these points of reference – my heart rose and spoke on my behalf.

      Where I was taken to as a child, appears in our world as a truth of our heart’s realization manifesting as what has been said – an ineffable impression that can only speak of the dynamics that appear – or silently realize via the insight applied to the heart itself. So in the second attention our hearts are not dissimilar to that of children. But within the realization of a child, reveals the full ramifications of what cannot be ignored and what is there to be truly realized – one’s heart of hearts – then returns to our first attention; our waking world.

      Within our living construct it does not speak. It realizes and upon that unknowingly repeats the words of others, whether it be of their intentions or internal dialogue. It will be spoken by the seer, in many cases even unknown to themselves until they learn to listen to what they can’t hear and comprehend upon the touch that is a delicate frequency that cannot be seen.

      Yet we learn to gaze into it, feel it, know it.

      This produces a very strange state of consciousness that immerses us within the world that surrounds us. Yet in the same breath we are not of it because of the manifestation of this silent voice.

    • Elizabeth,
      I have spent all day writing and then erasing a reply to your insightful, helpful heartspoken comments. How silly am I? My brain keeps insisting on editing what my heart emits. All that needs be said is thank you and to acknowledge the feelings you’ve stoked. The distress and gut-twist I’ve experienced today feels like a good sign.

  23. Throughout this process I’ve noticed many things. At this particular stage where the community is growing I would ask that everyone be very careful how they place their words on the page. I would very much like this community to be safe from insinuation and sarcasm.

    To speak directly of what is in one’s heart is an insight. This leaves an ineffable impression upon the one that is communicated with.

    Insinuations lead to assumptions that if mixed with sarcasm leave a stain upon the page. The resulting effect of this can turn a pure intention of the participants into unnecessary cat-fights in defense of whatever has been offended.

    I’ve had many years observing the written medium and know that even with the most integral application words can be misunderstood. So I would ask the community from this point to speak respectfully, to not insinuate and not to jokingly be sarcastic. For this leaves an impression that will stay with the heart of the perceiver in the same way that an insight does, depending on the maturity of the receiver. It may dictate an outcome that may not be fruitful.

    As people request to be on this blog that I have not met directly, I watch very carefully to ensure that the insincerity that is created through the anonymity of online communication will never be filtered into this blog by virtue of the fact that I am watching very carefully how everybody is communicating. In short, what I am saying is please communicate directly from your heart.

    Endeavor never to harm another, even when your heartfelt truths are spoken via the fact that this medium is thwart with the peril of an impending misunderstanding because what is missing is the tender touch of someone’s hand that is accompanied by the sincere watchful eye of someone who really cares for who they communicate to.

    With my sincerest and warmest regards,

    • Dear Lujan and community

      I have read and reread your communication to us and the impact your words have had on my heart are a living example of what you are describing and requesting. I felt immense gratitude and again, a depth of sorrow reading this, and some of the conflicting feelings I have had during this process about some communications including some of my own we’re soothed and dissolved, like being washed away with warm water. To leave a feeling of being cleansed and with more determination to restate my intention to follow this beautiful and challenging part of the Heart.

      I was particularly stimulated by the comment about sarcasm and insinuation, and it reminded me of something that has been part of my experience here in the UK, trying to integrate as a native German.
      Here sarcasm and irony and indirectness are culturally valued in some stratas of British society. I went through a lot of shame and feelings of inadequacy when I first came to this country, speaking often too earnestly and “sincerely” and was called intense. In trying to adjust I learnt much, and some of it was very useful and truly educational, and helped me grow in awareness of the true nuances of language in a way I doubt I could have learnt without this experience. But I remember the shame I felt when I listened to a radio interview of a well known presenter who talked about her experience of living in Germany for a period and when asked what she was missing most she said, If I recall this correctly, “sarcasm and cynicism” and how the Germans were incapable of appreciating it.

      The fact that I remember this so steongly is one per sonal example of what you are speaking about.

      It is such a responsibility we have towards each other and towards our own hearts and I feel deeply appreciative of having this stated with such love and gentleness. Your words found a very soft but firm place in my heart.

      There is so much more I want to write but it all can be summarised but saying thank you once more with love and strong intention to you and all the participants.

    • Ps I wrote the last sentences in a rush
      It’s a tender rather than a soft place in my heart

      Thank you again

  24. Thank you Lujan for this opportunity to see myself and learn from you and others. I will be aware of this in my speech and words.
    With gratitude,
    Soo Young

  25. I feel a little foolish, as I’ve been researching and mulling over this Emissary question and how it is obviously an important part of the application process. I’ve been having a tough time, finding enough spare moments in my day to compile my thoughts and take part in sharing on the application process online. I’ve noticed that Lujan has opened up the answer of the question as well. I’ve decided, that even though its late, I’d still like to submit a response that I initially felt upon reading Lujan’s original query.

    The first thing that came through for me is that an Emissary is a pre-arranged and agreed upon highly evolved spirit that chooses not to re-incarnate on Earth. Instead they choose to give guidance to individuals during and in between that individual’s incarnations.

    There are obviously times when our own natural abilities of super psi come through the pineal to show us things before they happen and give us intuition and warning. However, in weakened, or insensitive states we can be out of touch of our natural psychic abilities and this is where the emissary can come in to offer the option of help, should we listen to its message.

    As Lujan mentioned in his book, he was in an ‘extensively weakened’ state when he was attacked by the sorcerer. And in this weakened state, he was perhaps less in tune with his usual super psi state. I believe Lujan’s vulnerability at this moment was why the Emissary stepped in to save his life.

    I believe an Emissary can access us at any time it so desires. And through universal law, we can in turn access it’s dimension at any time. I believe it resides in a higher density dream realm that resonates same frequency of the earth.

    There is a contract of free will and choice between our selves and our Emissary(s) to help each of our evolutions. The Emissary’s intent is to be of service in order to increase its vibration and our intent is to accept the offered service and listen for the Emissary’s guidance to speed up our lessons and shorten our learning cycles in the human experience.

    I believe the Emissary is more of a guardian and a guide than a teacher.

    My thoughts on the application process have been quite jumpy. I admit some frustration at my own time management and I’m also feeling slightly off put by spending so much time in front of my computer lately. I feel a little jealousy for people who are able to obviously focus on the computer for so long and write so elegantly. I am also confused about this because I feel my natural state is to be in natural settings and away from electricity. However this is strongly countered by the importance and potency of what is being shared on this blog. I strongly desire to seek balance to feel comfort in spending hours on my computer guilt free.

    The application process has had the pleasing effect of reflecting back to me that I’m too structured and resistant to spontaneity in my thinking. Lujan’s approach to take things as they come and respond at the perfect moments though his highly refined intuition has triggered me because I’m still acting like a brainwashed bureaucratic school kid. Through his soft yet direct transmissions, I’m coherently trained by his own example on how I want to interact with others at all times.

    My attitude to myself in this process has been very detached to any outcome and quite calm. I guess I’m lucky in the sense that I genuinely don’t mind what people think of me. I’ve recently realized how vitally important being transparent with my own vulnerability is. My vulnerability is my strength. I also have the resources to save up and pay for training with Lujan this year if I don’t get the scholarship as well. This has helped my sense of detachment to any outcome.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading the other applications and the unity in awakening gives me so much hope and also confidence in my own path. I hope to write some responses to other applicants as soon as I can. There is so much to say however… In the same sense, there is so little to say. We are of the same family this group here, and that excitement brings forth so much from our hearts. But here is a group knowing in the sharing and this invokes a kind of peace and silence.

    Thankyou everyone for your refined intentions and words. This is such a lovely group of people and I’m so lucky to be here taking part.


    • “There is a contract of free will and choice between our selves and our Emissary(s) to help each of our evolutions. (ff.)
      An interesting and classical definition of the shamans allies. These “ancient” shamans often work with his allies for healing other humans. Good luck for the scholarship. Mark

  26. The more i read, the more i feel as though we are one entity; one being.
    And all the insights and words that have been shared here, come to me as though we are of the same Heart, speaking eachothers words… compiling into one cohesive unite of information. which is our journey of freedom. we all share the same journey yet we have different expirences different ways to reach that journey of freedom … although to me, they all point in the same direction, all pointing to the same answer.

    All illuminating our heart path with the expirence of everyone here.
    it shows me how we are all together, and how we are all intertwinded and how each expirence shared becomes one with everyones and thus becomes the collected expirence of the human race.

  27. this subject(they can only tell what you alredy know) is a coincidence on the events that just happened in my present living circunstance

    i met a person and this person said that she had the contact with some ‘astral voice´that guide her an tell her things and teachings.
    she spoke truths and had a fast mind with many subjects at once.
    i try to be witness and be non judmental during this contact.
    this person said that she was a nagual woman and were teaching me ´”astral things”and manipulation of the intent.

    i felt saturated and overwhelmed during this contact,this astral thing speaking through a host telling things that i already knew in a silent level.

    i withdraw from the situation imediately.all those knowledge sounded like the old socerers manipulations por personal agenda.

    i Knew from within that i had to withdraw.

    The emissary

    I used to live in propety very isolated
    and during afternoon the sun were very stong and after work in the land i used to nap,and several times i was awakened by a voice calling my name.
    usualy i standed up and look around to see what was going on,it was cattle eating the flowers and plants,people on the propety,or dogs atacking snakes.

    i never knew what it was or where it came from.

    Exposing myself

    I have been reading all the aplications and learning a lot about myself,and feeling the conection that unity through this process.
    my life situation is chaging at the moment and i moved to a house and during the last week i spend the days cleaning the old house and forget all about
    the process here and the internet.
    doing what i have to do in the situation.
    three days ago i went to sleep and had several dreams,and in the last dream i heard the very strong sound that says LUJAN! and a form dissolving into the void.

    i don´t pratice dream tecnique,and i am not seeking aproval here,it could even be subconcious projection.

    i wish i could comunicate better and interact more with everybody.

    still for me is a process, first to feel then words in portuguese then in english then writing in a computer,passing many layers to expression.

    Thank you all for this wonderful journey.

  28. Daniel, your communication is fine, no worries there. Thank you for sharing your experiences they reminded me of peace and silence of relaxing into one’s life and being in the moment-very potent. I feel that that sound you heard was your heart of hearts calling to you in a state where you would be receptive to it beyond thought so as to impact your body consciousness on a primal level. Trust your feelings. I feel we all know exactly what is going on in our lives but we are simply conditioned to allow the blanket of our thoughts to cloud our inner knowing.
    Much love,

    • yes!Thank you tod,that´s very clarifying.

  29. I’ve been trying to deconstruct Lujan’s words on the emissary. I thought I would do some thinking out loud on the page and maybe get some responses from some of you still interested in this thread.

    So here’s how I’m understanding Lujan’s words: The emissary appears out of a heart’s realization and in our world, resonates as truth, a truth that can be spoken. Yet that spoken truth can only tell of the “dynamics” that appear. Meaning, I think, that it can only speak to the reality of the moment. The truth can never be truly spoken, kind of like the Tao, that is, if you can speak of it, it’s no longer the Tao.

    And the emissary speaks out beyond the “human form,” meaning it doesn’t identify with the “I,” that small personal self, what we know as ego, so it can only speak the truth. And since it can only speak the truth, it speaks the heart’s truth. And Lujan says in the second attention, our hearts are like that of a child’s, meaning, I think, pure and simple. At the same time, that simple heart “reveals the full ramifications of what cannot be ignored and what there is to be truly realized. “ Which does not sound simple at all.

    Lujan’s second to last paragraph, beginning with the words “Within our living construct” is very difficult for me to understand. But his next sentence: “Yet we learn to gaze into it, feel it, know it” just blows me away. What I mean is that the construct of those words resonates with me: the gazing into the abyss, the unknown that somehow then becomes known.

    In the last paragraph, Lujan comes back to that “silent voice.” So the emissary is mostly silent and out of that silence speaks truth. And I’m reminded of the young girl I spoke of in my last post. She went to the place where death resides and witnessed the abyss, then returned, her silent emissary having spoken. This is the Shaman’s journey. Then (back to the girl) it was primarily through her actions that she was able to transmit a kind of “teaching.” Again, what a Shaman does.

    So in some ways the Shaman can take us to that abyss and ask us to gaze into it, but only we can derive the meaning of our own personal gazing which then needs to become an impersonal knowing. And this is done, hopefully, before we get to the point of death, so we can return and be immersed in the “world that surrounds us” yet be not of it. The Shaman can point the way, can lead us there, but ultimately it’s a singular path to the abyss and back with only our own silence, and perhaps, the emissary’s voice, to guide us.

    There are so many times that I feel myself groping in the dark. I stumble. Say things I don’t mean. Do things that aren’t true and feel awkward. Objective and subjective reality sometimes overwhelms me. I felt it the other day lying in the dentist’s chair. I saw the word FEAR flash in my mind, lit up like a neon sign. It was almost funny.

    So I ask the community, what do you make of Lujan’s words? How do you understand what he’s saying about the emissary? And what about his comment on being “virtuous.” What does that word mean to you and how does one go about practicing virtue?

    Russell, I had to smile at your response. Silly man! You are a beautiful writer, eloquent and intelligent. Just don’t let your intellect get in the way. Free that inner voice. : )

    Tristan, you say you “genuinely don’t mind what people think of me,” a lesson I would love to learn. Any pointers?

    Angelika, I too have been accused of being too “intense” and once was told I didn’t have a sense of humor. So as I’ve gotten older, I’ve very deliberately tried to cultivate light heartedness around others, but in a mindful way. I realized from Lujan’s comments, however, that I need to be conscious of steering clear of sarcasm, something I am sometimes prone to. (Especially if I’m talking about politics!) I love to make people laugh though. True laughter is like music. It can cut through the thinking mind.

    David, your account of the strong voice, seems very significant. You’re right, it could be just ”subconscious projection,” (whatever that is) but it could be your emissary trying to get your attention. Portuguese, eh? I love the sound of the Portuguese language. And that’s what is spoken in the Canary Islands, yes?

    Lots of love to everyone

    • Hi Liz,
      for me virtuous is not to harm others or oneself and if have done so to have redeemed it in some way.

      Lujan’s words about the silent voice of the heart resonate very deep in me and remind me of the full presence in ones circumstances that inner silence brings. It reminds me of my inner silence of the time I was a child.

      Greetings to you

  30. Hi Liz the subconsious projection thing is just mind´s interpretation of that experience after awakened of that dream.
    yes portuguese because i am from Brazil.
    in Canary island they speak spanish.

    about the abyss i would like to share another weird experience.

    in 2008 i was in a flight from frankfurt to brazil
    and suddenly they airplane starts to shake and they said that they need to land to repair eletrical problems.
    people were in fear and the women next to me starting praying out loud looking at me,I feelt entering in chaos(the edge) and a strange sensation below my navel.like holding the world with the belly.i was afraid too, but deep inside i knew that it wasn,t my time to die yet.i smiled.
    the plane landed in las palmas on the Canary Island for repairs.
    we spend 2 hours waiting on the airport hall while two zen monks meditate among us.
    they fixed the plane and we flight safe.

    crazy but true.

    love to all

  31. David,
    I can really feel you this reply. In relating your experience to fear, I wonder if we should focus on the Dantien when fear descends. This is a very telling experience, David. Perhaps it was your emissary that spoke to you on that plane.

    I opened Parallel Perception this morning to the Epilogue and read, “One of the most precious abilities we have as human beings is to realize that we can be something other than what we are. We can transcend almost any situation and adapt and facilitate interchangeable approaches to circumstances that may seem insoluble.” I found this to be true in my own life though it happens so naturally I don’t often notice the occurrence. Lujan goes on to say, “Our true journey must start from the center of ourselves and dive further into that being. We must…move more deeply into ourselves than we have ever done before.” For me, these are truly grounding words.

    I do hope you have the opportunity to meet and work with Lujan, David. He has the uncanny ability to shift one’s awareness in imperceptible yet profound ways.
    From the heart,

    • Dear liz and David

      I have so enjoyed your last communications, thank you. I really don’t feel able to contribute much to the discussion about the emissary, but feel such joy in reading what you write that there has got to be a lot of truth in it. It’s not what you say but how you say it!

      I do know though something of the experience you describe, and the quiet certainty of that kind of knowing.
      That this will come at times of emergency makes much sense to me, but how can I access this and allow,it to be the guiding force in my life when there is (apparently) less at stake? In writing this I just answered my own question. There is never really less at stake, when it comes to not damaging my or another’s integrity.
      So I guess that taking this truly on board in action is perhaps what being virtuous means. That sense of vigilance, genuine caring and therefore acting with Responsibility.

      Liz, thank you for your comments. I love laughter too, true laughter, and really agree with what you say about how it can cut through the tightness of too much thinking. And I was too earnest at that time! And I have found that true laughter is always based in mutuality, and deepens the connection, at least in ones own heart.

      Last night I dipped into the “blue” book, (thank you whoever called it that) and was astonished and intensely excited to read what lujan wrote on page 261/262 under “don’t play with that which you should not”
      I don’t recall reading about this phenomenon of acting on others thoughts or desires in this fashion, yet I have become aware in recent years that I do this and have probably done it for a very long time. How Lujan links this to the need for transparency is profoundly important and something I have practiced in my work as much as I am able to despite theoretical and professional opposition at times.

      I love how you have reached out with your post to the community. Thank you!

  32. Hi, again. Thanks everyone for your comments. Lujan, your clarification of the Emissary makes me feel situated where I should be. It’s a great journey in the making. An outright adventure. Reviewing Parallel Perception I quickly centered on your comment where you “opened a very unusual door – to beings that exist behind the ultimate creative Architect … our true angels (p174). There’s certainly an guardian emissary quality to that communication. I’m also drawn to your response to my question regarding the Galactic Butterfly. There you reveal the face of the Oriental warrior at the center of the black hole at the center of our galaxy; the ultimate shen gong. Now that’s a character that’s got a hold on my heart.

    Thanks again, Everyone.

  33. Concerning the contest I’d like to offer a suggestion and a commendation.

    * If you are lucky enough to be a winner in the lottery for the New York Marathon not only do you get a guaranteed entry, but you also get the option to defer your entry to the following year. There’s an understanding that by the time you learn you’ve won, you might already be engaged in another conflicting race, or personal or professional engagement, or perhaps you need to budget for travel or other expenses. Perhaps this thinking could be relevant to the Scholarship contest.

    * Whoever is producing the artwork that graces this contest deserves a true commendation. It’s fantastic and obviously represents an extraordinary effort that’s far from incidental in its application. I’d offer the same appreciation to the web designer as well. It’s all so seamless and remarkable. Just great!

    Thanks! Jerry

  34. Thank you for this beautiful information. Through the years of learning, I’ve found myself speaking on a different level. When I revert to the old language, there is an undeniable sense of loss. So much happiness comes out of true communication. Thank you.

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