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This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship  was submitted by David Jeske. 

This year the scholarship includes a choice of either: attendance at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Canary Islands from August 2nd-8th – or – participation on the online Transformational Healing and Meditation program.

If you would like to offer your support for David please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Lujan Matus work impacted my life in ways that I want to thank him. Not only for the books he has published or the programs he offers but putting me on a path I can walk. Winning this contest would mean meeting a true role model.

My beginnings in a shaman approach to life was introduced to me by Carlos Castaneda. His books are filled with mystery and joy. My first encounter with something magical was while I was walking to my friends house. Whatever it was I couldn’t take my eyes off it the entire way.

Once there for the first time I was laughing with my friends. Suddenly we needed to run an errand together. Once there we were walking in a crowd. In the crowd was the first time I was in a crowd even though I’ve been in crowds before. This particular time wasn’t any different but magical. What broke the spell was I felt like I was judged. In an instance my world changed. Not back to normal but very different.

This lingered for quite some time and the judgement seem to stay. It was like my only hope was to be on the side that confirmed any paranoia or talk and not listen. Magic is very elusive yet through the eight gates of dreaming awake instructed in Whisperings of the Dragon it will continually return to all that practice.

I spent this month practicing the eight gates of dreaming awake. It’s result left me with physical direction to a path with heart. It is my body. Sensing it when present enough is rewarding. The best thing I’ve done for myself was spending the month daily practicing for thirty minutes. Silence was always a slippery slope. Now I know presence is greater than silence.

Yet my time away from meditation has changed too! As I said I can now sense heart. I rely on the feelings that present the self more than the verbal of the world. Time practicing and time out in the world has both been magical. Feeling my heart spinning and moments of astonishing synchronization.

As for my idea of judgement as I said I’ve learned to listen to my body now. Beyond Lujan’s “Whisperings of the Dragon” I’ve also read his other work, yet not with this new perception attained from this month. This perception could only be possible with something as physically changing as magic and not words. The magic is inside.

Voting for me would mean meeting Lujan Matus. I want to express quickly a thank you in advance to all those who have read and took action or to those who will also keep practicing his teachings. About myself I’ve suffered long enough of the internal dialogue and it’s deceptions. My normal has once again changed and it was of my own doings.

In conclusion this entry is with the hope to win but more importantly to call readers to action. Stop believing, stop secretly being into fear, stop looking at the world. I’m not asking to stop as much as I’m asking to start. Start believing, no more maybe or I guess you can do it. Start fearing stopping something you love. Start looking at it all again and don’t look away. Please start practicing whispering of the dragon.

Thank you.
David Jeske





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  1. Dear David, thanks for your honest letter.
    At least we have to let go everything in order to win everything. It could happen tomorrow or many years have to pass through. Perhaps we die tomorrow or have to wait for years. But someday we have to let go everything. To conquer the river. Then we will feel “alone”. We lose our names, our familiy, our jobs, our believes, all our old points of reference.
    We feel that somerhing leaves us, we see a shadow, a fog, a mist disappearing us. Perhaps we undertake a last attempt to hold on our old self, on our old routines. We shed our last tears, but it’s too late. As the Nagual said, it will be our last barrier. At that point we will lose everything and win everything. We are detached, free, and the next stage on our journey will start. Wherever.
    Good luck!

  2. I admire your perseverance. Time is not of the essence, consciousness is. Keep walking like Johnny…big Smile!

  3. Dearest David,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I honor your dedication to the practices and silencing your inner dialogue. Keep going!
    Love, Georgina

  4. Lovely application, so honest

    I don’t think that presence is greater than silence,
    maybe it’s just presence of silence.

    I wish you the best

  5. Nothing like a call to action. Yours is excellent! Love your energy and persistence. Keep it up.


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